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All of us 1/22 Filed and Accepted Here

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    Wanted to start a thread for 1/22’s.. Post your updates and status here

    Use this format for easy reading:

    1/22 filed and accepted shortly after
    No updates, no transcripts and one bar
    Turbo Tax and I paid fees

    North Carolina

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    I got my deposit date today finally. I filed on the 22nd. It went to 2nd bar now and says to b deposited next week


    UPDATE for all of us 1/22’s who filed and were accepted same day

    Got return transcript yesterday with code 20150505 and this morning my ACCOUNT transcript updated showing 846 refund issued cycle code 20150505 with DD of Wednesday Feb 11th.

    Turbo Tax paid fees
    Had offset taken out

    Hopefully eveyone else got an update today and we should see WMR update this weekend..


    1/22 filed and accepted shortly after
    No updates, no transcripts and one bar
    Turbo Tax and I paid fees using my refund



    Filed/accepted 1/22…if I was being reviewed would I have gotten a letter by now? I refuse to call these jagwagons.


    Filed: 1/22
    Accepted: 1/22
    Bars: one bar still processing Topic 152 until 2/3 bars missing still processing still Topic 152 no refund amt.
    Transcript: couldn’t pull online ( I do have my credit frozen) call on phone no tax return transcript for 2014
    I,m self-employed do have insurance from did file 8862 and had 1095-A
    call IRS on 2/2 said he didn’t see my returns for 2014 at 1st and then said to call back Friday


    Filed and accepted 1/22
    1 bar, but bars disappeared last week
    Transcripts still N/A

    You’re not alone!


    It seems all of us 1/22 filers got updates etc.. Not me.. My cycle the last two years ended in 05.. Does this mean anything…

    ARE THERE STILL ANY 1/22’s still waiting here?????


    Just as I predicted based on the last two years…

    Filed and accepted on Thursday, 1/22
    I could see transcripts 9 days later on Saturday (night) 1/31
    WMR moved to 2nd bar on Wednesday (morning) 2/4
    DDD of 2/6


    Well. Looks like I’ll have quite a while before anything is sent out. I just received a 4464c letter stating they’re looking into my refund and it’ll be at least 60 days.


    @AKjd. Blank account and wage transcripts. Crazy that this is going on?


    i filled 1/22 .check your account transcript and see if is shows anything mine updated yesterday with a cycle code 20150502 and at the bottom had code 846 refund issused should see it fri Feb 6th i hope


    Turbo Tax is saying 53% of us 1/22 filers and accepted have got their money. Any status update for the rest of us. ????

    Read about re sequencing???



    Anybody learn more about us 1/22 filers getting resequenced? Any other updates from 1/22’s?


    I filed with Turbo tax on 1/22 and was accepted within half an hour. I was able to see my transcripts on 1/30 with an 846 refund issued code and then WMR updated with a DDD of 2/4 the next morning


    What’s this about re sequencing? Can anyone verify or has and 1/22 here got transcripts and DDD

    Please read: This is info from someone that talked to an IRS rep this morning. If your WMR is at one bar and you can see your account transcript with all zeros (and with the words ‘no return filed’ and most important, no CODES) most likely you have been caught in the system glitch and re-sequenced. This kicks you back into processing mode, like kicking you back in line. This may be why people who filed after you or at the same time are getting DDD’s and you’re not. Some people may see a ddd after the next update tomorrow, but if not I suggest calling the IRS to find out if you have been caught up in this glitch. Do not mention you’re calling about a refund. Inquire about whether you’re under review because your account transcript is showing all zeros and no return filed. I hope this info helps.


    1/22 filed
    1/22 accepted
    Last week refund amount and bars disappeared on WMR
    Refund amount back on WMR but bars still missing
    Transcripts show nothing, N/A


    I am able to order my transcript now. WMR will probably update overnight.


    After two days of no bars or amount shown, I finally had an update on Saturday with a 02/04 DDD. Details below.

    1/22 filed, accepted soon after (I filed late in the afternoon)
    No bars (they disappeared Thursday 1/29, came back Saturday 1/31)
    I could never access my transcripts, I was getting a message to call the identity protection number but I did request them over the phone on Friday, 1/30. I heard some say ordering may speed up the process, but I’m not sure how accurate this is.
    Turbo Tax fees are to be taken out of my refund amount so I’ve been checking SBBT just in case, and no funds have been deposited as of yet.


    Same thing here no updates nothing filed on the 22nd accepted within mins with turbo tax and still nothing


    Filed and Accepted on 1/22. Still shows Processing. WMR has no transcripts for me (actually is says “no records found”). Always had it in days in prior years, but it seems that this year it is happening to a lot of 1/22 ‘ers.

    Natalie teague

    Still no movement . No ddd, no transcript.


    Filed with turbo tax 1/22 accepted minutes later. Status on wmr is still one bar and i am unable to check my transcripts since website keeps saying I’m not entering the correct information on their records. But my husband has no transcripts for this year except for account which shows zeros.
    Also on all my hubby’s transcrispts it shows his ex wife’s name still as his spouse which has me wondering if there will be a hold up because of that or if it’s just because the last time he filed they had her on record???!
    I used free file and live in nevada.


    Turbo tax is showing that 53% of 1/22 filers have gotten their money. Any updates from us 22’s


    I have tried both I really am hoping it is because things are updating


    That’s so strange. It says system is down for me as well. I use the IRS2GO phone app.


    Well I have the samething. It is 8:47AM where I am at. My roomate can check his it still says accepted but I can’t check mine for me it says wmr is down


    1/22 and not progress at all. WMR down. Does it mean there’s a chance to get update today???


    Accepted sorry guys… Typo…


    Tammykh: no just your state but you have to fix that…


    Filed on the 22
    Accepted on the 22 mins later
    had one bar
    For days I have had no bar no amount just blank
    account trans blank
    called and have no offsets
    My state taxes were rejected will this effect my fed?


    Joel::: check every morning even on weekends because I’ve noticed that people say IRS does nothing on the weekends and I got my direct deposit date this morning at around 6:25 am so no matter what check every day hopefully tomorrow or Monday you will see some movement…


    Nothing has updated for me.

    One bar, only blank wage and account transcripts.

    Any insight on what next to look for?

    When will next update be?


    I filed on the 22nd excepted on the 22nd I checked this morning 6:25 am to be exact… My direct deposit is being made February 4 I will have my money in my account Feb 6, 2015 YAY… Thanks everyone for all of your post they really help!!!!! just to know that you’re not alone and it will happen just be very patient…


    I thought I would update. I woke up at 3amand decided to check wmr. I have a ddd of 2/4. So here’s my summary.

    Filed: 1/22 around 2 pm
    Accepted: 1/22 @ 2:15
    Able to order transcripts: 1/30
    Received ddd: 1/31
    DDD: 2/4


    I was able to order my account transcript this morning. This evening I was able to order my return transcript. I think I will see a ddd tomorrow or Sunday for some time next week. Fingers crossed for us!


    filled 1/22 with taxact accepted same day. one bar until today then no bars no nothing. cant krder transcripts coworker filed after and dd hit today!


    Any 22nd filers get updates today? My account transcript is present but nothing. It does have Feb 16th. ???? Anybody with info. Please post


    Got a 2nd bar (Bars came back) and a DDD 2/3


    Anna schommer

    I filed 1/22 accepted same day and absolutely nothing still on one bar on WMR and can’t access transcripts I’m getting fed up with all this I’ve never waited this long for a DDD maybe Sunday we will see something.


    1/22 filed and accepted shortly after
    No updates, no transcripts and one bar
    Turbo Tax and I didn’t have fees

    Washington state

    Use Wells Fargo


    I am showing an account transcript with cycle date 20150405, and the elusive code 846 with refund issued!! Woo hoo!! There is hope for us 22nd filers yet :) haven’t checked WMR….I’m giving up on that thing lol. I guess this year we were switched to a weekly cycle, have no idea why. No offsets or anything. Same return as last year, with just a few hundred more dollars on the refund. Good luck to everyone, and I hope you get your date….this IRS waiting game is for the birds ;)

    Now on to decider my cycle haha


    Also filed and accepted 1/22 with TT. I am a consecutive 3 year 05’er. Only wages until this morning where I could see Account transcript with only 0000’s like most. However, I have seen many update to their cycle date just in the last few minutes when only 0000’s this morning.


    Well I can see my wage and account transcripts this morning… Only problem is they are blank… When did you guys see this and how long did it take it to change and include the return transcript with all of the data – and cycle date????


    Was able to pull account transcripts this morning around 6:30am. Have refund issued code and cycle of 0405. Apparently this is Feb 4th for a DDD, though WMR hasn’t been updated yet. Filed 1/22, accepted 1/22. Used HRB Tax Software, DD to a bank.

    There is yet hope for others on 1/22. :)


    No update on WMR, but I was able to order my account transcript this morning. I hope that’s a good sign.

    mish mosh

    Nothing for me.

    1/22 filed and accepted shortly after
    No updates, no transcripts and one bar
    Turbo Tax and I had fees taken out

    North Carolina


    Anyone get any updates overnight?


    Filed and accepted on 1/22. Got my transcripts the following monday. Then got a DDD for 1/31 tuesday. I checked and my funds have already been deposited at Sbtpg. I guess I’m lucky. Hope good news arrives for you guys shortly.

    louis vierra

    Filed on 1/22 ACCEPTED at 10:25 am PST . One Bar nothing since then. I’m seeing some people already got their DDDs. Some filed before some after but have seen NONE that filed on 1/22. Hopefully we see something tomorrow morning.


    Still nothing


    Filed and accepted 1/22, for both state and federal within 6 hours of filing. Already got my state refund back (Kansas) on 1/27. Federal had one bar until last night’s maintenance, now no bars. Figuring the MeF is chewing on the return now. Can’t go by previous file years because I’ve only filed early a couple of times because of the problems they’ve had with college credits. The years that I did file early with those credits I saw the refund by mid-Feb. I also got hung up in last years “glitch” which pushed my return to way out into March, but that was a college credit thing and nothing else was wrong.

    Since my returns have always been on Friday’s (scheduled), I’m figuring next Friday at the earliest for a DDD, and money in the bank by the following Monday. But, we’ll see.


    Update from my post earlier, i just checked my bank account and i got my refund! So excited.

    I filed on 1/22 and was accepted shorly after. Filed with h&r block. I could never view anything from the WMR site. It always would say i entered my info wrong. Wish you all luck


    Filed and accepted with TT 1/22
    No updates and transcripts all still say N/A
    No fees
    In Texas

    I can NOT believe that people who filed 1/25 and later have already received DDDs! I have no changes from last years return, so I don’t know why ours is taking longer to process.


    Filed 1/22 accepted minutes later, saw return transcripts last night, account transcripts the morning, no bars no DDD, no money.



    Filled 1/22 accepted 2 hrs later! NO DD NO TRANSCRIPTS! I filed my daughter’s 1/24 and has DD 2/2! Seems like 1/22 acceptance date has more NO DD than any other early date


    It is still very early. I wouldn’t panic unless a couple of weeks go by. We will probably see our transcripts Sunday.


    Filed 1/22 accepted minutes later. Still on one bar and can’t access transcripts.. WTH!!!!


    Filed and accepted 1/22 with Turbo Tax. Didn’t check for transcripts. Approved 1/28 with DDD of 1/30.


    I filed with TT on 1/22. Accepted minutes later. No progress.

    However, last year I filed and was accepted on 1/25, received ddd on 2/9. Received the refund on 2/12.


    filed 1/22 accepted a few minutes later. still on one bar and cannot access transcripts. waiting for some action..


    Filed on 1/20, accepted later that day. Probably within hours. No other updates or status. Its now been 9 days and nothing. WTH!?


    I filled on 1/22 and was accepted shortly after. I filed with h&r block but never again! I checked WMR but it says they cant find any information. Waiting patiently.


    I filed and was accepted 1/22. One Bar and the online transcript says it couldn’t verify my identity so it locked me out of the system. Filed with HR Block. I have a DDD for my VA state return for 2/2.


    I’m the same as the rest of you. Filed and accepted on 1/22. No movement and can’t access transcripts. I’m not surprised though. Last year I filed on 2/1 and couldn’t get transcripts until 2/11 and got my refund on 2/13.


    1/22 filed, accepted soon after
    No bars (they disappeared today)
    Can’t access transcripts, I’m getting a message to call the identity protection number
    Turbo Tax fees are to be taken out of refund amount so I checked SBBT, and still no funds have been deposited


    Filed with TurboTax 1/22 & got accepted same day. 1 bar

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