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🔥 Updates: Advance Child Tax Credit Tools to Update and Unenroll

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    Has anyone seen the august payment show up on processed payments section?

    Nope, still just showing July. I’m getting kind of worried cause I need that money for a large bill. Here’s to hoping it updates today…with money tomorrow.

    Fed tf up wit the IRS

    Same here still haven’t received 2020 tax refund nor am I am eligible for the ctc but as of now its pending and everything is all screwed up !!! The IRS sent me a letter stating my audit would be looked at by the end of September 2021 SMFH Thats Crazy also I filed 2/09/21


    my ctc portal shows no information for August at all. Those of you who received a paper check for July’s payment what date did you receive it?


    Last month my netspend hit after 5pm the 14th or a day early. So hopefully that will be the same this time. Im sure we will see prepaid cards hitting all afternoon evening today


    The IRS website does not show my August payment but my local bank account is now showing August’s payment. :)



    I’m hoping that’s the case. I’ve seen people post that they’ve seen theirs as pending in bank account and nothing at all on the site.. so who knows anymore.. just hope it comes!! Lol


    Okay maybe just something wrong with the website then. Usually get my deposit a day early so will update if it shows up



    Mine did that. Showed up saying processed and then it disappeared. I changed my bank info and more than likely missed the deadline for it to hit the new account but my old one is still open so I figured it would still be DD but nothing has shown back up on the website for me :/ my boyfriends has been there since the update..


    Portal still says only July processed but August is pending in my account.


    Has anyone had August payment under processed and then disappear? Now nothing and saying payment is mail? I’m hoping it’s a glitch.


    Mine finally did on Monday it was in the processed payment section. I still haven’t received my July payment though.


    Has anyone seen the august payment show up on processed payments section?


    I haven’t seen the August payment on processing yet.


    Anyone see the august payment show up on processed payments and then disappear?! I’m still waiting for mine to show back up. I changed bank accounts and it has my old info on it which is cool for now but it makes me nervous that it was there and then disappeared… :/


    So I finally got an update for my CTC but I only got my payment for August not July so I guess that fine at this point.


    Anyone figure out why we got july and now august says pending eligibility??


    4 weeks ago tomorrow, my ctc portal updated to enrolled. I have not received a payment.


    I got my CTC payment in July but now for august it says pending you will not receive payment at this time. What does this mean? What do i do?


    Still waiting for July too. No payments processed at this time.


    I received July’s payment, but now the portal says pending eligibility. They are processing my return now so maybe that’s why, but I’m not sure….


    Good morning,

    I still have no update for July’s payment!! Still waiting on something

    IGMR Admin

    Hello Admin Team,

    Not sure if you’re aware but the links posted aren’t working.

    Thank you! We will fix :)


    Figured I’d update here for those who said the CTC portal said the same as mine, double the amount I should receive.
    Portal said 26th for processing date
    Received my check in the mail today
    But it wasn’t for double what it should have been. So, I got the correct amount. Must have just been an error in the system.


    Hello Admin Team,

    Not sure if you’re aware but the links posted aren’t working.


    Still no update for me. Says no payments processed. But it says I’m eligible and I will receive payment. I still haven’t received July payment.


    Hey all. So, the CTC portal said the 26th for me with double the amount of what I was supposed to get. I use informed delivery and it shows me the check is in there for today. So, keep an eye out. Y’all’s should be there any day.


    The ctc portal also says my payment was processed today and the payment amount is double what it should be. I’m really hoping that I do not have to wait till the August payment date for my check to be sent out.


    @tate mines is the same no change and no change to my taxes either.


    I’m still waiting for an update. I haven’t seen anything yet. Mine still says no payments processed but I am eligible for payment. I guess I will check back tomorrow


    @ Joe
    Mine is also double the amount it should be with a process date of today. I was curious about that too.

    Joe M

    My CTC went to a closed account even though my Refund and Stimulus went into the correct account. A few minutes ago the CTC site updated and now it shows the 28 my deposit in the right account. Strange part is says 1500 when it should be 750.00 . Maybe they are putting July and Aug at the same time?


    The CTC portal says my payment date is July 26th but it says mailed check. It’s said this for a week now. Does anyone know if that means they will be mailing it out on the 26th? Or?


    @Karebare016 from what I’ve been seeing we basically missed July payment but then again they might add it to the August payment or might have to claim that months missing payment on 2021 taxes


    @Tate & @GoCowboys mine is the same. I filed an amended return, accepted 6/3. CTC was pending, no payments at this time. Yesterday I received a small refund, which I think is just the unemployment and not the EIC that I qualified for when they deducted the UI. However, I updated to Eligible for the Advance CTC! So now my question is will the IRS send that July payment? Or I just missed July and payments will begin in Aug?


    Yeah mine updated to the same thing right after WMR updated to 7/28 DDD


    I got an update for my CTC it changed from pending to Yes and I will receive payments. No payment has been processed yet but it’s good enough for me.


    I need a number to call about the CTC!! My taxes were amended and I had to wait until that was completed. So that was completed as of today. Now I went of the CTC part and the status is still the same pending- you will not receiving any payments at this time. Like WTF?!?! Does anyone have a number I can call to talk to someone.


    Filed Feb 12
    Accepted April 22
    No change period


    Hi all, so when the portal was first out up it said I was not eligible. Then it changed to eligible and enrolled but says the check will be mailed… Even though all my other stuff has been dd and nothing has changed. My question is where it says processed payments it says nothing has been processed. Will it show there when a check is mailed or only if augusts payment is dd? This has me so confused! Thanks!


    The account that my ctc shows is closed. Hopefully they send a paper check soon.
    I’ve already updated my bank info, but that’s for next month


    Anybody still waiting for CTC payment?


    @BBrooks had to be before then. I recv’d my check on Sat.


    @BBrooks had to be before then. I recv’d my check on Sat.

    Joe M

    I filed my 2020 return with Injured Spouse in February. My return shows as accepted on my transcripts. However, the IRS won’t send my refund (which shows due on my transcripts), never sent my 2nd or 3rd stimulus, and now I’m “Pending” on the CTC. The IRS owes me about $13,000 right now and it’s now climbing $1,000 per month (4 kids). I called the IRS and they told me it was processing and I needed to wait until August. Unreal.


    Pending. You will not receive advance payments at this time is what my id portal says. I just updated it with my banking info. Hopefully I will receive August payment on time, looks like if not I will have to wait until 2022 to file and get it is what the phone number I called said. Why me? My kids really need that money for summer and school clothes. This sucks.


    So does anyone know when they mailed the checks out for July 15th? This site isn’t very active. I heard they mailed them out this past Friday but not sure.


    Filed 2020 taxes married filed separate with two dependents listed, my return was processed and my refund was received in March of this year. All stimulus checks received. I have not amended but my status still shows “Eligibility- Pending. You will not received advanced payments at this time”. I have no idea why.


    Still no $250 … netspend paypal prepaid here


    Ctc just hit my bank account!


    Amended 2019 return in 2019 adding a child, and the system has never recognized that amendment outside of me receiving a second refund. I never received a stimulus for that child, and it’s not showing ctc for that child either.


    This is the number that was on the letter 1 (800) 908-4184. I called this number they were just answering general questions they don’t have access to your account and they really can’t tell you anything. I had the lady transfer me to someone that could look at my account and actually tell me what’s going on. So I was told because I amended my return I have to wait until it’s completed in order to get my coin.


    CTC just hit my netspend!!


    @tate what number did you call and did they actually take your information and look or just give you the info that they have on file…….. i need to call a number for someone to actually assist me…. the number i called said i have to wait until friday to call back and check whats going on


    So I just got off the phone with the IRS and was told if I filed an amended return I would need to wait until after t is processed and completed in order to get my Unemployment and CTC payments. That’s why it’s showing pending. You will not receive payment at this time. Grrrrrhhhhhhh!!!!!! And they are taking so long to complete the amended returns it’s just ridiculous.


    I’m on hold with them now because the number listed on the letter I got a month a go is just to answer simple questions and not to address or look in to you account to see what the issue is. So I was transferred so I can get some type of answer as to why mine says pending but I will not receive any payment. Like really I know for a fact I qualify but they are still reviewing to see if I qualify what the H is this. If I get an update I will post it


    Mines still say Pending you will not receive advance payments at this time…. Not sure why though cause i qualify 100%.


    Deposit hit A turbotrash ard just a little bit ago it’s on the way!


    My brother just called me to tell me that Netspend sent a text indicating they received a deposit for the CTC payment


    Yes, mine says “Pending. You will not receive advance payments at this time” as well. I meet all requirements and my 2020 return has been processed. I got a letter say we qualify and I’m not sure what the IRS is doing. I need to speak with someone about this cause it’s frustrating at this point. I didn’t get an update or anything regarding payment.


    Online portal finally says the child tax credit will be deposited tomorrow in my bank account. Relief! Updated today. If deposited tomorrow, I’ll receive Friday. That’s just how my bank works. Will update!


    Has anyone seen confirmed pending deposits? That will tell us a lot.

    Mine also changed today to payment processed July 8th and no deposit yet. They probably havent initiated the ach transfers yet otherwise netspend and others would have hit by now. I know mine hits 2 days early on everything so my best guesstimate is that they will initiate the transfers today/tonight and we may see it tomorrow but if not the 15th or 16th potentially if they don’t initiate the ach till Thursday.


    Just checked the tax credit online portal and says payment was sent on the 8th of July to my turbo card account but i haven’t received it. Got my unemployment refund on 7/9 on that same card. I will continue to update.


    Audited for EIC & CTC. Haven’t received our 2020 refund yet. 100% eligible, but instead of using our 2019 return, they are going by 2020 returns that are not finished processing. So our status for the CTC is: Pending. You will not receive advance payments at this time. There’s going to be a ton of eligible families who will not receive ACTC because the IRS is using 2020 returns that are on hold for various reasons. We will probably have to claim the CTC on our 2021 taxes.


    My status online says July 8th processed payment of $500 to my account. I used chime and still no deposit. I also changed my account fr the august payment so not sure what’s going on.


    Lex, thanks for your post. That gives me hope that maybe my “pending” status is an error or just hasn’t updated and I will actually see a deposit on the 15th. Has anyone actually received their deposit yet?


    I have the “pending” message also when I check the portal. Today I called the number at the top of the letter I received about the fact that I know I am eligible but showing that message. The rep said the online system is off & DD payments aren’t scheduled until the 15th. He mentioned if my payment was not in my account by the 16th to call back out & they will research.


    From what I understand, you do not have to pay back the advance child credit unless you made more money this year then what your annual gross was for the tax year 2020 or if you remove a child that you carried from previous taxes. On the other hand You get half now of your credit and the other half next year. I know I’m not unrolling give me my money. Tomorrow anit promise.


    From what I understand, you do not have to pay back the advance child credit unless you made more money this year then what your annual gross was for the tax year 2021. You get half now of your credit and the other half next year. I know I’m not unrolling give me my money. Tomorrow anit promise. It is what is. That little change will come in handy.


    Your husband will have to either unenroll they aren’t updating the portal yet to add and remove children I think till maybe next month if he doesn’t want to unenroll he will get for her up untill he can remove her then at tax time you’ll just have to pay back what you received for her you may get 2 or 3 checks for her untill u can remove her so if it’s not a big deal to pay it back then I wouldn’t worry


    I’m lost on this like everyone else. i don’t understand this message:
    Pending. You will not receive advance payments at this time.
    I received all other stimulus payments and have 2 sons that I qualify for the child tax credit for in past years. I received the initial letter that i was eligible and now I don’t know what the portal is all about. It’s almost like they should have just kept doing that they were doing because this is now causing confusion. Am I getting it or not? WOW


    My amended return is still processing since April I received letter bbn in mail stating I’m eligible for ATC but mine says eligible pending will not receive payment at this time why is it saying this when I’m indeed eligible wtf.


    I checked the portal, it just says eligible to receive and it has my direct deposit. The payment isn’t processed yet though, that box is empty. I though they said it was going to be sent on the 15th, didn’t know it was going to be sent earlier.


    I spoke to IRS regarding Advance child tax credit 2 days ago. Advised it would be deposited today 7/8. Nothing pending or on transcripts yet. On IRS advance tool it says pending you do not qualify at this time.


    I hope this helps someone. Filed simple 1040 on 2/12, no refund yet. States “Still being processed”. I checked the ACTC portal today to make sure I was in line for my first payment 7/15. That portal states, “Pending, you will NOT receive payments”. I am eligible. I got through to a live agent and they explained these two are tethered together. Since I was selected for random 1040 review, they will hold the ACTC. No problem since my daughter and I live in a van. Take your time.


    I’ve read numerous comments this morning where people have the portal saying it’s gonna be mailed but they called and the Irs told them that many portals are not updated yet t show direct deposit but they are in fact getting a it sent direct. deposited and most are saying today and a couple said said for July 12th and 15th. My portal also say mailed as I have got all my tax and stimulus’s deposited. I haven’t called yet but I’m hoping mine isn’t updated as well. Who knows

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