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Any deposits for 2-2-15 DDD

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    Has anyone that has a WMR DDD of 2-2-15 actually received deposits?

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    Wmr is still on 2 bars this morning even though I got my direct deposit.


    Filed and accepted on 1/25. DDD 2/2. My $$ is in my account this morning!


    I have a DDD of 2-2-15 and still on wmr its still saying approved. . ?


    for me ussually wmr in past years hasn’t updated unil a couple days after i already got my deposit


    i have a dd as feb 2nd also but wmr doesn’t say sent yet?


    Mine is at republic
    They deposited 1-30


    What number did you call for h&r block?


    I have the 2/2 ddd…HR Block has my money now, i called and checked… but have not posted it to my emerald card as of yet…

    Cali girl with TT

    I filed approx 9:30pm California time on 1/25 which shows a submitted date of 1/26 and was approved minutes later. Yesterday,1/29 I recieved a ddd as 2/2 and today I recieved my state refund!! It’s something!! But I really want my federal. No new updates on WMR for me though.

    Oh btw I have a credit union here in Cali if that helps

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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