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      Account transcript wasn’t there before but it is there now.

      Under the Credit Amount of $0.00, it says “as of Feb. 19, 2024”

      Could this possibly be the refund/batch date?

      So excited… How was it last year? Did you get a similar date in this transcript?

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          My transcript has been blank since 1/30. As if today it is there and complete with a 846 code. With ddd 2/22. Thank God. Check your transcripts folks. It’s there! See yall next year.

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            Well mines has updated was processing date 2/19/2024 and cycle 20240505 but I now have a 846 date as of 2/22/2024 . Check your transcripts

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              My processing date says 2/19 and tax code is 20240505 what does this mean?

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                Oh, keep in mind…just because it has 2/19 for processing date….it can get resequenced to a later date. The 2/19 date is just a tickler date (revisit date, and as of balance date)

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                  My fiance filed and was accepted on 1/29 & has a ddd of 2/19, so being that he is using chime (possibility of dd 6 days early for taxes) I have a feeling he will get it this Friday or Saturday 🤞🤞🤞 good luck to us all!

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                    I personally can RECEIVE a direct deposit on Sundays and holidays (no hold banking). I anticipate a DDD for February 21 and anticipate a deposit this Friday or Saturday. But we shall see.

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                      The 19th of February is a holiday so sadly nobody will get a direct deposit that day at all .so I am thinking we will have a update by 2/16 as they are required to have it processed by the 19th and the irs does not work weekends or major holidays so nothing will change on 19th . It should be by Saturday you see a change I’m assuming ? But February 19th is Presidents’ Day

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                        Under “credit amount” I see my refund balance. No codes but have “processing date” as 02/19.

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                        Ga Peach

                          I Filed on 1/16 and was accepted on same day, wmr still on 1 bar and says the msg about mid to late Feb that the IRS can let the redund go. Transcript says 2/19 which has not changed but shows $ amount 000

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                            Filed 1/18, accepted the next day. Transcript says i have a “processing date” of 02/19. So most likely will see DDD on the 19th

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                              Did anyone receive a date for there refund who filed jan29-24 n has an as of date of 2/19

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                                Did anyone receive a date for there refund who filed jan29-24 n has an as of date of 2/19

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                                  I filed 1/19 and my as of date keeps changing so don’t be surprised if it changes again. My as of date went from 2/19 then 2/26. Last week it changed to 2/12. Still showing 2/12 today but I guess I will see what happens tonight to see if that changes. I still have a pending hold showing (Code 570) but that could be internal. No notices. I am not a pather.

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                                    I also have the as of date 02/19/2024 along with all my codes except 846. – in front of my refund amount. Pathetic and all transcripts are showing

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                                      Same my as of date was 2/26 but updated to 2/19 and hasn’t changed

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                                        @C-Love my as of date was 2/19 now it’s 2/26 so I’m assuming now its going to go back and forth til next week lol

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                                          The reason that ‘as of’ dates are calculated and displayed on your tax transcript is to determine if you have a tax balance that is due to be paid or if you will be eligible for a tax refund at the time of filing your tax return. You get an update refund date after the as of date which is just the irs deadline to make sure your return is good.

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                                            Mine changed from as of 2/26 to 2/19 overnight. Filed and accepted on 1/29

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                                              Mine say that also, but I also have to wait on a verify letter…so? *Maybe*?

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                                                Transcripts are filled out just missing the issue refund one, this the fastest I ever seen them move for me.

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                                                  Same here. I had posted about it as well. I was trying to see something too okay cool!

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                                                    same here! I don’t think it has no purpose. I do think it may be the latest day we will get our refund. Why else would they put “as of”?

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                                                      As of date means nothing as far as refund timing goes. Thats an irs bookmark date that shows the balance they owe you or you owe them.. you could get the refund before or after that date, and that date is subject to change.

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                                                        Totally with you all

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                                                          i am in this same situation, i hope it’s good news!

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