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Any EARLY filers have a DD yet?

Home Forums General Discussion 2015 Tax Season Any EARLY filers have a DD yet?

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    Maybe we’re being put off for some reason?

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    Yes! This morning!! I files on 1/25 accepted 1/25 and have a DDD of 2/2 :):)


    Accepted 20th still nothing. I think early filers won’t get updates. Just keep an eye on your bank account. Good luck

    To ias

    Nope. I filed the 14th, rejected because of name error, refiled the 15th and accepted the 16th. Nothing at all. I haven’t been weekly for the last two years and I don’t have penalties or offset. Don’t knownwhy I see nothing.


    Jay I’m in the same boat and it’s very frustrating! I was behind everyone last year too. But I knew there wouldn’t be an update since I couldn’t order transcripts. Hopefully today is our day to be processed


    filed on the 24th Got a ddd of 2/2


    Filed & accepted 1/24 & got ddd of 2/2 on wmr.


    Filed 1/14, accepted 1/20, still at one bar. No DDD, no transcripts. 3 years in a row now I’ve gotten skipped over, and I’m thoroughly annoyed.


    I filed 1/13, was accepted 1/17, still no dd.


    I filed 1/15 got my dd for Friday


    I filed 1/9/2015, accepted 1/12/2015, No DDD no transcripts. I’ve had 2 emergency surgeries this month, so the money would help. Here’s hoping that something updates soon.


    @ Ryan, I filed via TurboTax too, and i started on the 16th, accepted on the 20th, and still nothing! Not even a premeditated date. My friend filed via H&R block online, and already have a date. I can’t even access my transcripts because they keep saying I have the wrong info. :\


    I filed on January 18, accepted on 20th, and the money was put in our credit union after they closed this evening.
    I did call them today once I saw that wmr said January 30 deposit date, they said they saw the ACH coming but it was dated 30th. I logged into our online account just an hour ago and the balance is already showing the deposit and it’s from taxes….so it went earlier than they thought.


    I filed on 1/13 and was accepted 1/14 and I currently do not have a DD. I filed using Taxslayer. I used them last year and it was a few days and I had a DD and the next week my deposit


    I filed 1/9, accepted 1/12, got my DDD today for 1/30.


    I filed 1/16 with turbo tax and was accepted the same day, still nothing. I’ve tried the ordering transcripts by mail because I can’t login I forgot my username aND both sets it tells me are not available. I don’t care that ppl are getting the ddd before me bc i am not in dire need of my money, I just would like to know how its possible that this occurs, I filed a simple federal return, nothing complicated, makes no sense that I get my refund a week after someone who filed on the 24th


    I filed 1/13 got my dad today for Friday.

Viewing 16 replies - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)
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