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ALL filers with tax acceptance date of 1/31. please provide updates here

Home Forums General Discussion 2015 Tax Season ALL filers with tax acceptance date of 1/31. please provide updates here

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    i filed my taxes through free tax usa on 1/31. was accepted on 1/31. as of 1/5, it had not updated to show approved. had ANYBODY with an acceptance date of 1/31 gotten 2 bars yet??
    I called offset line – no offsets as of today. slightly panicking because I haven’t moved to “approved” yet. what about everyone else??

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    Got transcripts this morning but still no bars
    My code is 20150601 w 846 code
    Which is supposedly 2/12
    Lost all bars yesterday morning
    Scared me to death. Hopefully bars will update soon


    Filed 1/31, accepted 1/31, refund approved 2/7, DD 2/11

    Broke and lonely

    Filed and accepted 1/31 still on one bar!


    Lost all bars this morning w/ code 152
    Filed w/ tt on 1/31
    Accepted on 1/31
    Owe $52 for ACA overpayment
    Seems like someone has to have some insight about the Obamacare issue
    I had a feeling this was going to be a mess this year


    1/31 filed and accepted, still one bar. BS!!


    No DDD yet for me either! This is taking longer than any other year than I have experienced in the past. I just have 1 WMR bar and an account transcript with all zeros.


    I filed 1/31, accepted same day. WMR updated 2/4-2/5, with “Refund Approved” and a DDD 2/9. Filed with H&R Block


    Filed 02/01
    Accept 02/01
    Wmr updated between 02/04-02/05
    DDD expected 02/09




    Anyone recieved their DDD???

    i still havent even recieved a DD :((


    Where do you go to try to access transcript ? What would the codes mean ? Ty


    You already received your DD ?


    filed and accepted 1/31.. still on the first bar as well!! no offsets or anything.. cant access transcript to see if i have a cycle code because i forgot my email from last year and it wont let me redo my user name :(



    i as well filed the 1/31 and was accepted hours later that day, but hasn’t moved from first bar.

    blue gill

    I got mines today

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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