Accepted on 1/27/13

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      Mine was accepted on Sunday 1/27/13 I filed with TT on 1/25/13.

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        I just went to the still processing notice and I just ordered my transcript today…


          Accepted 1/26
          can’t order transcripts
          simple return: Child tax credit, married, 2 w2’s.
          Went from the orange bar 1/30-2/7 to the “your return is still being processed” message. Just went back to orange bar this morning.

          I just want a direct deposit date!!!


            Matthew, your not alone…I too was accepted on the 27th and have not yet been given a DD.


              Still processing Accepted 1/27, Really trying to be patient but its starting to get me worried!


                Accepted on the 27th still processing but I am thinking it is because of the $14k+ refund. I am just patiently waiting checking once a day.


                  this is getting old! accepted 1/27 still processing and not able to order refund transcript.2/5 called Irs rep said nothing holding me up and should get update soon.


                    Accepted 1/27 and i am still processing and can not get return transcript. I was told yesterday my return is under review and refund being held. Then today i was told that isnt true and my return is still in processing. I really dont know what going on. Anyone else accepted 27th still processing?

                    just me

                      I used tax act with an accepted date of 1/27 and still nothing, only accepted. My sister used HR Block was accepted the same day as I was 27th and has a DD date of 2/4. I guess IRS has HR on top of their list. We both had simple 1040 with EIC only.


                        I filed 1/26 Accepted 1/27 DD of 2/4 but my refund is in my account this AM :)


                          I was accepted on the 26 but every time I check wmr it says I was accepted but they are processing it but the bottom says last updated January 30 and I already have an account with sbbt but its not saying when either but I heard that they open your account right before you’re about to get it.. Can somebody help me out please!! I think I might be locked out of wmr for checking too much but I got exited cause turbo tax got me accepted early lol!!!!


                            Filed on Jan 23 it was accepted on the 25. I still dont have a DD getting very annoyed. the only thing WMR says is its being processed. I did however order the transcripts but not sure if the rumor is true about that since i cant find any infor online.


                              Started getting this message on the phone hotline this morning. Haven’t been able to access WMR until now. Here is what I’m getting.

                              Filed 01/25/13 and paid for fees up from using TT. Basic return. Just 2 W2’s… no other forms.



                                Accepted 1/27 and i am still in processing. Any one else?

                                I also can’t order transcript.


                                  Got my refund on Wednesday night….Hope you all have yours too, I used the Netspend card. Netspend was an issue, but it is resolved now.


                                    i was accepted early on the 25th of jan. I check WMR and it still only says recieved not apporoved yet, i hear all these people who are getting a DD date when they were accepted on the same date, its getting me worried. I followed all the direction on TURBOTAX so i dont know what the hold up is??


                                      I filed married filing joint with dependents. No education credits. Pretty simple return as usual.


                                        I used TT for the first time and filed 1/25 & accepted 1/27. WMR updated for me this morning to DD of 2/4. I used the free edition so no fees, its coming straight to my checking. I’m relieved.


                                          I filed Head of Household, 1 dependent.


                                            Filed on the 25th
                                            Accepted on the 27th
                                            Filed with TT, no fees taken out.
                                            Check WMR this morning, showed a DD of 2/4
                                            Checked it again a little later, and showed no information.
                                            Any ideas whats going on there?

                                            Also, captcha: GODLINESS thats awesome :D


                                              What filing status etc did all of you that are receiving DD dates do? Single, Married, Head of Household. etc? Any dependents?


                                                Filed: 1/25
                                                Accepted: 1/27
                                                WMR shows Refund Approved: 1/31
                                                DD: 2/4
                                                Filed Through? Tax Act
                                                Fees paid through Republic Bank. They are not showing as of 1/31.

                                                Frankly, I’m impressed with how smoothly the IRS is processing this year. Last year was a nightmare for all involved.


                                                  I cant get on WMR, like I must be locked out :( and when I call the 800# it tells methe same thing that they received it and still processing :(


                                                    Filed 1/25, accepted 1/27. Just received the following on WMR:
                                                    Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank on February 4, 2013.
                                                    If your refund is not credited to your account by February 9, 2013, check with your bank to see if it has been received.


                                                      accepted on the 27th and still have 21 days in process message. i hope it changes tomorrow morning when i check. I would assume it will and should get a 2/4 or 2/6 date.

                                                      IN Lurker

                                                        Filed 26th accepted 27th Wmr updated this AM CD 2/4. Now Im worried the Netspend card won’t come before the deposit! Never expected that to be a problem!!! Turbo Tax


                                                          Submitted 1/26. Accepted 1/27. Notified 1/28. 1/30 WMR stated received and processing. 1/31 WMR states refund approved scheduled for DD 2/4!


                                                            I was accepted on 1/27/13 although wasnt notified until 1/28/13. I filed through taxact..anyone have a dd yet if accepted on the 27th?


                                                              I filed on the 20th and got accepted on the 28th. From all the reading Ive been doing the irs isnt doing weekly deposits this year. With the new system they are also testing testing daily refunds! I will not swear to that though. I was reading about the new Mef system today :)


                                                                No I was told 15th the soonest. I have a feeling it will change to the 8 th tho


                                                                  Anyone accepted from thr 26th or 27th have a ETA yet?


                                                                    We we’re accepted 1/24, I work for one of the bigboys that was guaranteed a spot in the hub program, so filed there to guarantee early acceptance. My manager has been telling us expect to see checks this week, because the whole purpose of this program was to try out new systems before the bumrush. I’ll stop back in if I get news of mine or hear about people who were accepted on the 23rd getting money.


                                                                      I know right? I feel like a test subject. Guess we’ll know something tomorrow…hopefully.


                                                                        I just wish that they would give us early folks info that way we know what is going on.


                                                                          Wow i feel like a complete idiot. I did the same. I bought the software and got federal free.


                                                                            I used the free edition of TT, so I didn’t have to pay any fees. I’m having my refund DD into my checking account.


                                                                              7:23am est still nothing on sbbt website. Am hoping at 9am est which will be 6am pst the website will update and my info will be on there. I kinda expect to see my refund on the 7th or 8th but hope for the 1st.


                                                                                Same, but have either of you had ur info added go sbbt website yet?


                                                                                  I was also accepted on 1/27/13. Filed with TurboTax on 1/25/13 :)

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