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      Accepted Jan 12th.. still no transcripts. Nothing. Wheres my momey?

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          I also filed early because of the identity theft warning. I filed using tax slayer on 1/13 and was accepted 1/14. I had one bar showing on WMR until 1/30 and then it all disappeared. I attempted to look at my transcripts online and recieved the message about contact Identity Unit. After a few days I finally spoke with someone who asked me some questions to verify my identity and then told me that my transcripts just were not available yet after she placed me on hold to look some things up for me. I am still in IRS limbo no transcripts, no WMR bars and no answers! Never filing early again it seems to be the kiss of death!

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            Had a ddd of 2/4 still no deposit so I finally called treasury and it was deposited into us dept of ed. Guess I will be adjusting my withholdings, no more interest free loans from me

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              Same boat but now I don’t feel as bad. I filed the 23rd accepted on the 24th but still pending at accepted. For those that went over the 21days did the irs do anything to get the refund faster??

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                I was FINALLY able to see my transcript today what does the cycle code mean? Also no update for me on WMR either. Soo frustrating!

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                Jody B

                  Was accepted 1/16.

                  Finally got my transcript from this year with cycle code 20150405, but no update on WMR.

                  Check for your transcripts.

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                    I filed and was accepted on 1/15 and Where’s My Refund still says processing return while people who filed on 1/23 have gotten their refund already and I’m very frustrated. any help?

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                      Just a little update. Got off the phone with a wonderful gentleman at the IRS……..Turbo tax is reporting that my income tax got accepted on January 12. But that is NOT the case. My return was actually accepted on January 15th!!!! WTF he said they have received it and it is being processed and that NO returns were processed until January 20th at all. Just thought you early tt filers should know this and now understand how we got delayed this far along. Chime in if you have any new news. Thanks

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                        So upset right now what’s going on. I wish they would tell you something besides wait your 21 days…

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                          I filed 1/8 accepted 1/12 and still have nothing bars or transcripts. I called yesterday and they wouldn’t tell me a thing which pisses me off because so many other people called and got answers

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                            Hi Debbie,

                            In answer to your question, I filed early because last year a lot of people where I work were victims of identity fraud so we were advised that we should file as soon as we can to reduce the risk of someone else filing with our SS#’s. When I filed on the 9th with, I knew they wouldn’t submit it until Jan 20th when filing season opened. I got a message on the 12th or 13th saying I was in a test batch and was accepted. I didn’t think I’d get my refund any sooner than those who filed on the 20th, but I did think since I was in a test batch, I would at least be in the first run of checks they cut. I can’t view transcripts (get message to contact identity fraud dept—which I did and was treated like, “duh, of course you got the message, we haven’t processed you yet.” How about giving me an error message saying not available instead of freaking me out that I was a victim of identity fraud and tying up the phone lines on hold for an hour)? I have no refund date either.

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                              They aren’t done in a certain order. I just think they are handed over I batches and processed. Just because some have received DD is not an indication that anything is wrong. Patience my friends and Irs release those funds lol. It’s coming!!
                              No bars
                              Account transcript viewable
                              Code 846 with refund amount

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                                Filed with TT 1/8 accepted 1/12 and still nothing.

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                                  I ask this question with the utmost respect. If the IRS said they would not be processing returns until 1/20, why did so many people file as early as 1/9? It seems as though a lot of those who did file prior to when the IRS was “open” are having a terrible time with the progress of their returns. I filed on 1/23 and my sate refund was in the bank 1/29 and federal refund was available this morning (1/30). I feel bad for all those who filed way before me but are still waiting.

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                                    Filed the 8th of January and excepted 12 th. Just able to view account transcript with refund amount and that 846 code. Wmr still hasn’t updated and I have to go on irs site to view transcript because app doesn’t work.

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                                      Filed 1/12. Accepted 1/13. One bar ever since. No transcripts. No activity since 1/13.

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                                        Filed 9th, approved 13th, no DDD, still at one bar, can’t view transcripts.

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                                          filed 1/8 accepted 1/12 and still nothing

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                                            Same here, filed 12th, accepted 13th, still on one bar. Makes me mad, my friend filed hers the 24th and got her refund yesterday!

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                                              I’m in the same boat.. Filed the 19th..accepted the 20th and nothing since! Still at one bar.. I’m beyond frustrated..

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