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No go new or old address forTranscripts

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      Can’t order transcripts using old or new addresses

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        I filed my 2016 taxes Feb 10th. I am using a new address –
        up until today the system did not register my new address. IT DID TODAY….it brought me to the screen to confirm account numbers. I put in my auto loan number and it froze my account.

        there was only one attempt and frozen. perhaps it’s because i tried 10 times three days ago? lol i’d lock someone out too.

        but – if it’s registering my new address (which is assumed due to it taking me to the new screen…) this is a good sign, right? Even htough is still showing one bar.

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          I Filed and was accepted on January 30th. I updated my new address when filing. But when i order transcript for 2016 using old address it say not available but i can order 2015. If i put in new address it says ‘do not match our records’.

          How long does it take to update address?

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            @kit0kat2009: Really?? Were you ever a victim of it int he past? Just wondering if there is a reason it keeps happening.

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              This is ridiculous!!
              I had to call the ID Protection Hotline Today

              They again flagged my return and said it could take 6-8 weeks to process!

              If you can’t obtain any transcripts I’d definitely make sure nothing is wrong.
              Other wise you are waiting for a letter..
              Then waiting for 6-8 weeks for processing…

              I filed with my Id, Agi, and Electronic Pin.. Still Flagged..

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                I cannot order either transcript due to incorrect information error. I have tried every conceivable combination in regards to my old and new address to no avail. Any reason for this?

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                  You should always update your address when filing, to make sure you get up to date information from the IRS, it will update Tuesday more than likely.

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                    Not able to order transcripts for 2015 with old or new address. Should I have filed taxes with old address to get a transcript? Please help!

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                      No second bar this a.m. Hopefully my new address updates and We will be in the next batch off ddd

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                        Found this:

                        How to fix address matching problems when ordering online

                        When entering the information into the IRS address matching system note the following:
                        The address entered must match the address already on file with the IRS exactly.
                        The address on file is typically the address on your most recent tax return.
                        Spelling out the word “street” rather than using the abbreviation “st.” can be enough to cause an error.
                        Addresses on the IRS system are auto-corrected through a post office program and may not match what you put on your tax return.

                        We suggest the following if you run into problems: Have your taxes in front of you and enter the address carefully as it is on your return.
                        If you entered your address as it appears on your return and it doesn’t work, try using the standardized version of your address. To get a standardized version of your address: 1) go to 2) Click Look Up a Zip Code 3) Enter Street Address, City, State 4) Click Find

                        If you still have problems, the Website Help Desk can be reached toll-free at 1-800-876-1715, Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. (Eastern Time).

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                          Called again. Can order Account trans with old address. PROGRESS??

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                            I have no idea at this point, I know it stinks, Maybe tomorrow it will update? honestly Mary will have more information for you at this point, I will say a prayer for ya though:)

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                              @paula no. I’ve been unsuccessful with any attempt to order 2015 anything.

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                                Now with the new address it still says:
                                The Information you have entered does not match our records. Please try again or complete Form 4506-T.

                                Only it doesn’t take me to an entirely new screen. It just shows it at the top of the screen. Hm?

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                                  hmmmm..I am not sure on this one, seems like you already requested the account transcript? were you able to view the transaction portion?

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                                    So now my 2015 Account trans says this, although I’ve never been able to order it. And my return is just not available at all.

                                    Get Transcript

                                    A Tax Account Transcript for 2015 has already been ordered within the last two weeks. A transcript takes 5-10 days to be processed and delivered.

                                    If you did not order this transcript, or you believe it has been more than 10 business days since you ordered it, please contact us at 1-800-908-9946.

                                    If you need more than one copy of your transcript you are allowed to make copies for your personal records.

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                                      ::GASP:: Old address worked online. Stand by

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                                        It should let you request online tomorrow, I would def. give it a full 24 hours, I also locked myself out before, but quit due to everyone saying if any updates would occur it would happen today. From what I understood on the forum, the transcripts do not update at once, it happens throughout the day. I am sorry I can not help you any more, it literally took 7 days for me to see any type of movement..and honestly I am not sure if it even means anything. I hope to see an update on wmr this weekend, but who knows right?

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                                          @paula yes I’ve called. Old address says not available for year selected and new address “can’t be processed”

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                                            I’ve probably been told before – but when will I be able to check for transcripts online again? I haven’t been able to check since before midnight last night. Says my info doesn’t match. It’s almost been 24 hours since I’ve been “locked out.”

                                            Do transcripts update throughout the day? I thought they did. :\

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                                              I had the same issue folks, finally today was able to order on the phone (both for 2015-option 1 and 2 ). However, online it did not accept either address as of today. Previously it was only acknowledging my old address, but when I called today it did notice my NEW address and let me order both transcripts. jbishop1001, have you tried to call?

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                                                My son is waiting for his address to change he filed 1/17 and got accepted in 10 minutes. I thought he would be weekly like me but neither one of has been able to order transcripts

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                                                  Thanks so much, Mary!

                                                  This is for us who can’t order transcripts for 2015 using either using our old address or our new address!

                                                  I’ve been locked out of transcripts (by mail) online since last night. Says info doesn’t match. Called today and old address has no info on 2015. New address can’t be processed.

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