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      I have an account now card that i used to place half of my tax refund on , My mom had one as well she showed a pending deposit the same day her WMR updated last Saturday. My WMR updated but i can not see a pending deposit this morning for 02/11/2015. I wanted to know if anyone else who has an account now card with an upcoming DDD shows it pending? I never had a problem with my paycheck being deposited but this is concerning.. RESPOND with all of your DDD and if you seen it pending days before the actual deposit.

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          Anyone have their money this morning? i assume mine will be there tomorrow.

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            I have an account now card. I seen a deposit (electronic notice) since last night. Account now says they are waiting on the IRS to release my funds. It does show up online as pending deposit due for Feb. 11. Thought I would see it today or tomorrow, since the reason for using a prepaid card was to speed the process up. I probably won’t this next season.

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              I have an accountnow card and have had it for years. My DDD is 2/11/15. It does not show i have any pending deposits. I get my paychecks a day earlier than supposed to now and it also never shows me i have a pending deposit anymore. Before i started getting my paycheck early i could check my card and it would say i had a deposit pending for friday, now i get my money on thursdays and if i check my card the day before it never lists a pending deposit. Does this make sense? Anyways, let me know if you’ve had any luck!

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                Did she not get a ddd date?? Or did she get one and it not come on her card? I get my paycheck biweekly two days early with no problem but my Wmr updated today and no indication that a deposit is coming ..

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                  My sister has account now. She is a 1/20er with no DDD or updated transcript. Her day came and went with nothing yesterday. She had issues last year with someone in London taking the rest of her refund off her account now card. I guess a lot of folks did. She was notified that even though she lives in Tucson, Az, they let someone in London use it 10 mins after she did in Az. Apparently she can fly faster than Superman over to the U.K.

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