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    Oklahoma Mommy

    Anyone accepted 2/6? Lets keep each other updated here!

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    the wait continues!!! thank you Affordable Care Act for F**KING up my tax refund!!!!

    Accepted 2/6..waited and waited and waited. Received a letter from the IRS Dated March 03, 2015. (which i didnt received until March 12).

    Guess what they wanted? My 1095-A Healthcare Exchange form, the people over at Covered California have got to be some least knowledgable people in healthcare out there. For weeks that told me i would not receive this form (1095) and the morning after i filed, it was at home waiting for me in the mail.

    Long story short, Brian hats off to you getting your form through VIA FAX. i tried about 25 times at work and every single one came back. I said screw it, and sent it back to the IRS VIA CERTIFIED MAIL. Shows the letter was received March 16, 2015…..the wait continues……



    Finally getting somewhere

    My tax advocate called today and advised me that the irs is FINALLY sorting my taxes out and I should recieve my return next week and will recieve a refund date by the end of this week!!!!

    I am sooo excited I could SCREAM!!

    I asked if there was anything I could do, she stated that there was nothing they needed. this was a random review.


    Omg I cannot wait to get my money. I hope it is in this friday ! (fingers crossed)


    Found the light at the end of the tunnel, filed 2/5/15 accepted 2/6/15. was hit with review because i had obama care for about to month last year. was sent notice to provide my 1095-a and a 8962 form ( i think ) . sent forms in same day i received letter on 2/26/15 , called to see if someone could verify forward progress or receipt of my fax that following Monday 3/2/15. was told they are moving forward and it would take around 4-6 weeks. wmr updated 3/6/15 and stated my new balance and a notice should arrive by 3/16/15.


    Filed 2/5 Accepted 2/6. I called last week to check on it after my 21 days was up and she said it was still in review to wait 45 more days. I called today to check again and this time they told me that my return was pulled for review on 2/15. Then she said I should hear something by March 30th. Then she decided to put me on hold for about five minutes…. came back and said it looks like there is a “systematic error”. If you do not hear anything by the 30th to call and ask for a referral and it will speed things up. She said it moves to a different department so they can look into it more. She also said it might be because of the health care credit but she really isn’t sure but she is seeing a lot of people with the healthcare credit delayed. She was very nice but confused! Now I am more confused than I already was.


    well in that case i am PRAYING like literally PRAYING that means that I will be getting something soon, I was not able to even order them on Friday afternoon. Today was the first time I was able to, so HOPEFULLY that means I will get my money back soon!


    I have read places where you can order them but when they come it can all still read all zero’s! Meaning they are still processing it!



    It is FINALLY letting me order my Account transcript. it has to be sent via mail due to the fact that they have me blocked to view online due to identity theft.

    does any body know what the account transcript is??
    Hopefully this is a sign that i will be recieving it soon!!


    I agree there is something about this day. Something happened. I got one of the 4464c letters saying under review, don’t have to do anything unless we decide you do need to do something. A tax preparer said he has do e 35 people’s taxes this year and 19 got the same letter. He said it is absolutely unheard of. He said it’s just not possible with the irs being so short handed, that they would review so many people. He said it’s definitely just a buy for time on most peoples refund.

    I gave up about a week and a half ago and begged for a loan on my refund from the bank of Mom. I had teeth dying to be pulled and African Grey that needed the vet, I just couldn’t wait 6-8 weeks for them to decide to release my 570 hold. I didn’t want to do it, but after the longest month ever, or so it seemed, I broke down. Ironic this was February, the shortest month, even though it felt like forever. I hope you all get quick resolution!


    So I wanted to inform everybody, that I too am under review due to an issue that they cannot even inform me of!!! (WTF!?)
    Any way, I filed, like all of you, on the 5th, accepted the 6th, and under review (oddly) the same day as you all, the 17th.

    Anybody else feel like they are just buying time for something the F****D up?????

    I have a guy in my office who is also having the same issues. he used jackson hewit
    and a girl came in to fill out an application yesterday, and she randomly brought up her issue and IRONICALLY, filed the SAME DAY as me with yet again, ANOTHER TAX COMPANY!!

    Everybody I know who filed a day before, or a day after already got theirs.

    I have a feeling it is something about this day…..

    this BLOWSSSSS


    @This Blows That sounds exactly like what irs told me the 27th. I received a code 9001, so I called the 22nd day. Was told Im under review they saw no issues and i should receive my refund 6 to 8 weeks from the 17th. Or sooner

    This Blows

    I filed and was accepted 2/6. Still no updates on wmr. I just called and was told that my refund was in a different department being reviewed because of suspected identity theft on my account LAST year. They told me that nothing is required of me at this time and I will receive my refund in 6-8 weeks from 2/17 (the day it was sent to this “other” department).


    Just wanted to pop in and tell everyone I got my refund on 2-24 (or 2-25)? Either way it took wayyyy longer than my sons who I filed two days earlier and had his refund in 8 days. I had EIC, I went to college and I claimed my youngest daughter for the first time this year.

    A little irritated because I have been trying to call the Utah State Tax Commission for over 8 months because of some issues with past state returns and have left countless messages (never had ONE message returned) and they just took from my federal return to cover about $2100.00… That I more than likely don’t even owe. (They “didn’t get” my state returns for two years so they file for me as single with no dependents, when I am married with four dependents.) So I am sure getting that money back will be like pulling teeth.

    But at least the iRS finally pulled it together. I don’t know how they work returns but I think 2/6ers had a group of dipsh!ts working on our returns.

    Good luck to everyone else. Hopefully everyone is getting answers now that 21 days ha passed.


    Still no change!!!! Its been 21 days as of today no bars no codes no nothing!!! Just still saying the same old thing of being processed.

    disabled combat veteran

    Well still no deposit and WMR still says processing. However my transacript has updated with the very desired 846 so I should see it soon. Bank doesn’t show anything pending. I was on hold 3 hours before the rudest agent I have ever spoke to answered. Im a firm believer satan has an office next to hers…


    UPDATE: Finally some good news for me this morning!!!

    Filed 2/5
    Accepted 2/6
    WMR bars disappeared 2/24
    Called IRS 2/24, told to call back 2/27 if there were no updates but everything looked ok.
    Still N/A on my transcripts on 2/25
    Checked my transcripts today 2/27 and they have finally updated with codes 150 766 768 846 cycle date 20150805….I checked online and that should mean a DD for 2/27/2015
    WMR still hasn’t updated, bars still messing, same generic message.

    My fingers are crossed… scratch that…I am praying my money is deposited into my account by tomorrow!! I just hope I don’t run into any further issues!!! I will post an update if I get a deposit into my account!


    So today is 21 days called the IRS … waited on hold for 45 mins to be told that I dont sound like Brandon Fritts and they couldnt give me any information… what a bunch of BS!!!! Seriously fed up with all of this… My family needs the money and its a game to them

    disabled combat veteran

    I did. Still nothing. I guess I will call the IRS at 7am and ask why…


    If DDD is today the 27th, give it a few more hours. My sister is with Chase and she said they do it at 2am eastern time.

    Best of luck to u.

    disabled combat veteran

    I filed on 2/6 and was accepted an hour later. WMR bars where available too. A week later they disappeared. Couldn’t view transcript till last Friday. I made an error with the homebuyers credit repayment (-32.00$) so got the dreaded notice sent and hold codes. Cycle date says 20150705, which is said to be DD for Friday Feb 26. Well I just checked and everything from WMR to Transcript and my Bank Balance all still say the same things. Nothing. I lost my house and everything last year. I ended up in my parents home with my 3 children. This return will get me out of here. Im still waiting. My sorry ass drug user brother who never works claimed money he didn’t make and got his in one week. (5k)

    Seriously I am so sick of this. I fought for this country, it took everything from me and here I am honest and I get to wait the longest. SMH


    brian please dont tell me that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I also had health insurance through the exchange. I called CoveredCA multiple times explaining i need me 1095-A form, inorder to file my taxes. Atleast 4 people there told me they have no record of me having coverage, and there is no 1095-A form for me. Welp my return was accepted 2/6 (in the morning) that evening when i got home from work i was greeted with my lovely 1095-A in the mail.
    So my return was accepted with out my 1095-A form. God help me and let me get my money!!!


    no i cannot amyt . 2014 transcripts n/a


    Can you view your account transcripts? And does it have codes on it?


    omfg , the irs sent me a letter stating they need my form 8962 for the health insurance crap. i have obama care for all of 2 months before my last place of business closed down and i couldnt afford the payment so it was cancelled . the letter was sent on 2/23/15 , so im gonna be in the 6 – 8 weeks pool after a fax this info back off once i contact the healthcare market place to get my 1095-a form i never got.


    filed/accepted 2/6..had 1 bar on wheres my refund up until 2/23..when the bars disappeared. No update. No deposit date. this is day 20. I will be calling the IRS tomorrow. Here is what my WMR says:
    “Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.
    Please Note:
    For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.”




    Filed 2/5
    Accepted 2/6
    2/17 Accessed blank transcripts online with no issues
    2/24 WMR bars disappeared, refund amt shows, tax topic 152 shows, no error codes
    2/25 Called the irs today and only waited for about 7 minutes before I reached a really nice rep….she told me it was still being processed and my 21 days would be up on friday so call back then if there was no update to the WMR website. She said that as long as there was no error codes or prompts telling me that I needed to contact the IRS that my refund was simply still being processed. So…..I continue to wait….not so patiently LOL


    good morning all . no bars on WMR , no 2014 transcripts , no MONEY .


    Brian Price – I really hope so . i hope there is a glitch in the system. But I live in Florida.
    We don’t have state taxes, and as far as I am concerned, it only affected people who claim state and fed….


    wow fedupwithirs that’s terrible . wish you luck on that , but couldn’t that be also because you filed with turbo tax? i did see something in the new about a lot of identity theft and fraud returns with turbo tax.


    I hate to break it to you guys, but just because you got the generic “Proccessing” Message doesn’t mean it will come any faster.

    I filed on February 5th
    accepted on the 6th with TT

    The IRS states they did not receive it until the 9th.

    I called the 18th, and I placed a guilt trip on the lady to give me information, as i lost my bars on the morning of February 14th.

    She told me that there was an error, some sort of issue from when i filed last year, that put a hold on my tax refund so they can manually review it, and it would take about 8 weeks to receive my tax return.
    She put me over to a tax advocate who advised me to fax them everything from when i filed my return this year, including all my w2s (I Had 5) , my unemployment paperwork, and my signed and completed tax return, that I printed from Turbotax,

    I was told I should receive an update before the 10th, but to not expect my refund for at least 3 more weeks.

    They could not give me any more details as to why it is being held, something to do with identity since I had received a number to call when I tried to print out my transcripts.

    And when I try to order them thru the mail, it still says nothing is on file for 2014.

    I do hope none of you have to go thru what I am going thru, because this is a nightmare.
    I have NEVER had this issue before.


    I received the same message this morning as the rest of you. Hopefully this is good news since we all have the same message and means that we will receive our refunds this week.


    Another morning of disappointment. Accepted my return 2/6. It seems as if I am in the same boat as some of you. On Wheres My Refund? the bars have disappeared. I guess i went from 1 bar to 0 bars *tear*. So i don’t know what this means, but i do plan on calling the IRS on Friday if this crazyness continues. Again 2/6 accepted, 1 bar disappeared and now I’m greeted with this message:

    “Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.”

    Also all my transcripts are unavailable (N/A) for 2014.


    Filed and accepted 2/6.
    No change on WMR until this morning. My bars disappeared and I got the message your tax refund is still being processed….we will let you know when we have a deposit date. I still have the tax topic 152. I don’t even want to check my transcripts today…yesterday they were still blank, so I will wait until tomorrow to check them. Hopefully nothing is wrong and I will get my refund soon! Praying that everyone in these forums get their refunds soon……times are difficult for everyone!


    Same here Brian, I don’t understand what is going on I know I did everything right and it is now 18 days


    Checked this morning and found the where’s my refund bars are missing and is replaced with this message ” we have received your refund and are still processing it. A return date will be provided when complete ” I did some googling and found that this could mean the system found some inconsistencies with my return and now it have to be reviewed by hand which ( based on the video ) could take another 2 -weeks to a month depending on how many they have in Que. this sucks so hard……..


    Still no updates this morning this makes no sense to me. I know people who have filed way after I did and already got there refund:-(


    finally spoke to the irs.. they didnt actually receive return til 2/9 even tho tt said 2/6.. since it hasnt been 21 days they couldnt actually look into my account however there were no error or problem codes.. soooo fingers crossed hopefully i receive some good news this week.. they also said dont check everyday LOL drives you crazy.. jus give it a lil more time.. kinda hard to do..


    Nothing here either.


    nothing still.. :-(


    That is what i might have to do kevin. Because as of this morning no cash, no update on WMR, and when I try to look at my transcripts n/a is still showing in the account section. For some reason under wages and income it says has not been filed yet. frustration to the max.


    Filed 2/5 got approved on 2/6 at 1am and was waiting and waiting like everyone else and Saturday Morning I woke up to a DDD 2/25. I know it’s very frustrating but this year is very slow with some returns this year. If you folks don’t see and update by Tuesday I suggest you guys get on phone with it’s because they only deposit twice a week once on Wednesday and Friday ……..


    Still no updates for me either


    Well checked again today , no update on WMR , not able to check my 2014 transcripts, and no money. are they just sitting around with their thumbs up their u know whats? im getting so frustrated.


    beyond frustrated.. guess im not gettin anything it seems like.. filed and accepted 2/6 with tt.. still nothing, i did my moms taxes feb 13th and sure enough she got her money today.. no clue whats going on. im callin turbo tax right now wonder if they have anything to do with this because this is crazy.. and i havent gotten any kind of letter from the irs. i owed state and they took their money on the 11th.. :-(


    Still no update filed 2/6 accepted not even an hour later. wmr still on processing I am so frustrated


    Rec 2/6
    App 2/21
    DDD 2/25

    Doesn’t show I owe anything but I had an unemployment overpayment wondering if they’re gonna take it. …


    In the EXACT same boat as you Briana. :(


    This is painful!!! Accepted 2/6. Only 1 bar on WMR, says return is processing. tax topic 152,…when i check my transcripts, all of the boxes show N/A for 2014, except my wages & income..but when i click its just blank…WHY ME!?!

    happy for everyone else, when is it my turn :,(


    Giving an update to my previous post, with a DDD of 2/23, I filed 2/6 accepted 2/6. I woke up this morning and decided to check wmr just to see if said anything else, and it did! It actually broke down my offset and the amount it would take to cover the offset and updated my deposit amount. Still says 2/23 , well Ive been checking my bank account daily to see if there was a pending transfer and welp my refund was already in there. So moral of the story is WMR is not accurate, close but no cigar. I never even got any bars until the 19th of feb. So i know this is frustrating for alot of you but theres not much you can go by , the IRS is the IRS whattayagonnado


    My WMR updated and should get refund by 2/25!
    Couldn’t see my transcripts until yesterday. It all took much longer this year!


    I filed on 2/5 and accepted on 2/6. I finally got an approved bar this Morning. DDD is 2/25!!!


    Spent good amount f 2 hours on hold to be told that my refund was approved on the 15th, even tho WMR never updated.. and get a DD on the 25th. Ask how long they knew this, as i called in on the 16 and was told it was still processing. Well they knew on the 15th when it was approved and the day i will get my money and according to the lady, they are not allow to disclose anything till your 21 days are up period or risk losing their jobs. BTW i filed on the 6th, and some reason it show it was accepted on the 9th.. 4 days after later as TT had it approved and accepted on the 6th. As of this reply, the WMR still shows me in process even tho i was told i got approve minus the offset and DD of the 25. So there is little hope at the end of the tunnle.. wish it would come sooner.. but aleast i know what i am getting back and when to expect it.

    update:3:30amcst the WMR updated showing my offset.. so since it was approved on the 15th and here it is the 21, safe to assume the WMR is 5-7 days behind..?


    ETA: I mean 2/26 (Thursday)



    CODE 846 with a cycle of 20150801, which I think means 2/16 (Thursday)!!!!

    Friggin finally! Although I’m not going to sleep easy until the money is in my pocket because a lot of people haven’t actually gotten their money!! LOL!! This is a crazy year.

    I don’t know what I’ll do with myself after I get the refund and I’m not obsessively checking all the tax websites sites and transcripts, etc. I’ll actually have to find a new hobby…


    Just a piece of mind…. I got my refund Friday morning and WMR is still on two bars. Good Luck!


    Still stuck on 1 bar…can’t see transcripts. Apparently I was 1 of the ones affected by the 1095a correction…so I’m site it’s going to be awhile before I see the change.


    Wmr updated to approved yesterday with a dd of 2/23…Money just deposited in my acct!


    AnitaTaco…. YES i just checked.. it did say Mar 02 now.. Weird .. Hopefully we see a change soon..


    So WMR site said it was deposited yesterday to my netspend and I waited 24 hours and still nothing on my card not even any pending deposits. When you call they just tell you to wait, each rep from irs or netspend just blame it on the other, it’s upsetting because if something’s wrong I would like to fix it today and not have to wait until Monday but I haven’t had any help from anyone I’ve called.


    Still no change for me either! No updates on WMR and no update to my transcripts. Filed and accepted on the 6th….probably not received for processing by the IRS until the 9th….so I guess I have to wait 21 days from that day until I can stat bugging the IRS. This is taking much too long for my poor nerves……and my poor bills!


    welp no change for me either. Still 1 bar on WMR. So annoying. Return was accepted 2/6, 14 days today and still nothing. Used freetaxusa, and i live in california. return is a little over $3,000. WTF?!?! i want me money!!!!


    Domigurl- (I hope I spelled your user name right).

    So I looked again when I got up and my AS date is back at March 02….. So I have no effin clue what the fudge is going on! So confusing. I’d be curious to hear if yours went back to March 02. I’m hoping it means they’re working on it right this very moment…LOL


    I woke up to find my transcripts are now available. I have a cycle code of 20150705. Its says refund issued 3/9/2015. But I do not believe I will have to wait till this date for my $$. I pulled up my transcript from last year. I received my refund on 2/12/14 and the refund date I had last year was 2/24/2014…..days after my refund was received.


    2/6 no changes for me either. One bar. I’m so frustrated.


    QUESTION: efiled and return is processed but they are holding refund until I submitted 2010 return. So I mailed in an Injured Spouse form thinking i might at lease get some of the $ – not sure if Fed will release any but state will. So my question is, how long will it take to process IS if filed seperately and will they still DD to our Joint Netspend card as instructed on the return or will they mail a check?


    No changes for me this morning. Still no transcripts, one bar “processing”… no changes in 14 DAYS!?!?! Seriously!?!?

    I keep hoping it’s my turn, but no … evidently I’ve been a bad girl this year and don’t remember…


    I also filed and was received on 2/6. Sat on 1 bar, no info at all until yesterday when I finally showed approved with a DDD of 2/23. Hang in there everybody. They are really slow this year! I filed with HRB as I do every year. Usually have my refund in 5-10 days. Seems like I was still one of the lucky ones this year.


    Accepted on 2/6 still on one bar onWMR


    I also filed o 2/6 thru free tax usa and still only 1 bar on wmr site


    Woke up this morning to my transcripts all updated with cycle code 20150705. WMR still showing one bar. I’m halfway there thou! What a relief.


    I can see my transcipts! I have a cycle code of 20150705 Refund issued and it has a date of March 9th.


    anitataco… mines said mar 02 n now march 9 so what does that mean.. the transcripts still say no return filed and all 0s


    I updated….to find out I’m re sequenced back a week. My AS date now says March 09 instead of 02…..I JUST posted last night I wasn’t worried because at least I hadn’t been re sequenced. Grrrr….damn you. Murphy! I want a repeal of your law!


    Woke up this morning still no change!!! My bar has not moved off accepted. Next Thursday will be 21 days!!!


    I filed 2/5 accepted 2/6 finally got a direct deposit date of 2/24

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