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      Filed 3/7 accepted same day anyone file around the same time just trying to get a feel on the wait this year

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          Accepted 3/7 still processing

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          Patiently Waiting

            WMR now stats We apologize, but your return processing has been delayed beyond it’s timeframe. Continue to check back here for updated information, transcript still states Return hasn’t been received.

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              Filed 3/4 still says being processed and no transcript.

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                Yeah still nothing on wmr and cant check transcript

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                Patiently waiting

                  Filed and accepted on 3/7, transcript not updated and WMR still says received.

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                    Btw, SBTPG still isn’t funded 😞

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                      I filed 3/8 and was accepted 3/8. I’ve been trying my hardest not to check until the end of the month! I checked the IRS tool lastnight and mine was approved! I have a DDD of 3/16. The quickest turn around I’ve ever seen! I had a W2 and 2 different 1099s.

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