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    Oklahoma Mommy

    Anyone accepted 2/6? Lets keep each other updated here!

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    I filed on 2/5 and accepted on 2/6. I finally got an approved bar this Morning. DDD is 2/25!!!



    Spent good amount f 2 hours on hold to be told that my refund was approved on the 15th, even tho WMR never updated.. and get a DD on the 25th. Ask how long they knew this, as i called in on the 16 and was told it was still processing. Well they knew on the 15th when it was approved and the day i will get my money and according to the lady, they are not allow to disclose anything till your 21 days are up period or risk losing their jobs. BTW i filed on the 6th, and some reason it show it was accepted on the 9th.. 4 days after later as TT had it approved and accepted on the 6th. As of this reply, the WMR still shows me in process even tho i was told i got approve minus the offset and DD of the 25. So there is little hope at the end of the tunnle.. wish it would come sooner.. but aleast i know what i am getting back and when to expect it.

    update:3:30amcst the WMR updated showing my offset.. so since it was approved on the 15th and here it is the 21, safe to assume the WMR is 5-7 days behind..?



    ETA: I mean 2/26 (Thursday)




    CODE 846 with a cycle of 20150801, which I think means 2/16 (Thursday)!!!!

    Friggin finally! Although I’m not going to sleep easy until the money is in my pocket because a lot of people haven’t actually gotten their money!! LOL!! This is a crazy year.

    I don’t know what I’ll do with myself after I get the refund and I’m not obsessively checking all the tax websites sites and transcripts, etc. I’ll actually have to find a new hobby…



    Just a piece of mind…. I got my refund Friday morning and WMR is still on two bars. Good Luck!



    Still stuck on 1 bar…can’t see transcripts. Apparently I was 1 of the ones affected by the 1095a correction…so I’m site it’s going to be awhile before I see the change.



    Wmr updated to approved yesterday with a dd of 2/23…Money just deposited in my acct!



    AnitaTaco…. YES i just checked.. it did say Mar 02 now.. Weird .. Hopefully we see a change soon..




    So WMR site said it was deposited yesterday to my netspend and I waited 24 hours and still nothing on my card not even any pending deposits. When you call they just tell you to wait, each rep from irs or netspend just blame it on the other, it’s upsetting because if something’s wrong I would like to fix it today and not have to wait until Monday but I haven’t had any help from anyone I’ve called.



    Still no change for me either! No updates on WMR and no update to my transcripts. Filed and accepted on the 6th….probably not received for processing by the IRS until the 9th….so I guess I have to wait 21 days from that day until I can stat bugging the IRS. This is taking much too long for my poor nerves……and my poor bills!



    welp no change for me either. Still 1 bar on WMR. So annoying. Return was accepted 2/6, 14 days today and still nothing. Used freetaxusa, and i live in california. return is a little over $3,000. WTF?!?! i want me money!!!!



    Domigurl- (I hope I spelled your user name right).

    So I looked again when I got up and my AS date is back at March 02….. So I have no effin clue what the fudge is going on! So confusing. I’d be curious to hear if yours went back to March 02. I’m hoping it means they’re working on it right this very moment…LOL



    I woke up to find my transcripts are now available. I have a cycle code of 20150705. Its says refund issued 3/9/2015. But I do not believe I will have to wait till this date for my $$. I pulled up my transcript from last year. I received my refund on 2/12/14 and the refund date I had last year was 2/24/2014…..days after my refund was received.



    2/6 no changes for me either. One bar. I’m so frustrated.



    QUESTION: efiled and return is processed but they are holding refund until I submitted 2010 return. So I mailed in an Injured Spouse form thinking i might at lease get some of the $ – not sure if Fed will release any but state will. So my question is, how long will it take to process IS if filed seperately and will they still DD to our Joint Netspend card as instructed on the return or will they mail a check?



    No changes for me this morning. Still no transcripts, one bar “processing”… no changes in 14 DAYS!?!?! Seriously!?!?

    I keep hoping it’s my turn, but no … evidently I’ve been a bad girl this year and don’t remember…



    I also filed and was received on 2/6. Sat on 1 bar, no info at all until yesterday when I finally showed approved with a DDD of 2/23. Hang in there everybody. They are really slow this year! I filed with HRB as I do every year. Usually have my refund in 5-10 days. Seems like I was still one of the lucky ones this year.



    Accepted on 2/6 still on one bar onWMR



    I also filed o 2/6 thru free tax usa and still only 1 bar on wmr site



    Woke up this morning to my transcripts all updated with cycle code 20150705. WMR still showing one bar. I’m halfway there thou! What a relief.



    I can see my transcipts! I have a cycle code of 20150705 Refund issued and it has a date of March 9th.



    anitataco… mines said mar 02 n now march 9 so what does that mean.. the transcripts still say no return filed and all 0s



    I updated….to find out I’m re sequenced back a week. My AS date now says March 09 instead of 02…..I JUST posted last night I wasn’t worried because at least I hadn’t been re sequenced. Grrrr….damn you. Murphy! I want a repeal of your law!



    Woke up this morning still no change!!! My bar has not moved off accepted. Next Thursday will be 21 days!!!



    I filed 2/5 accepted 2/6 finally got a direct deposit date of 2/24



    Transcripts updated overnight. Refund Issued and Cycle 20150705.



    no update.. no transcript no nothing.. tt says 83% have received their refund.. filed and accepted 2/6 .. no irs letters or anything..



    No update here either. Never had to wait this long.



    well good morning again. No update on WMR and no deposit. c’mon IRS wtf??
    next thursday or friday will be the 21days mark..



    I was in the same boat. Filed and accepted 2/6, transcript said n/a for 2014, and WMR never gave 2 bars. Well yesterday I was finally able to view my transcript with a cycle code of 20150703. Every website I went to about that code, everyone swore that it was different DD so I was frustrated. I just wanted to know what day I could really expect my refund. I woke up this morning to a DD of 2/23/15. Yay! WMR is behind updating our DD.



    Filed on 2-5-15 accepted on 2-6-15. Nothing since. From Tampa,Florida. Anyone else with this issue from Tampa? Filed with Turbo Tax.



    Same boat! Used taxfreeusa. Accepted 2/6 but irs says not until 2/9. One bar. No transcripts. IRS says nothings wrong. Going to netspend card. Hope to get update tonight!



    It’s hard to be patient when bill collectors aren’t patient lol I filed my return on the 5th of Feb and FreetaxUsa emailed me that my return had been accepted on the 6th. So far, I have nothing but one bar on WMR and a 152 tax topic. My 2014 transcripts are blank besides a March 2 date and a bunch of zeros. I kept my netspend card that I had my refund sent to last year and the account is still active so I’m not too concerned about any issues with Netspend. Last year when I filed I received my refund within 10 days of me filing. I just can’t stand waiting when I have so many things to take care of for my family….but good things come to those who wait…so…I really don’t have a choice!



    My cycle code on my transcript was also 20150605 and 846 approval code and all three bars on wheres my refund and the direct deposit date of 2/19/15 (TODAY) and I didn’t receive it so I wouldn’t rely to much on anything. My card doesn’t even have any pending deposits



    Not to spread bad news but I filed with turbotax and mine was accepted by IRS on 2/04/15 and for over a week on wheres my refund and my transcript it says my direct deposit day is TODAY 2/19/15 and I haven’t received anything, I have it being put on a netspend card and they haven’t received a deposit either, there is nothing pending. Everyone says if they say it will be direct deposit on a date it will be, or they only process on Wednesdays, and another said they only process on Fridays, oh and one more said they only process on Sundays. So why would they state Thursday February 19th. It’s so frustrating I wish I could get a straight answer



    Well….I will be waiting a LONG time…printed out my 2010 return and snail mailed today. I am sure they will jump right on it….but they won’t do jack [email protected]#! with my return until they process 2010. I did however go ahead and mail off an Injured Spouse form to state and federa – could not find state form so sent federal to both. Hoping they will release “his” half of return and at least I will have something to tide me over. State of Missouri had my statement mailed to me on the 10th indicating they intercepted refund so when I filed on the 4th they basically had it done in 3 working days which is very quick. Wish I had filed IS to begin with but figured with large return this year just pay the debt off. Silly me….Howver, so happy to hear that many of you are starting to see traction after waiting for so long. I guess a bunch of people must have filed on the 5th and 6th. So i will kepp you updated. Not really sure if my Injured Spouse trick will work to get them to release some of the funds but figured hey worth a try. I wish they had sent me a letter saying hey bozo we won’t process your return this year if you don’t submit 2020 tax return. I would have done it long time ago. I called on it once a few years back and was told I could not file a return older than 3 years. apparently I am no longer entitled to a refund but they are still entitled to payment….how convienent.



    Hey Jen I feel your pain! I used freetaxusa to submit my federal return. It was submitted 2/5, and accepted 2/6.
    Wheres my refund only shows 1 bar. no refund approval date, no deposit date, nothing. makes bri bri sad.
    My return is 3.2k



    Filed and Accepted 2/6/15… had one bar then three days later checked and nothing.. no bars or refund amount. Have never had this issue before. This is also the first year I tried turbo tax and will never use it again. I had access to my transcripts and now I dont. It wont let me in. which is not very comforting. I am hoping for a DD Monday… we shall see….



    I did Michelle



    all you guys that got you DDD today…did yall file with turbo tax?



    It feels like it has taken forever, but luckily some of us at least have a date (2/23) to look forward to. Now we just have to wait patiently through the weekend and then run to the bank first thing Monday morning! Lol… For those still waiting, I hope it comes soon for you too! I’d be the last to say, “Be patient”, because I know there are a lot of us needing that money!!!


    kaleb’s mom

    Another update: Still can’t access my transcripts, not even from a previous year. Today wmr still says my refund is being processed and a date will be provided when available. My friend was able to view transcripts on 02/14 which showed he would only be getting part of his return due to a letter that has been mailed that states he need to send in more info. well no letter yet and wmr says take action all or part of your refund will not be sent until he receives the letter and send the info. in. Well part of his refund was sent on 02/17 and he received it on his card today. They are waiting on the info needed before sending the rest which is for EIC and child tax credit. I called and talked to a TA again. This time no info. was given to me and I was told I’m still processing and to wait the full 21 days starting from the day IRS actually started processing which was 02/09 instead of 02/06, the day I filed and was accepted. The TA also said that if there was something “wrong” with my return i wouls be able to see a cide on wmr. I dont know how true that is bc i see people who had to call and talk to an irs rep before knowing they were flagged for ID verification. She said she couldn’t pull anything until my 21 days were up. I calked the id verify # and was told they couldnt give any info. until 21 days but i didnt have any flags. So basically the cycle date on the transcript was correct! Even though wmr never gave my friend an actual date he received it on time with a cycle code of 20150605. Apparently its just taking a little longer this year for some of us. I guess I’m just not being patient enough!! Hope this help somebody.



    Hey guys, Ive been reading this forum since I filed w/ turbo tax on 2/6 (accepted 2/6) and I have to say I was starting to get worried by all the comments. Well my refund is a little over
    10k and I have an offset, getting direct deposited into my checking account. I had only one bar and the 153 or 152 topic since the 6th of feb. Woke up this morning with the article regarding my offset and a deposit date of Monday 2/23, i hope this gives some of you comfort.



    Me too. Accepted 2/6 woke up this morning to two bars and a ddd of 2/23.



    Woke up to 2 bars! Deposit date 2/23!!! Thank God!!!



    No bars

    No transcripts

    No money

    No nothing :(



    I filed and was accepted on 2/6 with turbo tax. My first time using TT…(I always went through H&R before). Im not sure if that has anything to do with it. But Im still at one bar, no transcripts, nothing….Ive never had to wait this long!



    No change. arrrgghhh. When I log into TT, it says 60% have received their refund. Thinking mine won’t be until the 27th.



    Good morning all. Woke up to a pending deposit! Though WMR is still only showing 2 bars.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for those still waiting.

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