After ID Verify.. How long to get DDD?

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    Can anyone outline what happened after ID Verify?

    1. When did WMR update?
    2. When was your DDD?

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    Filed on 2-10 got letter 03-05 did identification on 3-13 and still nothing it’s beginning to irritate me says still being processed.


    Sondra Williams

    Ok guys I have been trying to find someone who would have a situation similar to I have been reading lots of different threads. Anyway if someone could help me with my mystery it would be great! Filed 2/06 accepted the same day. I received letter 4883c on 3/19 verified the same day which was a Monday, the following Thursday 3/22 my status changed from still being processed to is being processed.. the next Thursday 3/29 wmr updated only to 1 bar and has been no movement since.. help if this makes sense to anyone


    Exhausted filer

    Filed 2/21
    They had to mail verification form twice didn’t receive the first one .
    Verified 3/26 (told will take up to 9 weeks)
    4/8 still processing



    @WaitingInWI. I had bn checking everyday I dnt recall if I checkd Sat n I just gave up since they sd to wait till May. I saw the update Monday morning. And yeah i was able to see my transcripts all my info. And when the letters were gnna b sent out.



    @maria did you check everyday prior to Monday? Like maybe it updated Saturday but you didn’t check until Monday? Or did you check everyday? Did you update Monday morning or Monday into Tuesday? Were you able to check transcripts? Whatd they look like? I’ve only seen people update on Saturday mornings for the last few weeks as to why I ask.



    @jennifer Murgerson. I id verified 3-12 n was told to wait 9 wks after that day then I got a letter on 3-19 that I was under review. I checkd wmr n mine updated Monday w a ddd of 4-9.


    Jennifer Murgerson

    I verified my identity on 2/20 and still processing. I have called more than once about my return but they keep saying I have to wait the full 9 weeks which is 4/24 but last year it only took one week.



    I was searching these forums for any kind of answer when I got my letter. 😅

    But anyway,

    I filed 3/5

    Got my letter 5071c 3/24

    I’d verified 3/29

    Saw change 4/4 back into processing

    Got approved 4/6

    DD 4/11



    Mine still hasnt changed im calling tomorrow



    Received letter 4883c Called and i.d verified on the 30th of March , April 4th my status went from “still being processed to “is being processed ” today I woke up to a DDD FOR THE 10TH . Took exactly 8 days



    I verified 3/30 and mine still hasnt changed hope it does soon



    I am with you Kristen. You would think that since a certain knucklehead (using a pleasant euphemism here) administration ordered this mandate that the IRS would have had enough sense to beef up their staff for the season. No concrete protocol this year it seems.



    Got my id letter and proved my identity on April 2nd and wmr still says processing please help and let me know when a ddd could be available thanks.



    Just called again this morning….pretty much no help and still giving me the same slack answers. Guy stated it could be as far out as May 16th. He mentioned me still being in a 60 day window after verifying my identity.
    2/14: Filed
    Called on 3/6 due to WMR still saying processing after 21 days and was told that a letter was mailed to me.
    3/13: verified identity
    WMR is still saying refund processing. I owed money from 2015 and had already informed them to offset my refund for the balance. I’m not sure what the hold up is. I have been filing my own taxes through TurboTax for and the past 5 years. I’ve never had an issue until this year. I’m starting to wonder is it a Turbotax issue. Seems like everyone that Is having this issue e-filed through TT. Also saw a guy mention he didn’t get his tax refund until June last year! The horror!!!! It’s 2018 why are they still operating like the local water company in a dusty a** small town. Still using a fax machine???!! (Pearls clutched!)



    i filed 1/29/2018 got letter 03/01/2018 verify 03-05-2018 and still says processing.i hope it doesnt take the whole 9 weeks


    Amanda Henderson

    I filed 1/29/2018 got letter 4883c verify on 3/5/18 still processing



    1/29/18: Filed
    1/29/18: accepted
    3/9/18: received a 4883c letter
    3/12/18: called irs to confirm identity

    Still processing



    @ Tiffany I ID verified on 3/6 and it says as of today “still processing” :/


    Piggy Mae

    Filed 2/16
    Accepted 2/16
    Bars Missing 2/22
    Still Processing Message 2/22
    Received ID Verify Letter 4883c 3/17
    Verified by Phone 3/19
    Message update on WMR to being processed 3/22
    Transcripts are no longer blank 3/23
    Bars returned and refund approved 3/31
    Refund will be mailed by 4/6
    **They changed my refund payment method from DD to check.**



    Anyone wait over 4 weeks to get their refund after verifying their Identity? I verified mine on 3/09/18 and still nothing. I am beginning to worry and really need this refund. Also, yes if i hadnt of called to check my refund, i probably would have never received my letter. They said they sent it but i never received it until I called and then it took 14 days to receive that letter. I am beyond upset with the IRS. I have never gone through these many issues.



    @ Doug

    Verified 3/14….still waiting.
    WMR still showing processing!



    2/26/18 federal filed
    2/26/18  federal “accepted and being processed, refund date will be provided when available.”
    2/29/18 “still being processed.”
    3/13/18 received 4883c letter
    3/21/18 called attempted to verify
    3/22/18 validated id over phone
    (Told up to 9 weeks to process(May 24))

    3/29/18 wmr updated from “your tax return is still being processed and a refund date will be provided when available”  to “we have received your return and it is being processed.”

    3/31/18 updated to approved!
    With direct deposit date of 4/4/18



    There is hope!

    Filed on 1/24
    Accepted on 1/24
    Bars Lost of 1/30
    Finally decided to call IRS about update and they sent an ID verification Letter
    Called to very on 3/22
    Checked WMR yesterday and FINALLY have a DDD of 4/04

    If you haven’t yet called IRS to find out whats taking so long with your refund, I suggest you call them now. Had I not called, I don’t think I would have gotten my refund for another few months.



    ID Verified in office (Charlotte, NC) on 3/9 still same message “Your return is still being processed…” and no deposit in the bank either. Anyone else waiting three weeks or longer?



    ID Verified in office (Charlotte, NC) on 3/9 still same message “Your return is still being processed…” and no deposit in the bank either. Anyone else waiting three weeks or longer?


    Heather Lake

    Me and my husband filed 2.15 then waited and waited he called said a lawyer to Id verify is coming so it came a week after they sent it he passed the id verify on 3.22 then today after 6 weeks of your refund is still being processed etc.. it changed to we have received your return it is being processed so from what I read online that is a good sign hoping to have a ddd next week maybe the lady did say 9 weeks but most go through in 2 to 4 weeks hope this helps you I’ve read alot of stuff ppl w the same story after they verified it changed to received and being processed and then they got a ddd the next week




    No concrete protocol this year. Seems to be luck of the draw regarding who gets processed and who gets ignored. I have been waiting since 1/29.



    March 28, 2016 at 10:49 am

    Filed 2/19
    Accepted 2/19
    Bars went missing 2/28
    Received ID verification letter 3/19
    Verified 3/20
    WMR updated to We have received you return and it is being processed from Your return is still being processed.
    3/26 still no update to WMR
    Please help? I’ve never experienced this before. How much longer before I receive my refund



    ID verified 3/20
    WMR updated 3/24
    DDD 3/28



    To all those waiting for a DDD after ID verify just hold on your money is coming I promise! I thought I would never receive mine and yesterday 3/24 I woke up to a DDD of 3/28

    F/A 1/30
    Bars went missing 2/19
    Received ID verify letter on 3/10 dated 3/7
    Verified & passed over the phone on 3/12
    Stuck on WMR for almost 2 whole weeks with that “still processing, a refund date will be given when available message”
    Woke up to a DDD 3/24 for 3/28

    If you didn’t update yesterday to all my early filers, this upcoming Saturday should be your update! Fingers crossed for all of you! This tax season has been hell waiting! I will update when my DD hits the bank! Good luck!!!



    Filed 2/4
    Accepted 2/5
    Verified 3/5
    Since 3/6 WMR says:
    Your tax return is still being processed.
    A refund date will be provided when available.

    I know I shouldn’t make plans but I have a baby on the way and was really hoping to be able to use my return for her nursery. The only thing I can think of that is delaying my refund is that my business took a hit this year so they have to do extra reviewing on it.

    I had to do the same verification process last year too. It did not take nearly this long tp get the letter or to process the refund after. I was suppose to get DD but they sent me a paper check. The WMR never changed even after I received the check it still showed:
    Your tax return is still being processed.
    A refund date will be provided when available.



    Filed 2/4
    Accepted 2/5
    Verified 3/5
    Since 3/6
    Your tax return is still being processed.
    A refund date will be provided when available.

    I know I shouldn’t make plans but I have a baby on the way and was really hoping to be able to use my return for her nursery. The only thing I can think of that is delaying my refund is that my business took a hit this year so they have to do extra reviewing on it.



    I verified my id on monday the 18th updated today for a ddd on march 28th 2018….



    Verify 3/16
    Processed 3/23
    DDD 3/28




    If you fail the identity verification over the phone you would have to schedule an appointment with your nearest IRS office and verify your identity in person. On the letter they sent you it will tell you what you need to have on hand before calling the #. Good luck.



    Verify on 3/16
    Still processing all week
    Today it changed to
    We have receive your tax refund and is being processed
    Let’s see if by next week I get a DDD.



    Filed on 1/26, verified ID over the phone on 3/5, site still says “We have received your tax return and it is being processed.” I check it every morning as soon as I wake up. So far no joy. I’ll be paying Turbotax their $149 tomorrow to get them off my back. :-(



    Update I id verified 3-12 n passed. No changes on WMR got a letter today that my refund is on hold for review they dnt need anything from me but the review will b completed May 3…smh some joke fr. I filed n was accepted 2-12



    What happens if you fail the verification over the phone? What would cause a fail? This my first year doing my taxes on my own through turbo tax. I had a lot of changes last year. new address, new child in my family, new job. I got all my docs I’m just nervous I don’t want to drag this out more….



    What happens if I fail the id verification. I’m a little nervous about this. First year filling my taxes myself with turbo tax. I got my return and all my info. I had a lot of changes this year.. new dependant, new address, new job.



    Filed on 2/23, Verified ID on 3/16, impatiently waiting on that DD. Refund date is still in process! Any hope that I will get it anytime sooner than 9 weeks???



    Has anyone received any updates?



    Files and accepted on 2/6…

    Received letter 2/26 (dated 2/22) and confirmed ID by calling that same day, 2/26

    It is now 3/22 And I’m still waiting on a refund date



    I’m happy for all those that received DD today. I called and was told that there are no updates since I verify on 3/16 But I was told to wait 9 wks, it sucks because I was hoping to receive a DDD. I guess I’ll be one of the unlucky ones.



    Gdm every1 n congrats to all that have a DD. I verified 3-12 N still no updates on ARM. Hope to see something soon.



    Got my DD today, which was in line with my DDD of 3/21.



    Has anyone that has a DDD for today received there refund? Mine says still processing I verified on 3/16



    Accepted 1/22/18
    Bars disappeared 2/3/18
    Got a ID verification letter in the mail, and identified myself in person at my local IRS office on the 2/15/18. There is still no update and my bars are still fine. I called IRS today and they said it is still being processed and to call back after it has been the full 9 weeks. This is So frustrating!



    has anyone id verified and it actually took a month or longer than a month to receive funds or a ddd and if so did you ever get the ddd or refund after waiting a month or having to wait the full 9 weeks? I feel like if I have to wait longer than a month they’re gonna come up with some other reason to not give it to me



    Hi there!

    i filed on 1/29
    accepted 1/29
    Then bars disappeared around 2/3 and it said Still processing
    I waited until 2/17 to check again because i did have a EITC (earned income tax credit)
    and they don’t start processing those until Mid-February.
    On march 8th I got fed up with waiting and called. They said thesent me a letter.
    When i got home the letter was there thank goodness so i called to verify my ID and lady on phone said it could take up to 9 weeks! ugh.. I see some people have gotten lucky and received their refund fairly quickly.
    I check WMR everyday with no status update!
    I have been trying to get any update so i have done the online transcripts and everyday before today it says “this does not match our records” So today i tried again an di guess they finally updated me and started processing my info because i was able to view my transcript!
    It says they are processing my refund April 2nd and will have my funds April 15th! Please lord let this be true!! So if you don’t have updates on WMR try looking up your transcript online!

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