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Any 1/25 filers still waiting?

Home Forums General Discussion 2015 Tax Season Any 1/25 filers still waiting?

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    Just Mad/Sad (Nikki)

    Filed 1/25 accepted right away.
    Called IRS on Monday and was told I wasn’t actually accepted until the 27th.

    Still blank transcripts
    No letters in the mail…. Yet
    No movement on WMR still has topi. 152

    The rep I spoke with stated no letters had been sent out and no red flags….

    Just want to see if anyone else is still waiting.

    In years prior I’ve always been an 05

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    I filed 1/26. No bars on wmr, Just a message that My return was received and is being processed. I called and I was told I had to wait 21 day before calling back. So frustrating

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