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    IGMR Admin

    Wheres My Refund Alabama – Share your experience with filing your Alabama Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Alabama Wheres My Refund? go to Alabama Department Of Revenue

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    Alabama started processing state tax returns on March 1, 2021. I just checked the website and my tax return was approved today, March 22nd. My federal tax return was filed on 2/22/21 and it is still processing with no bars🤨

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    Lamb chops

    Alabama didn’t start processing until March 1st. Last year I got my deposit on March 10th f 🤞🏾

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    Does anyone know if you need to use the IDEMIA eID app? Is it better the use it or does it make any difference?

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    Alabama just slow.

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    Why is it taking Alabama to get the refunds out?
    My has said “Received and being processed” since 1-28, with no changes….what’s the problem?
    Is there something else I need to do, or someone I need to call?
    H&R done my taxes online.
    Help please!

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    DDD 3-13 filed 1-28

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    Angel Harris

    For those of you whose updated and have either a date or already received a deposit/check, did you use IDEMIA eID app? Is it a requirement to use? I usually owe the state so all of this is new to me.

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    Updated to deposit issued March 6 2019

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    Approved February 21 and No deposit yet! State

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    Thanks @Sha01j, I appreciate it.

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    Angel Harris

    Thanks @Sha01j

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    @Angel Harris
    I think once a day. I checked mines yesterday around 5 pm. Then I checked after midnight and got the response I posted.

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    Angel Harris

    How often is MAT updated? Has anyone noticed a certain time of day the updates happen?

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    Refund Status
    The Alabama Department of Revenue approved your refund on March 04, 2019. In general you should receive your refund within two to three weeks of its approval by the Department of Revenue. Because ADOR does not actually issue refunds, we cannot provide you with the specific date you will receive it. If delays occur and the State is taking more than two to three weeks to issue refunds after they have been approved by the Department, we will update the information posted to our website and communicate to taxpayers through social media. Thank you for your patience.

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    @Rkent61. Means they owe you and check has not been issued. They should start this week.

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    When you look a your MAT account, what does the amount of refund in Green with ( ) around it mean?
    I can’t find anything to explain why it is Green with ( ) around it.
    Can anyone explain that, please.

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    Approved on February 21. Not deposit yet. Probably next week or the next or etc……..

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    Approved on February 21. Not deposit yet. Probably next week or the next or etc…….. 😂

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    Google my Alabama taxes

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    How to find out if your state has been sent out for direct deposit

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    My state refund has been approved it says in general it should be deposited in 2-3 weeks I filed on 1-28-19 and was accepted 2-4-19 approved 2-20-19

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    State not releasing funds until first week of March. I think it’s March 6th.

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    It’s tell me there’s no I’d that matches the amount but I have no offsets

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    Has anyone received Alabama taxes yet

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    They received Feb 20th and I’m still yet to see any change in status . ” processing” is taking a while .

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    I am still waiting. We filed earlier feb and even downloaded the eID app and have done that and still waiting. I’ve seen a few others have gotten theirs. I don’t think they are processsing eID before no eID users. I know several that didn’t do eID and already have theirs.

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    @kenny. My son filed single on 2-5 and recieved his 3-7.

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    I am still waiting . Anyone get theirs?

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    Any update on state?

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    Thanks Misty!

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    Alabama won’t start issuing refunds until March 1,2018. They did the same thing last year. They are also encouraging everyone to use the eID app to verify your return saying it will be processed first before others.

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    Got an email last night from the Department of Revenue saying my return had been accepted. Hopefully it won’t take too long to get my refund!

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    Hello, any one accepted yet

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    Ever get yours?

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    Same here approved 18th. Nothing yet

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    My refund got approved a week ago but I still have no money in my bank account. Anyone else experienced a problem?

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    Candace C Coachman

    When will refunds be released

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    Anyone received their Alabama refund yet?

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    This is interesting. It shows the number of returns processed and refunds issued.

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    Processed 3/10/14 and still no DD refund. Says 8-10 weeks. Hopefully they will be paying me interest (Alabama).

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    I filed 2/22 and no refund yet.

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    Has anyone recieved any information about Alabama Tax Refunds as of yet??? Thanks

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