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    Well i filed and was accepted on 2/7. On 3/2 received IdV letter _4883c and passed the same day. Got a 60 day review letter 3/23 dated for 3/22. Called the irs last monday was told still in review and my 60 days will be up May wow. So i requested a TA 4/13 and supposedly i get a call today 4/18. I have to amend, wages were off. Does anyone know appr. How long does it take with a TA before i can receive a due date?

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    Mine was adjusted 7/2. Still waiting.



    My refund was adjusted how long will I get my refund



    status updated to adjusted how long from there?



    I filed an ammended return and got a letter saying it was being sent to Austin Customer Care Center and it could take 60 days to process does this mean I sent to wrong adress ughhh lol



    Tax advocated called this morning..
    Direct dep july 5th..
    Filed 2/7.
    Id verified 3/2.
    60 day review 3/22.
    Amended 4/19.
    60 days up 5/22.
    Referral 5/24.
    Adjusted 6/12 dd 7/5…
    hope this helps anyone.



    Anyone still waiting for a refund from an amended return?!??



    @ Rachel its beyond frustrated. Hope your TA will give a dd this week unfortunately i have to wait til may 14 for her call. But its been only 2 weeks since i got her.



    @Mimiikei None here:( Haven’t heard from TA. Spoke to her about 3 -4 weeks ago and she said she would update me on 5/2. We shall see if she actually calls me tomorrow. I did call the IRS today to see if there was any new info. All I was told was that they did receive my amended return and it was still in process. Geezus how flipping long can it possibly take? TA submitted on 3/16. STILL have not received one piece of correspondence from the IRS on any of this. Beyond frustrated.



    Any updates!! Anyone…



    I just can’t believe how rude everyone I have dealt with has been. I mean their job is to answer tax payers questions and nearly everyone I have talked to has acted completely annoyed and put out to give me any information. I swear they must get their training from the same place postal workers get theirs.



    @ Rachel Right…they want their money but not too concerned when we get ours. This tax season is just crazy, and how they have this whole process set up to inform filers is completely unacceptable.

    Actually, I was prev responding to @Mimiikei



    @Michael I don’t know if you were addressing someone else.. In my case, I never received one letter from the IRS. Of course when me and my ex owed back taxes from a few years ago, we got a letter every week! ha



    By the time it’s all said and done, I’m guessing that you won’t have a resolution until the same time that your original review would have been completed ( end of 60 days from the 4464c letter). If you have it sooner that’s all good too.



    So had you not called, you would have never known? That is just crazy. I was off on wages about 10 years ago. Still got my refund but they took payment back the next tax year. It was my mistake as I forgot I was waiting on one more W2 to file.
    Just seems a lot of early filers are stuck in this never ending “stall” cycle and they will use any excuse to not release the funds. :(



    @MRL I filed off of my end of year paystub. When I got my W2 it was about $2500 off. My return went into ‘review’ and I assumed they would just adjust it. I waited weeks and weeks and never got a letter or any sort of correspondence from the IRS. My WMR has been stuck on “we have received your return and it is being processed” since early February. When ever I would call the IRS to try and get information, I would get a different answer from everyone I spoke with. I finally got frustrated and got in touch with a TA. She told me that because my wages were different than what was reported and didn’t fall within the IRS “tolerance” of what they will allow and adjust themselves, that I would have to amend because the IRS would never release my refund. SO I did that and here I am…still waiting…



    I don’t understand why so many have to amend returns this year. Were your wages off from the filing? I filed and had to fax a copy of my W2 and Schedule C (got a letter a couple of weeks back.) Just seems those whom are waiting and filed end of January/early February are getting into issue with wage verification and sending in W2 and then amending. I don’t understand. Does this happen often during tax seasons, or is it just this one?



    @mimiikei no i have not heard anything from my TA or updated on WMR or wheres my amended return. Amended was submitted to them 3/16.



    @ Stephanie Congrats 4/’re so lucky!! And @Rachel did you update this week?

    So approx. a month or so after i amend i could receive a dd. TA not working fast enough lol. But i did just amend on 4/18. But why would my TA say she will call on May 14? Thats too long. I dnt want a phne call . i want a dd. I need to see some change on wmr or wmar. Im confused & lost and just want my funds.



    I finally just updated for DDD 4/25. I FA 1/29 and got TA and had to amend 3/16 and I updated on the regular WMR with normal refund amount not on amended site. Just wondering if they processed my first return and then I will just send back in the difference. I will never file till March, cause I had a friend file and had money last week that took two weeks.




    Find the fax number to your local TA office. There should be a link on the IRS website that gives you the option to click on the state you are in. Fill the form out and fax it to them. They usually call back in about 3 days. If you have any proof of a hardship like a late utility bill or notice..anything like that – send that in with it.



    How do you even get a TA I have tried and cannot even get in contact?



    I filed and accepted on 1/29 bars went away on 2/15 when I called IRS they said noting was wrong just 45 day review then I finally got a TA on 3/16 and had to file amended return and she called me last week on Wednesday and said IRS has processed my return and it could take up to 3 weeks to get my money but when I go to WMR amended site it says no return found. She is not suppose to call me back till the 30th. I have never had a issue with my return like this.






    When I faced my amendment to my TA yesterday she said it takes 8 weeks to process.



    Well I’ve been waiting over a month now and I expect it to be longer.. 2 weeks would be amazing. Good luck!



    Ok thanks you guys! I did speak with her ( my TA) and justed faxed My amendment return in today. Just curious how long to wait after? But she did say she will update me on May 14. Hopefully i get my dd before then & also my 60 day review is up May 20. This sucks. I font wait no more then two weeks the most!!😒



    I amended with a TA because I filed off my paystub and the amounts were different than my W2. Finally got a TA in March and she submitted my new return around 3/16. I still have not even seen that its shown up in the IRS system when I check the “Wheres my amended return”. I did call them last week and the guy I spoke with said he saw they received it so who knows. My TA called me two weeks ago and said the IRS is supposedly slammed and not to expect anything till May. This whole process has been so ridiculous, who knows if I’ll ever get it. I really don’t think the TA’s help expedite anything. Hopefully you’ll have better luck!






    I amended on 4/16 by TA also and I’m looking for answers as well. When you speak with your TA they should be able to inform you about the process and I’ve ready where some say it’s a 2 week process and for others it has been longer.

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