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Amended Return?

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    Random Dude

      Has anyone amended their return? Has it processed? How long did it take?

      I entered some of the information on our w2’s wrong and was told today that starting on 4/11, we’d be going through a 120 day review. I asked if they’d fix my errors and the agent told me no and that I had to amend, so I went ahead and did it.

      I’m trying to figure out if I’m looking at a full 4 months or what?

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      Aly bug

        I got a tax advocate should finally be getting my amended return Oct 13th. Filed and accepted March 29


          I amended my 2020 return. Mailed it in May 2021. Just got processed august 2022.


            Mine shows received March 23 so we shall see! 16 weeks or less I have heard.


            Where’s my amended return is a good way to check.


              Amended and IRS received August 5, 2021. I amended because I left a 1099 off my original return. March, I made my first call to IRS, it hasn’t been assigned to anyone. Just sitting with the backlog. Made my second call May. They said it has been assigned to someone, but no idea how long it would to process. It’s now been a little over 11 months and still no refund, or any information about it. I’ll be making a third call soon.


                I did an amended return. Caught the error and fixed it myself. IRS on the phone said if I didn’t fix it they would have and sent our refund sooner but since I fixed it it has to go through a process now and she said 20 Weekes or long from March 5 2022. I think tax payers are pay the Government back for the so called stimuluses.


                  Mine is being processed as of 03/27 (almost 12 weeks) and still waiting for Amended difference!


                    I amended last years return in July 2021 and just got off the phone with the irs and it finally processed. I have to wait 4 more weeks for the check.


                      I filed 2/26 and amended 3/2 because I caught the error myself & it was something that would likely get my return rejected, so no point in waiting. 3/7 is my “as of” date. Nothing has changed or updated since.


                        I filed an amended return too on 3/14/2022. It is taking 20-24 weeks or longer from the information I have seen from other filers. I am hoping it doesn’t take that long but when dealing with the IRS, it will probably be longer.

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