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      Filed April 8th Accepted same day 1 bar transcripts N/A but say as of date May 2nd 2022.. Anyone else filed in early April?

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          4/17 Filed and accepted (TurboTax)
          4/22 Transcripts appeared w/ DDD 4/27
          4/23 WMR bars confirmed “approved” w/ DDD

          Fastest turnaround in years.

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            Mine must have updated today.

            Approved / 2 Bars / DD 4-27

            Haven’t checked State of Michigan. Their site is usually so inaccurate or messed up it’s useless.

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              Transcripts updated this morning with 846 refund issued for 4/27 wmr still 1 bar but yay

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                (CONT’D #2) As of today, 4/21, my WMR changed to “We have received your tax return and it is being processed” and I finally have a transcript and cycle code 20221604. Which is the cycle code for refunds being cycled on 4/20. I guess I am now in the bunch with the April filers.

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                  (CONT’D) I decided to log into the IRS website to check my transcript (checked it for most of April).. It said N/A and there were no notices emailed/mailed to me at all. SO finally, last week 4/14 I decided to do some research and got a phone number (1 877-777-4778; Press option 1, then press 1) that let finally directed me to a real person at the IRS.
                  They said I needed to verify my identity.. It had been 9-10 weeks and they never sent me a notice whatsoever. I did get verified on the call.

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                    I filed 2/5 and was accepted the same day. I filed Head of Household with one dependent and CTC. Then my bars disappeared with TT 152. Then 2/13 TT 152 went away. On WMR, I had the ” your tax return has been delayed, a date will be provided.. ect” THEN a week later it just said “Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available.” No codes, no bars, and no notices.

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                      Filed on April 11th and my Fed was accepted the same day but my state was accepted the next day. My state was approved on that Wednesday and I received my state on Thursday. My Fed is at 1bar and processing as of today.

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                      Johnny boy

                        Filed my taxes on the 17th IRS accepted it on the 21st and direct deposit date the for 25th. happy everything moved quickly I was worried about filing late.

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                          Filed April 15. (Fed/MI) Both accepted within a couple hours. TT152. Same as it is every year.

                          Last year I got the Michigan DD before the Fed DD.

                          I hate the waiting game. It’s nice to get a few bucks back – but I stress about making a mistake and having to deal with the IRS.

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                          Johnny boy

                            I filled April 17 hopefully everything goes fast mine just shows received.

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                              I received my state today from Michigan so I’m hoping federal won’t take that long to come in

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                                I filed April 8 too and my transcript also shows N/A, May 2nd, and my WMR is also at 1 bar.

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