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Accepted 28JAN13 fellow fans

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    Filed with JH on 21st Received Acknowledged email on the 28th , no info still on WMR site. IRS hotline says received and processing. SBBT site says no refund received still. Please post your status update my fellow 28th ACCEPTANCE fans.

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    ms la

    @ Tammy-im with you too. i filed on 1/24 and got accepted on 1/28, used tt. a lot of hte early filers were placed to the side after the test batch was done, but they are doing them now. i was able to order a transcript today. finally!!! so i should have a ddd by tomorrow morning. try to get a transcript and that will tell you if they have processed it yet.


    Since nobody posted after the 2nd, i am obviously the ONLY 1/28er left in tax purgatory. (Sigh). 1 bar. Tax topic 152. No offsets. No problems except that the irs wont finish processing!!!!




    Filed 1/25
    Accepted 1/28
    WMR Still processing……….


    1.28 ….still nothing …on wmr irs2go or sbbt ..but i was allowed to order transcripts …idk whats going on


    I ordered transcripts first thing yesterday and today had a dd of 2/6 as well. This is our first year with a Bank of America account that we’re sending it to. Does anyone know how they handle direct deposits?


    Ordered transcripts 1/31, DD date this AM of 2/6! :)


    Filed with TT accepted on 1/28 fees taken from refund. Processing message. Last night ordered transcript and got a date of Feb 6 this morning


    We filed on the 25th accepted on the 28th. Got an update this morning with a DD of 2/6.

    We filed with Taxslayer free Military filing.


    Just got the DD of 2/6 as well, was able to order transcripts late last night.


    Just got my DD of 2/6! :)

    Heidi D

    @Nick. The 6th is wednesday not sunday! But at least we know they are coming!!


    Only says processing for me
    I’m also a 1/28er


    Just got a dd of 2/5..


    Woke up to check WMR only to find the same 21 day message…
    Called the 1800 number and spoke to a nice guy about if I had an offset or not. While on the phone I asked the status and was finally giving some good news!!

    DD-2/6 (which is a Sunday!?)

    Its kind of looking like the wmr and phone hotline are a little unreliable. Its probably best to make a call and poke and prod!


    Still nothing here either. I have been able to finally order the transcripts as of this morning. Hopefully we’ll get our money soon. It’s not a want with me but a NEED!!! Every year that I file mine early I get a delay. Next year I’m filing the day they open. lol


    Filed … 1/22… Accepted 1/28 … Still nothing at all on irs2go or wmr but hopefully all of us 1/28ers get our refund on 2/5 …. Fingerscrossed


    Accepted 1/28 got rd of 2/5 this morning. So yes 1/28ers we comin


    That’s awesome 28ers are getting dd dates finally…not me yet :(


    Got a dd of 2/5 accepted on 1/28


    Got a dd of 2/5


    got DD of 2/5 this morning after checking


    Filed: 1/25/2013
    Accepted: 1/28/2013
    WMR (updated this morning 2/1/2013): DD scheduled on 2/5/2013
    Used TurboTax with fees taken out of deposit.


    Got a DD date 2/5


    Got a DD date for 2/5 – accepted 1/28
    Here is my timeline:
    Received by TurboTax | 01/28/13 12:08:23 AM
    Sent to Tax Authority | 01/28/13 10:07:10 AM
    Accepted | 01/28/13 11:45:58 AM
    No 8863 form. EIC.
    Turbotax & fees will be deducted from funds
    1/30th – Had no info on me the whole day until around 9pm it showed Received and processing on WMR, same result on the hotline. I was able to order both transcripts online.
    1/31st – same thing as the 30th (I don’t know why it only showed at night time :/)
    2/1st – WMR is still showing that it is still processing, called hotline and gave me a DD of 2/5


    Got dd 2/5

    Heidi D

    Got dd 2/5…… yayyyyy :)


    filed with TurboTax on 1/20, accepted 1/28

    We have received your tax return and it is being processed.
    You should get your refund within 21 days from the date we received your tax return.

    I’m getting sick of the message already, I wish it’d just tell me to piss off for something different, at least in the past, they had the calendar telling you when you’d get it


    just checked wmr again and i am still processing. @moneytime is that normal to have no dd date when it is approved? or is the dd date given on the last step, Refund Sent? do you know? just wondering because i have seen ppl w/dd dates on the approved step. but lucky u! i’m still stuck on first.


    I was also accepted 1/28 but mine says I will get DD on 2/4


    filed 1/26 accepted 1/28 wmr still on 1st bar 21 days generic msg :(


    hey 28th fans, just got my return back, even though the site hasnt updated yet, i just got a txt from netspend of my deposit.i used taxact, now just waiting for the state.


    We are sorry Where’s My Refund is currently unavailable. Please try again later or call the Refund Hotline at 1-800-829-1954.

    That’s my latest message. It’s good to see I’m not the only one confused. I seriously need some retail therapy and would like to know when this may happen.

    Heidi D

    I filed on the 26 got accepted on 28th. Yesturday wmr said processing yet today it cant find any info. Hoping thats a good sign! :)


    I completed my return 1/15 accepted on 1/28 how crazy is that?? Still no dd:(


    @CuriousME I checked early this morning and around noon today still with the same status accepted/processing. Around 6:30pm when I checked it had changed to approved refund. No DD date yet


    @ Moneytime so does that mean it changes throughout the day or did you just chk it once?


    My status bar finally changed today from accepted/processing to approved refund. I filed 1/23 and accepted 1/28


    Really i dont think the date matters… i filed for my self, and filed for my daughter and both were accepted on the 24th… well.. my daughters showed approved yesterday and dd tomorrow.. mine.. well still processing and the 21 day msg.. both are identical returns.. this is some bs


    HI club 28’rs I filed with tax act on the 24th (afternoon), got accepted around 3:00 pm on the 28th. Still getting processing blah, blah, blah, 21 days, and more blah.. last year all over again. BTW payed my fee upfront for my state return, used free federal and it’s going straight from IRS to BOA


    On the TT facebook someone said they were accepted 1/28 and has a DD of 2/5


    accepted on 1/28. WMR shows that it is processing and that I should see it within 21 days. Same info when I call the hotline


    I’m a 28er and my status is still showing “will receive refund in 21 days” hopefully will see a DD tomorrow


    I filed on 1//27 and was received on 1/28. WMR still says that it is processing and that I should see it within 21 days.


    I filed 1/26 with TT online was accepted 1/28 I checked the wmr and hotline this morning 1/31 still processing and it also say within 21 days.I have noticed not many 1/28ers so I am glad I am not alone.


    i filed on 1/28th around midnight and was accepted the same day at 11am. on both wmr & hotline says that my return has been received and it is being processed. it also tells me that i will receive my refund within 21 days.


    Filed with TaxAct on 1/24. Return accepted by IRS on 28th around 3pm. WMR says processing/received (the first status bar filled). I am having my fees deducted from return then DD in BoA. Hotline says same as WMR. Hoping for more information in the AM!


    Obviously the 28th wasn’t a popular day. I filed the 27th, was accepted about 11 am (PST) the 28th. I checked WMR earlier today, the status bar only says received. I haven’t called the hotline, my check is to be deposited into my checking account that updates throughout the day.

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