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Accepted in March 2014? Anyone else file in March? Please post your progress

Home Forums Date Filed, Accepted and DD Dates Accepted Date (WMR Step 1) Accepted in March 2014? Anyone else file in March? Please post your progress

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    I filed Turbo Tax March 4th and IRS accepted it within 30 minutes! Checked WMR shows Accepted and still processing. Just curious if anyone else has filed in March/or late Feb 2014? And what your results are so far?
    How long does the process usually take?

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    E-filed with TT on 03/15 accepted the same day. Still no dd


    I e-filed with Turbo tax on 3/22 it was accepted 3/24. It still just says accepted. I tried to run a transcript yesterday and it said it had no record of me filing a 2013 return???? Should I call the IRS. I’m nervous now as Turbo tax shows that 53% of those who filed on the 22nd have received their refunds. Last year it took about 8 days for me to receive my refund and even an amended return took only 2 weeks via snail mail last year??


    I did my taxes on March 22nd they were approved March 24th then nothing then and about 12:30 in morning today I checked wmr it said refund sent. I was excited until I woke up at bout 8am and the status bar was back doan to refund approved??? makes no sense to me.,my dd supposed to be April 2nd but I won’t hold my breathe after reading all this lol. has anyone else had there status bar change like that


    Fosarris – How did you know it was minus 911? Did it say that on WMR? Plus I am suppossed to get my refund on 3/19/2014 via DD. I will update when it is deposited. If any one else has information for our 3/12 or 3/19 please update. Thanks and Have a great Day!


    Filed and accepted March 5th, Approved on March 15th with DDD of March 19th. Hope this gives March filers some hope! Good Luck



    Went to WMR this morning, my return was accepted minus $911 I owed to the State of California. I have a DDD of March 19,2014 no later than March 24th…will update then.


    Filed taxes on March 1, 2014 (e-file H&R Block). I also filed my co-workers the same day. Forms accepted March 1,2014. My co-worker received her refund on March 8th. I hadn’t even started tracking her refund when I got the phone call thanking me for helping her, yet again. I have not received my refund as of March 14th. And the WMR only states that it has been accepted. I called the Treasury dept. to see if I owed any outstanding debt that might be the cause of my late refund…I didn’t have any debt that they are keeping record of. I have never had this problem before in all the 10+ years I have been filing my returns electronically. Next Friday will be my 21 days…


    Received update Saturday(03/08)…Refund accepted w/ddd 03/12!!!


    I don’t know why mine took so long to get received, it was done 2/21 and accepted. According to my accountant. Anyway, it is still at 1 bar.


    I e-filed March 4th and was accepted within minutes, WMR says still processing.


    No not any :(


    any update with you molliepops?


    I had an update today…. says mine has been accepted, and a direct deposit date of March 12th… I will let yall know if that happens :) I’ll believe it when I see it in my account!


    I filed 02/20 & was accepted the same day…one bar stating being progress!!! Checked wmr this morning no progress…what I’ve been reading is this use to be the update time(HEAR SAY)


    Wow, I thought if you filed March 3rd Timothy, you would get DD on the 6th! Maybe you will wake up in the morning to a deposit :) Hopefully! Keep me posted!


    I filed 2/21, it was received 3/2, and is still processing. Hoping for better results tomorrow!

    TImothy Lawson

    I also filed on March 3, the return was accepted on March 3 as well. It says accepted and still processing and that I should receive it 21 days. I am still waiting as of today

Viewing 17 replies - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)
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