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      I filed on 1/26 and was accepted the same day minutes later with tax slayer. I checked my transcripts this morning and the only change is that I can now view my account transcript but there’s no info on it… just a date of 2/16/2015. It says no tax return filed??? Anyone know what this means?

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          Mish Mosh,
          If I remember correctly, I didn’t get transcripts or an update on WMR last year either but I always put myself through the same crazy things every year lol… call it insanity I guess. Thank you

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          Mish mosh

            I think it means that your refund hasn’t processed yet. I too still have no transcript (says “no record of return filed”) but I had this last year too. If I remember correctly, I don’t think I could see my transcript before I received my refund. I filed on 1/22, accepted 1/22 and nothing no where.

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