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Any 1/20 Receive DDD or Refund?

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    I trying to decide if I am going to call IRS tomorrow preemptively because I don’t want to panic if I get a letter. I am wondering if anyone HAS received refund or DDD for this specific acceptance date 1/20?

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    Accepted 1/20, no DDD, no transcripts, stuck on one bar… same crap as the last two years… 21 days will be February 24th, which is next Tuesday. IRS better get moving.


    I’m guessing since I can see order my transcripts I may be in an 02 group my past years have been 01 and 02…


    Ok my transcripts are up for ordering my address successfully changed etc… I’m not sure of the cycle date but i should see an update on WMR this week…


    I filed 1/20 and accepted same day. I’m weekly due to past offsets which mean I update once a week on Thursday so Friday morning I got my DDD of 2/4. Remember, from all the info I got of this site, Daily people update everyday minus Saturday and Sunday. So if you haven’t had an offset in the past 3-5 years, You should see something by Friday the latest.


    I just got my cycle date too!!! Now have to figure out what it means :-)


    @MarylizTn I got the same thing. :D I am hoping for a DDD of Friday the 6th.. That would be sweet!!


    WOOHOOOOO!! Transcripts just updated with a code of 20150502…


    Oops – I meant I was told by IRS agent that it was actually accepted on 1/30, not 1/20.


    Oops – I meant return was actually accepted on 1/30, not 1/20.


    Exciting update for me finally! I filed 1/20, was accepted 1/21, had one bar on wmr for 3-4 days but no transcripts available, then my bar went away on 1/27 and refund amount disappeared too. I’ve been in that limbo since, made 3 mostly unhelpful calls to IRS, pled hardship and got one agent to finally tell me that my return wasn’t accepted until 1/20.

    I’ve been checking transcripts every few hours and my return transcript just surfaced!!! No $$ amounts, only 0.00 but a cycle date of 20150502, which is progress!!!!

    Hope all the rest of the 1/20s stuck in limbo get some movement tonight too!


    No filed and accepted 1/20 no update still have bars amount etc.. Had to order transcripts account only not return. Word is some of our returns were resqeunced…..

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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