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      So I was able to access my transcripts once 2 days ago and part of 2014 was showing but not all of it. I had no codes yet. I’m assuming that meant that I was processing. I have tried numerous times to access the transcripts again over the last 2 days and it keeps saying that I am locked out due to information not matching. I have no idea how that would even happen because I didn’t change anything! When I tried to check on the IRS2GO app it stated that I had ordered transcripts to be mailed to me, which I did not. My WMR is still stuck on one bar as well. I filed on Jan 21 and was accepted the same day about 10 minutes later. I did amend my return last year, so would that put me into a weekly cycle? And if I am weekly, could that be why I’m no longer able to access my transcripts right now? Please help!

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          Thanks @Stacey! I hope you’re right :)

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            how do you know if you are weekly??/ I was able to accessed my transcripts eariler this week and haven’t been able to access them everysince

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              This doesn’t mean you’re weekly, I think it means your processing. I would bet you have a ddd with tonight’s update.

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