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      does irs accept tax return on the weekends? i filed yesterday (friday) and havent got accepted/rejected yet

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          I can not post a new thread for some reason and have a question. My return was rejected 6 times today (yes, 6) It is due to no error of mine however, I filed through TaxAct. I have never used anyone else and never had a problem until this year, I have 2 W2’s from separate employer. When I submit my e-file I would get a notification (usually within mins after the intial one) that said my return was rejected due to EIN and employer name not matching, okay fine. Go in to fix it and find out it is from a 3rd W2. No employer name or address or EIN or amount, nothing on it because, well, it does not exist and I do not have it. Just says W2-My Name-0.00 So, I delete it. Resubmit taxes and BAM! there it is again. WTH?! I contact TaxAct, they lead me through steps, try some different thing, rejected, rejected, rejected. Last thing they tell me to do is to download a new browser and try that so I did and now it is pending…If it is rejected again for this reason what do I do? Call the IRS? Could this be their system? Or could it only be TaxAct and do I just need to file through someone else? It’s driving me insane! Help!

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            I filed on the 15th, got accepted the 16th, should be getting my deposit by Feb 6th. There are “rumors” going around that the IRS will begin making deposits Jan 30th. I said rumors because I am not sure how true that is.

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              I files early last year with turbo tax and was accepted quickly and had my refund back around February 8th

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                I filed early last year and I would never do it again. I was apart of the tes batch and we were put in a “back pool” meaning our returns were processed a few days after the opening date. it took the whole 21 days for me to get my return back and it had never took that long.

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                  Last year I filed with TurboTax and was accepted early, and it actually delayed my refund. People who filed after me and were accepted after me were getting their refunds before me. This year I opted to use H&R Block online as they had the lower cost, and have not been a part of any test batches so far. I don’t expect a change until the 20th, and hopefully will get my refund faster than last year.

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                    Hey @zandersmom what is your impression of what goes on the early test batches of returns? Do they get approved more quickly or is the deposit sent out faster?? Basically are there any added benefits to be one of the test cases?

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                      It did this last year, and the previous. Should be up tonight.

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                        You may not get accepted until the 20th. That is the official start up date. Some people got accepted early for a test run that IRS does every year. They do update on Sundays though but as of right now the WMR system is down . ( May be doing updates on the system its been down since last night)

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