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accepted on 1/29

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    I filed on 1/29 and was accepted all in the same day. Does anyone know when i should expect my refund???

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    @Carol, I really think that it depends a lot on your bank. We’ve had some banks where your paycheck will show up earlier and some where it doesn’t show up until Friday at 8am. We are currently with a bank that usually doesn’t post anything early, so we shall see.


    Faith- My D.D. date is 2/11 also. Wondering when if it will come any earlier?


    Filed and accepted 1/29, finally got 2 bars. DD date 2/11


    My D.D. date is 2/6… not deposited yet? Is anyone else in the same situation?


    I filed 1/29 and was accepted the same day…no ddd and I can’t view my transcripts…I’m not sure what’s going on but it’s frustrating


    Just checked and I now have TWO bars and it says it should be deposited by Feb 6, 2015.


    Filed & accepted 1/29 with Taxact.
    All transcripts available last night.
    Cycle date of 0502 (Monday) but Im guessing it’ll be in the bank on Friday. Same exact dates as last year :)


    Filed at noon on 1/29. Accepted 2 hours later. I see my transcripts with a 20150502 code. That should mean Friday! Yea!!! Central time zone


    I have a cycle code of 20150502 also. I pray ya’ll start seeing some progress soon!!!


    Filed 1/29
    Accepted 1/29 @ 1:07pm
    One bar on wmr
    no transcripts as of just now

    Ky filed 1/29
    Ky accepted 1/30 @ 3:41pm
    no record of return on ky automated phone system


    Filed 1/30, able to order both transcripts with new address. Should be ddd tomorrow or thursday.


    are transcripts updated overnight or throughout the day. Filed and accetpted 01/29 still no movement or transcripts available


    I filed on 1/29, accepted on 1/29 and I still can not see my transcripts. Good to hear some people can from 1/29. I am hoping soon!


    I just checked and my transcript is there also!!! I am in eastern time zone. Fl




    I filed and was accepted on 1/29
    I just checked and my return transcript for 2014 is available showing my refund amount. Y’all may want to check again. Can anyone tell me what this means though lol…


    I filed and was accepted on 1/29/2015. Still no transcripts and one bar. I am hoping to get a did by the end of the week.


    I filed on 1/29 and got accepted couple hours later and I’m still on 1 bar do anybody know when I should be getting a 2nd bar or a deposit?


    I just had to update the IRS2go app it looks a little different now no major change. Still just one bar on WMR can’t get transcripts nothing….just sitting here waiting


    *Accepted* not approved. Srry


    Filed with Turbo Tax 1/29
    Approved within Minutes.
    WMR shows 1 Bar Topic 152.
    Transcripts N/A
    Filing HH and EIC nothing complicated.
    Most likely we will see Progress on Tuesday and Refunds by Friday or Next Monday.
    Will keep you guys Updated! :-)


    Filed 1/29-TT accepted one hour later , One bar on WMR , NA on transcripts.. Hoping for an update on monday .. Does anyone know if the system updates on the weekends?


    Filed 1/29 @ 5:30pm with TT (Free). Acepted 1/29 @7:30pm. 1 bar on wmr. Transcipts unavailable so far.

    This is my first time filing, will this cause a delay??


    Filed with tt free on 1/29 accepted about 2 hours later. Eitc no penalties. One bar on wmr n/a on transcripts. Really hoping for an update soon. Will keep up to date with you guys.


    Filed on the 29th and accepted an hours later. One bar on We no movement since then….


    I also filed on 1/29 and was accepted about a half hour later and had one bar right away. I have had no change since then. On the facebook thread some people who filed 1/28 already have ddd for 2/4!


    According to a refund schedule I saw on Forbes, we should have a DDD of Feb 10th. I, myself, filed and was accepted on 1.30


    Let’s not be ugly people. If you filed previous to the 29th, no need to be on this thread…

    Alex, I think we should start seeing movement early to mid week. Seems a lot of people who filed on the 26th got their money by the end of the week, so hopefully we’ll get ours by the end of next week too. :)


    I only created this to keep up with other people that are along with me filing on that day…not to hound others about money…I don’t see y’all on the other posts making these comments so I would love if you didn’t do it on this post…


    No need to be ugly- this is not that type of website. As for filing and being accepted on the 29th- we should start to see some type of activity Tuesday hopefully. Unfortunately we fall right before the weekend so more than likely we won’t see any activity till the 2nd or 3rd….


    Just saying I filed and was excepted the same day. Not really dying for my refund but I would like to follow this post so I posted on it.

    holy cow

    That was yesterday.. There are people still waiting for a sign of hope who filed on and before the 20th and y’all are already talking about boats and crap on the day after you filed.


    I’m in the same boat.

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