After ID Verify.. How long to get DDD?

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    Can anyone outline what happened after ID Verify?

    1. When did WMR update?
    2. When was your DDD?

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    Kevin Vera Cruz

    Update on last post:
    After waiting ten and a half weeks from the date I went to my local IRS office to verify my identity I called the IRS to find out what’s going on. After waiting on hold for thirty plus minutes I connected to someone and after explaining my concern and issue I was again put on hold for ten mins to then be transferred to a different department to explain everything again. At this point I was put on hold again. When he came back on he then explained that my local IRS office did something wrong and instead of sending in to be processed they “put it in archives” Long story short the nine weeks I just waited for my return started again. The US government never ceases to amaze.

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    Hey! There is hope! I checked the IRS site, like I have since April, and about fell out of my chair! Said it was approved and the deposit will be 11/21.
    Just took only 9 months since I E-filed. LOL

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    Kevin Vera Cruz

    Not exactly sure the dates of filing or verifying but was told from the IRS office when verifying ID that it’ll be no longer than first week of Nov. Well it’s now the second week of Nov and not even an update on track my refund. SMH. I stand in awe of our federal government yet again. I am going to call the IRS now and I’ll update this post when I’m done.

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    jacob patterson

    Still waiting after almostr 7 weeks for my refund. I verified my identity and now just waiting. Same info is under WHERES MY REFUND. Is there somewhere else I can go to check on my refund?

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    Filed 9/27 had to wait to clear a small offset
    Got 4883c letter 10/21 verified 10/23 today. The hold was two minutes I called 7 am sharp. It’s also September so there’s that. Told 9 weeks but hopeful for a DDD in the next couple of days since reading back to the folks dealing with all this during tax season. I’ll keep this thread updated for next tax season

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    jacob patterson

    Completed ID verify over 2 weeks ago and not seeing any kind of update. What is the normal time frame to receive refund?

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    UNREAL! Called just a little while ago. Filed 2/6 through Taxact, got the letter and called back to ID Verify on 3/14. Didn’t get my return so I called on 7/30 and they said everything looked fine and gave me a no later date of 9/20. Called today and they said there was “a glitch” so I had to ID Verify again. Said it was all good now and it could take up to 9 weeks. SMH

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    *Still waiting 😩 On my fourth 60 day hold notice.. Unbelievable.

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    i recived one of my refunds by mail from 2016 but still waiting on this years is it a good sign that i have one of them

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    Jeannine adkind

    I received a letter which I thought was a audit letter then I lost it so I called was transferred to the exam dept . This lady asked me some questions put me on hold she said she was able to verify some stuff but I still needed to send in my proof of income and something saying my son lives with me .. she said to send it in as soon as possible and she also said they are so far behind that nobody would probably even look at it for a long time probably at least 6 months … how in the world can they be that far behind ??? I kno people who’s been audited and they just did there’s sent their money that they adjusted with a letter . And they can see what ur employer said u made so why are we sending them stuff they already know .. and she told me I could get a letter from a pastor or someone in the community stating my son lived with me .. crazy he’s been with me for 23 yrs and I’ve always claimed him … I just don’t get all this nonsense ….

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    Marty B

    Awesome Cait!!!! Congratulations!!!!

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    I finally got a date for when my paper check will be sent! Finally some good news especially with the b.s I’ve gone thru. 60day hold, 9week wait and almost another 60day hold. So everyone still waiting have faith and keep checking your WMR :)

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    My 9 weeks is up today how many more days I have left to get my refund

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    @Marty B yes, the exam department would be after the IVO dept. (integrity and verification), which is where you initially land if you get flagged by either filter stream. If IV thinks something’s shady or not right, they send it to the ID Verification Department. Once they do there thing it goes back to IVO who should either release the funds or if somethings off (wrong amount etc.) they pass it to examination which then can request additional documentation etc. This additional 60 Days crap is so beyond insanity I’ve given up. And sadly, they told me it can still go beyond my “new” 60 Days hold even.

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    Marty B

    Spooky, is the exam department different from any of the other departments holding our refunds???? I mean damn my cp05 letter or whatever it was, is an examination also I think???

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    Ha ha ha…. as expected when I ID varied with the TPP 6 weeks ago, they never sent the referral to the IVO department. So we wasted yet another 6 weeks and SURPRiSE….. I’m on another 60 day wait now for the exam department to either ask for more info or to release the refund. I’m positive that after October has come and gone I’ll still be waiting, and on yet another 60 day wait. I’ll be filling 2018 with no 2017 Refund in sight. Like this crap isnt hurting the economy ?!?

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    Filed March 2017 for 2016 taxes. Never received any letters or refund. Thought they were held to offset 2015 debt. Filed 2017 taxes in February of 2018. Got a 4883C at the end of February. Called and verified 2017 taxes and asked about 2016 taxes. Was told i need to respond to 4883C from 2016 taxes. They send me verification letter and i verify the first week of March 2018. Tell me to wait 6wks. Call again in April and am told there is a hold on it due to not receiving all W2s. Am told to wait 3wks to see if it is released. Call back May and get told again about Id theft and that i would have to wait until July 16th for it to be released. Call back July 16th and am told that my 9 weeks isnt up until July 31st. Call back again August 1st and am told the same thing about it not being finished verified. Answer all the questions again and am told to wait another 9 weeks. Im beginning to think i need an attorney to claim my refund. Meanwhile i got my 2017 taxes without any issues after the verification.

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    Pamela Kennett

    Strangest thing for me. I filed 2016 back in May. I decided to wait on 2017 until after 2016 was finished and resolved because I had a small offeset. I had to ID Verify for 2016 7 weeks ago and I finally decided to file my 2017. My 2017 processed normally and will be deposited Aug 8th wednesday. BUT 2016 is still out there after ID verify over 6 weeks ago. just sitting…. I do not understand that. When I call they tell me “Please allow 9 weeks for processing.” It took 14 days for 2017 and they both have the same dependents and credits.

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    Rob in Texas

    They charge interest when we don’t pay. When do we get interest when they don’t pay?

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    Marty B

    I’ve not posted in a while as I’m pretty frustrated, I don’t even bother to check the WMR app anymore, I did just before I posted here and absolutely nothing has changed , nothing new to report.
    Best of luck everyone!

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    So I called and waiting for 30 minutes on hold. The guy was really nice and was put on hold again. He said everything looked good and to expect it no later than September 20th.

    File on 2/6 and maybe get it on 9/20. Everything was filed correctly.

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    Filed 1st week of February, called in March & was told they had sent me an Identity Verification letter, Never recieved letter until 1st week of May, did the thing over the phone & was told it could take up to 9 weeks, July 12 was 9 weeks, still no refund. Called IRS on July 13 and was informed that my identity verification info had never been entered so I had to do it AGAIN… just to be told it could take another 9 weeks, here I sit today July 28th and still says being processed. …. This is ridiculous

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    @Marty Any update with you?

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    I filed back in Feb had DD for my taxes that was suppose to hit a week after.. Well since my name wasn’t on my husbands account the DD was sent back. Since then I’ve been on a 45-60 day hold after that was almost over i called to find out i need to do a ID check. Did that and was put on a 9week hold, my time was up on the 21st.. Called today to find out that I’m on another 60day wait (not hold) for the department that’s still holding my money to either release it or send me a letter for more info if needed. Can’t get a break!!

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    Hi all! Same issue as well. Filed basic return via Taxact in Feb, got the letter in March, called back on March 19th, and still waiting on a return. Crazy huh?!

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    @Noelle The Federal reserve got on the IRS big time over fraud and bogus returns last year so, unfortunately, what we’re all experiencing is them trying to make up for last year by implementing more filters to cut down on fraud. Problem is, they don’t even have close to enough help to manually review all the returns they have pulled, henceforth the delay, then stall tactics being implemented. Stupid part is most of us could have given them months ago what they need to release the funds, but instead, here we all sit, five and six months later, still being told to “ Just Wait”. Complete and damn joke, and I’m sure it’s not legal, but I still continue to write anyone in both the Congress and Senate I can. Just damn unfair. And of course, none of them in that crappy call center care at all.

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    Wow, I filed mine the 22nd of March. This is crazy!

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    @Noelle: been waiting since March 15th. 60 day review, ID verify in person that they never accepted, ID verify over the phone in June, now week 4 of 9 weeks. No new letters, I guess there sending the money via a snail. Whole damn IRS this year is beyond incredibly insane!

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    @cass Same situation, filed in March, verified identity in April.. Was told I would receive my refund in 9 weeks from that call, later received a 4464c letter, called IRS was then told to wait 60 days from the day the notice was sent out NOT from the phone call which I was originally told.. So my countdown restarted. 60 days passes and didn’t receive any other letters or any update on transcripts of WMR, called IRS once again and was told nothing had been done to my account ugh! Rep said he’d send out a referral to either be sent another type of letter OR to have my refund released which will take up to another 60 days!! Anyone else still waiting for theirs?

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    Thank you, called today, apparently nothing had been done with our return since the CP05 letter! The lady sent a request to release the funds and we should either hear from them or get our return within 60 days. Back to the waiting game, this is painful!

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    Call them a little futher down the thread are step by step.instructions on how to get an actual person I waited the 9 weeks to call after ID verify just to find out they didn’t do it properly in the first place and had to re do it over the phone…back in the waiting phase now for about a week and a half hoping to see my refund soon

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    Hi, we filed our taxes in March, verified our identity on 4/3/18, the lady we verified with over the phone said we should receive our refund in 6 to 9 weeks. We received a letter on 4/12/18 that our refund is being reviewed and we would have a refund date by 5/24/18 (6 weeks from our verification date). I called the next day to ask what the letter meant and they said it was just verifying that we had done our identity and it went back into processing. We decided to wait the 9 weeks, since she said it could take that long after we didn’t receive anything by the 24th of May. It’s now been 13 weeks since we verified our identity, should I call the IRS to see what’s happening or is this happening to everyone who had to verify their identity? The IRS website doesn’t help and I can’t get anyone on the phone. Thank you

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    Marty B

    Folks as you can see by reading this thread I filed my taxes by mail on March 24th, got I’d verify on 5/1, verified 5/7, waited then June 6th when MANY others got their returns released, I got the CP05 LETTER by mail. They now are holding it until July 18th, unless there’s some other problem or stall tactic. Very sad it really is.

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    I verified 5/8 and said we have received your refund and it’s being processed.. what does that mean? It’s been almost 7 weeks since verification and I filled feb 23. Can someone please help

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    It’s been two weeks since I I’d verified in person. The only change I’ve seen is it went from your return is still processing to we have received your return and it’s processing. Hope it doesn’t take much longer. Has anyone got there refund after I’d verifying in person and if so how long did it take

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    Filed 04.15
    Verified in person 06.20
    Should I be skeptical since the employee just asked me for my id, social, and last year’s tax return?
    My journey has just begun.

    -Impatient single parent with too much on her plate.

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    I did this today…had to Google the instructions because I didn’t check here first lol but apparently the person I did my ID verifiction with didn’t close out my case properly, probably because she never asked me any questions about my previous tax return which they had to do today over the phone. So basically I waited 9 weeks for nothing. But the woman I spoke with today was very kind and helpful and said I should see a DDD in a couple of weeks hopefully no longer than that I just wish they would have sent a letter or something so I would have known. If this happens next year I’m calling after two weeks lol fingers crossed that it’s smooth sailing from here

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    Call the IRS: 1-800-829-1040 hours 7 AM – 7 PM local time Monday-Friday

    When calling the IRS do NOT choose the first option re: “Refund”, or it will send you to an automated phone line.

    So after first choosing your language, then do NOT choose Option 1 (refund info). Choose option 2 for “personal income tax” instead.

    Then press 1 for “form, tax history, or payment”.

    Then press 3 “for all other questions.”

    Then press 2 “for all other questions.”

    – When it asks you to enter your SSN or EIN to access your account information, don’t enter anything.

    – After it asks twice, you will get another menu.

    Then press 2 for personal or individual tax questions.

    It should then transfer you to an agent

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    I can never figure out how to get an actual person on the damn phone I’m so frustrated with this automated bull crap I need to talk to a human. Been 9 weeks since ID verification and no updates or letters

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    On the phone with the irs again. Ugh. No letters or anything it’s been 13 weeks since Id verify

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    Marty B

    Yea you guys this entire thing sucks huge hairy horse balls! I’m beyond over it and done myself. They owe me thousands!

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    Marty B

    We’re all going to be filing taxes next year still waiting for this year. Absolutely fucking ridiculous !

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    Marty B

    @Charna, your tax situation and times of the letters you received are exactly the same as mine. Same letters, same dates. My CP05 is a 45 day hold also.

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    @Charna, and Get an Advocate ASApP! You loosing your place will qualify. The number to call is on this forum. Best of luck, this year is friggin unreal!

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    @charna: Typical the CP05 letter is a 60 day hold followed by yet another hold if you call at the end of the first. They then will tell you either you have gotten an ID verify letter in the mail, which of course you haven’t, OR…. they will tell you that they will “send a letter to the other dept. to take the hold off” which will take another 30-60 days. I’m going in Friday to ID verify in person, then another 9 weeks for me. A complete dumpster fire this year for sure. Best practice ALL of us can do is to complain to congressmen and women much like the Indiana Congresswomen is calling out the IRS.

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    hey guys an gals. i filled my taxes on Feb 28th which was my 2016 return i got my return from state for 2017 an 16 i got a verification letter in the mail April 30th an verified may 2nd its been almost 31 weeks since i filled my taxes an i was told by the IRS that it could take up to 9 weeks to get me return then i got another letter in the mail cp05 notice June 4th which states my refund is still under review a could take an additional 45 days to get my refund or another letter. i have never had to deal with this before has anyone on here had to wait the whole 45 days or will it be sooner i have had to put my whole life on hold for 4 months. my lease to my house is up at the end of the month i need my money asap they didnt take this much time taking it out my check all year. an the sad part about it is there is nothing i can do but wait an it pissing me off everyday that goes by with out my money!!!! I NEED ANSWERS im at my wits end>>>>>>

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    Thank you @spooky rides

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    lopez jr

    i filed back in April 1 range. I never heard anything, never got any letters I called them thursday for the first time, they said i should have gotten a ID verification in the mail. Today just got it. Will call monday and FINALLY be put in the que to get my deposit and this nightmare ended.

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    I got a tax advocate and even tho I had wait a month before I got her it still only took probably a month before I actually had got my money. They always can authorize to get your funds quickly released and they offer this thing if you having financial struggles to release some of your funds

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