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      Anyone choose to have their refund dd to the AMEX serve card? I chose that option this year, was wondering if anyone has used them before. Although I’m not expecting anything soon, I filed and was accepted on 1/16 and still have no progress and can’t order transcripts, and forgot my username to login for transcripts

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          My DD was shown sent on 3/4 . I have yet to receive my deposit from American Express Serve. Keep you posted !

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            Two things thank you for the response on sometimes the CS rep doesnt see a pending deposit before its posted to the account I believe if it is pending on the account they will not give you that info because they do verify your funds before they post but I just spoke with a CS rep and he said they dont post on Saturdays I know thats not the truth because ive seen where many customers said they got their deposit the next day mine was suppose to post to your account so honestly when the irs releases your funds they have no control it is our banks that can hold the funds im waiting to see if I will get my deposit today

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              Filed 2/8/15 accepted same day DDD 2/17/15 Tax preparer called and said name was on the list for DD on 2/20/15 hopefully I will see a deposit this morning so thanks Kevin I needed that info

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                Just got off the phone with the irs. Basically amex rejected my refund for some reason, the person I spoke with double checked the routing and acct number and they were correct, so they are mailing me a paper check. GG.

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                  DDD of 2/11.
                  Posted to my Serve account at 2:30am (est) along with my paycheck. I’m very happy with Amex Serve, despite their horrible reviews!

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                    Funds deposited to my Serve account at 11:45PM Pacific time.

                    Filed and accepted 1/28, Approved 2/7 for DDD of 2/11

                    Good luck everyone!

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                      2/11 DDD ….funds in serve account as of 220 am

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                        Was supposed to have a dd on monday. Called monday they said wait 24-48 hours. Was just on hold with them for 30 minutes just to be told there has been no deposit sent and to either wait until 9am mountain time to check or call the irs. Anyone have a phone number I can use in this situation to figure it out?

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                          Any 2/11 DDD get their refund yet ????…..I’m hoping sometime in next few hours

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                            Serve told me the same. Nothing showing as pending but that I should see it by 9 am tomorrow, or to call them.

                            She also said it could take 24 to 48 hours after, but she made it seem that is unlikely.

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                              I have ddd of 2/11 with a serve card. Any updates on deposits early..past or present? Would be helpful. Dont think amex serve card shows deposits as pending.

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                                Out of curiosity I called Serve for info

                                1. I have a DDD of 2/11 – Serve shows nothing pending in their system.

                                2. CS representative said it can take 24-48 hours AFTER the deposit for it to be available in your account.

                                3. CS Rep also stated that a pending deposit wouldn’t always show before becoming available.

                                Obviously, these are CS reps so accuracy is always suspect and others may get different responses or results. :)

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                                  Anybody use the Chase Ucard? Need to transfer money to another card

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                                    Kshulla I don’t think so I think they will know what bank it is to the routing number is unique for each bank

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                                      So I was wondering if anyone would know the answer. I was kinda dumb and put only partial of the bank name ( I only put American Express) but my routing and account number is correct do you think this will mess up my dd

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                                      Ryan as well

                                        Dd posted as of 1:21 am on my serve card! Actually 2-4 hours earlier than my state refund was last week. Good luck and happy hunting.

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                                          DD posted to my Amex Bluebird account as of this morning.

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                                            I work for amex and they don’t usually post deposits early, they are trying to make exceptions for tax refunds but we can however let you know if a notice has been received that you are receiving a refund a few days before the dd date./

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                                              Anyone with dd 1/30 get yet on serve card and does it show pending?

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                                                I used Serve last year, received it on the promised date. I am using Serve this year again, however, filed and accepted on 1/21, no DDD yet :( There is no 2014 transcript (uh oh?) – This sucks because my brother filed and accepted on 1/20, has a DDD of 1/30. My sister filed and accepted on 1/21, has a DDD of 1/30.

                                                I did call AMEX Serve’s hotline, and apparently they are crediting accounts immediately this year and not holding the tax refunds for any amount of time. If you call the number at the bottom of Serve’s website, you can enter your card number and it will tell you if your tax refund has arrived yet.

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                                                  Yeah I used serve last year. They usually post in the middle of the night . I woke up to my money the next day . They are very good with posting , they also raised their limit to withdraw money .

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                                                    Last year I used an AMEX Serve card and had fees taken out. I had a DDD of 2/10, the SBBT received the deposit on the Friday beforehand, and I had the funds deposited on Saturday the 8th. So there is a chance you may see it soon, but I think that was just Amex being awesome and not holding the funds all weekend until Monday. They deposit the next day, no matter what day. So with a DDD of this Friday, you will have it either Friday or Saturday early morning around 2:55 EST.

                                                    Hope this helps.

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                                                      I actually asked during a recent phone call to customer service who advised that my account will text me when deposit is made, and that it would post on the expected date not early as netspend is good for.

                                                      I quit using netspend though after some really poor response to customer service. Wish now I had keep it only for tax season.

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                                                        I as well am waiting, file and accepted through TT on 24th. Have a Serve card as well just waiting.

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                                                          A little off topic, but I have Amex Bluebird. I filed with TurboTax. I had no fees taken out of my return, and have a DD date of 1/30/15.
                                                          No deposit yet, however I have never seen where Amex is generous with any early posting date. I will comment on this thread once I
                                                          see a deposit.

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                                                            Blows my mind that so many people who filed after me are getting ddd, I have seem no movement and am starting to get irritated

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                                                              Im getting my refund deposited to my servecard as well but I was just accepted on the 26th, so it will be a cpl more weeks for me!

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                                                              Ryan as well

                                                                I am having my deposit sent to my serve card. Filed 1/20 aceepted same day, DDD of 1/30, Friday. Used turbo tax, have fees taken out of refund.

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