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      Has anybody been approved with dates for Alabama. I file on the 20th and I’m still stuck on the first bar!

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          We did ours on the opening day in January. It started saying processing….8-12 weeks…. back in February. I called Monday the 18th of May, and she told me it had been processed and we should receive it any time. Now the status changed on May the 19th to approved and receive in due business time. I know 3 people who have received theirs, but just curious why we have not gotten ours considering they filed theirs after us? My husband owns a truck so out return is quite a bit. I think they may just be holding out on everybody! It is so frustrating!

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            I read that they have until July to get them out or they will have to pay either 3 or 4 percent interest, so they will probably try to rush them out by then. I have not received mine either. Still processing even after sending the information that they needed and I filed on the sixth of February. But get this they said if we didn’t send it by a certain date could resort into a cut in our state check. SMH but y’all can take forever sending them. Something needs to be done.

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              My mom did her taxes on 2/14/2015, and till this day has not received anything.
              All she gets is Your return is being processed, you should receive it 8 to 12 weeks from now.
              We have called and spoke with a representative, and all they say its due to all the fraud they had last year.

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                I filed on 2-12, they needed add… info which they received on 2-24. Was the same 8-12 week b.s. as everyone else ’til last friday, 5-8, upon which it now says approved. So I think that the money will be on my card, but no. I called them and they told me that even after it has been “approved”, that it could still take 8-12 weeks to receive my money. So my money is just sitting there with me and mine needing it very badly, when all they have to do is enter the amount and hit enter, and it will be sent to my card or check-whatever. typical b.s. I need my money.

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                  I filed on march 9 and have not got mine im pissed i need my money if u owed them they would make sure they get theirs

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                    I GOT MY REFUND!!

                    Filed the 2nd of February, and was accepted within a couple days.
                    Approved March, 16th
                    Received today, April 21

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                      I spoke with Dwayne at, Individual Tax Refund Department 334-353-0602 just now and he told me it takes 90 days to process. Mine was accepted on March 17th and I still have not received it.

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                        I am getting the same due course business response has anyone got their return yet?

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                          The State of Alabama has been broke for quite some time. each year it takes longer and longer for people to receive a refund. This year since the Governor is pushing for tax increases I expect the refunds to take months, if issued at all. For anyone in Alabama, the best thing you can do is to make sure your withholding is changed so that you don’t get a refund and you don’t owe anything. An accountant should be able to help you figure out what you should change it to. A couple of years ago it was on the local news here that some people had not received refunds in 6 months.

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                            I filed by taxes in Feb and it was accepted. Then in March I get a letter wanting me to log in to the website and answer security questions. Now I log in and receive the following message. Is this a nice way of telling me the state is completely broke and good luck on receiving my money?

                            The Department of Revenue approved your refund on March 16, 2015. You should receive your refund in the due course of business. Thank you for your inquiry.

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                              Mine was approved on March 17th, but a month later…..still no refund. Ugh!

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                                I filed my AL return on 1/21 and recieved it on 02/03 with no problems. I used MAT to file my Alabama State Return.

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                                  Accepted Feb 2nd. MAT still says processing. Frustrated.

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                                    It amazes me how they can hold onto our money and not pay any interest, yet if you are late in paying them, you bet you’re going to be hit with interest or penalties of some sort. I received the following message and have not seen any changes as of this morning (04/02/2015), “The Department of Revenue approved your refund on March 11, 2015. You should receive your refund in the due course of business. Thank you for your inquiry.” Sounds like some bovine scatology to me.

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                                      The Department of Revenue approved your refund on March 11, 2015. You should receive your refund in the due course of business. Thank you for your inquiry. I still have not heard anything. I have called several times and always get the same story. They cannot tell me anything more.

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                                        Has anyone received an Alabama refund? I e-filed through turbotax. Mine was accepted on 1/26/2015, and I’ve had the same status since I began checking it:

                                        Your return has been received and it is being processed. The processing time varies for each return.
                                        You should receive your refund 8 to 12 weeks from today provided you do not owe any taxes for prior years or other state agencies.

                                        It hasn’t changed in well over a month…

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                                          I was accepted Feb 5th, now approved March 5th, and says will receive a refund in due process. when I called they said you still have to wait for it to say it has been sent and then after that they can give no dates as to how long you will receive it. I said so that could even be months and she said yes!

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                                            Has anyone actually received a return from AL yet? If so how long did it take?

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                                              My AL refund was APPROVED on 02/03/2015 & as of today I have not received my $$$. Website states “you should receive your refund in due course of business.” I called & the rep could not tell me what the due course of business is.

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                                                I haven’t actually filed mine as of yet, but they normally take much longer than other states. Has anyone else received any news?

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                                                  Yea I was accepted on the 20th haven’t moved yet…

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                                                    I’m in Birmingham. I was accepted 1/13 and stuck there ever since.

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