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      Just got ny DDD! January 30th!! I had filed the 14th, accepted 16th, was just able to get transcripts yesterday morning, had the 20150402 code! Am I alone? Should I do a screenshot?

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          I just checked WMR, 2nd bar (REFUND APPROVED) and a DDD of 1/30. I filed using Turbo Tax, this is my 3rd year using them. Filed1/20, Accepted 1/20. Was able to order transcripts yesterday but couldnt view them from my phone. Hope this helps!!

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            Same here. I got ddd for 1/30. My soon to be ex husband filed a day ahead of me, both of us accepted 1/21 through HRB, and he’s still stuck on 1 bar tt152, and no transcripts. I don’t get it.

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              @Paul Rich I filed with TaxAct. Do every year and never had a problem

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              Paul Rich

                Did you file with TT or which? I mean for those who have gotten refund

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                  Sorry guys – had to move the screenshot, the other link will no longer work:


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                  gabrielle Paul



                    same boat as you guys

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                      gabrielle Paul

                        im so upset . still no update accepted 1.16

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                          Okay, I really don’t understand what’s going on here. I filed on and was accepted on the 16th, no update, still unable to see my transcripts, and no Ddd. Yet, I’ve seen a fuck ton of people who filed after me get more progress. Even getting their deposits already…. What the hell is going on??????

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                            Got mine. Filed 1/20, accepted 1/20, DDD – 1/30

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                              I filed and was promptly accepted on the 20th of January . I was able to order transcripts as of yesterday and I just checked and my bar has moved and I have a DDD of January 30. :)

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                                Damn I really need it Thursday, does it ever come early?

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                                  Im happy for you all and im upset because i filed and was accepted on the 20th and im still processing. How is they doing these returns?

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                                    WMR shows January 30th!!

                                    Do you think it will be held til Monday?

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                                      I will post a screen shot if someone tells me how to submit pictures

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                                        i also have a ddd 1/30

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                                          Ok, I was half asleep now I’m wide awake! lol Here ya go:


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                                            I just checked and i have a ddd of the 30th too. Filed the 20th, accepted the 21st. And we have an offset for child support.

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                                              Same here!

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                                              Paul Rich

                                                Yes please. A screen shot will do

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                                                  I filed the 10th got accepted the 14th & had 1 bar the entire time, Got my deposit tonight

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