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      Does anyone know what time of day Account Now post direct deposits? As of yesterday my refund has been ‘pending’ with Account Now. I was under the impression that they don’t hold deposits, but its almost been sitting in a pending status for 24 hours. My actual DDD is 2/6, but since it was showing as pending in my account on 2/4 I was hoping they would make it available to me today? I’m eastern time zone so its 6 am here, not sure if Account now is pacific or what. Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to provide me with!!

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          Account Now (or Bancorp Bank) as of 9:55 pm EST shows a pending deposit from H&R Block that says the amount and the expected post date of 2/6. Then it reads “We have received notice that this account will receive an electronic deposit. Deposits should be posted by 6 am Central time on the date listed above. Customer Service will not have any more information available until the following business day.”
          So help me, please be there first thing in the am. And by god, this is the last year I utilize that card. I just read my agreement and this card is outrageous fees! $1.00 PER TRANSACTION. Oh and to top it off, they will not let you transfer to a different bank. Awesome. I’ll be pulling my money out one by one. EFFERS

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            This is my second year with account now. I also have DDD of 2/6. The problem with account now is they get you by saying “up to 2 days faster.”
            If I remember correctly, last year I had a DDD of 2/13 and I got my funds on 2/12 around 2pm EST. So here’s to hoping that we get our funds at least a day early!

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              Account now won’t release the payment until the date on the IRS return.. They don’t release them like they do direct deposit.

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