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      Is anybody else having a problem with seeing their transcripts. I keep getting Black Plague or access denied page.

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        Yeah i wonder why the system is overloaded to begin with. I have an add to the Our Lingo box to the right: DUH: IRS

        Dennis B. Sullivan

          I filed by mail on 1/28/20222. It is now a June 7th. Called number at 7 A.M. several times at least a 1 hr or more wait, then tranferal to another hr wait. Finally they again take your information and ask you to hold and after about 30 minutes, they hang up. They must be LTAO.


            They can send billions of our tax dollars overseas to support another country but we can’t even access our own tax information. While we starve and get evicted.


              2019 refund


                I am getting the same error. And I filed 02/27 accepted same date


                  Getting tired of waiting!!!! They need to hurry up!! I have Bill’s that need to be paid Same thing for 3months now!!! Processing!!! Ok really then I get access denied on their website!!!


                    If the website is not working try call the phone number 18008291954. I found out my information from there. Good luck


                      I tried at 3 a.m. still didn’t work


                        today 3 times I tried to access my transcript and I get all the way then it says denied access. I filed 24th of jan. with EIC showed bar and received then 1st week of the month it changed to please check back mid-late feb for your personalized update. and my amount was gone and replaced with dec 31st 2021. now the amount is back and it says we have received your tax return and it is being processed…? transcripts worked everyday jntil today..I dont get it


                          Yes, I am having the same issue, and I saw another post that says “Transcripts Down” party so I am thinking a lot of us are in this boat. It took me several attempts to even login today and the website looked different (the ID.ME login) before access denied and “IRS unable to handle your request” (lol).


                            A lot of us seem to be having that issue. Hopefully we can get into transcripts sometime today.


                              Yeah it’s the over millions of people checking the site and the system can’t keep up. It’s natural for this to happen. While scary, nothing was done wrong on your part check back in a few hours.

                              Sara Ehm

                                I think too many people are trying to check at once at the system can’t handle it. I just got the same message.


                                  Yes I’m having the same issue. Hopefully its fixed and we start to see movement. Good luck

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