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      WMR has a DD for 4 February. Anyone else? Nothing showing with USAA but they don’t usually show any DD until 7 am of the day of deposit.

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          I was approved on the 1/26 and have no orange bar or anything, just says “still processing”…

          It seems that everyone who has filled after me however has received thier return. WTH?

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            Still waiting. Status says the same thing with no Orange bar. Been like this since the 2/2. No letter or anything as of yet. I gave up on checking my status. Just makes me mad.

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              oh, no 8863, no EIC. Just child tax credit and 2 W2’s (married filing joint)

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                accepted 1/26
                Had “your return is still being processed, refund information will be updated when available” message from 2/7 until today. Now, I have the orange bar back.

                Anyone else still waiting that was accepted on the 26th???

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                  OMG I am so pissed!!! I just called to verify the banking information so I could talk to someone about this 8863 hold. And they just told me that my banking information did not go over with the efile from Taxslayer!!! So they now are mailing out a check once they finish processing!! OMG this happened last year too!

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                    “The IRS emphasized that the delayed start will have no impact on taxpayers claiming other education-related tax benefits, such as the tuition and fees deduction and the student loan interest deduction. People otherwise able to file and claiming these benefits can start filing Jan. 30.”

                    This is part of the announcement that the IRS made on 1/28/2013. I am curious to what actually are the folks that are actually get DD dates claiming, AOC? Loan Interest? Tution and Fees reduction or Lifetime Learning Credit. Seems that if you are only claiming the Loan Interest or Tution and Fees reduction there is no hold up. I filed 1/22, was accepted on 1/25. WMR is pending, IRS to go is Pending, 829-1040 same thing pending, but on hold now to see what they say when I talk to a live person.

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                      I just talked to the IRS and they said they have some technical difficulty posting my info to,my account. Talking about they assigned someone to work on it. Nothing wrong with the info and it might take 6 to 8 weeks for me to get my money! What OS going on ? I never had a problem before. My status says “will provide a dd when available” also.

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                        My refund is over 7k but my DD is 2/6. I filed 2 children with my husband. He even had one offset this year. Hope you hear something soon @kim

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                          Anyone expecting large refunds? Curious if there’s extra time spent on refunds that are over a certain dollar amount. Maybe that’s why we dont have dd yet?!

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                            Finally!!!!! We have a date. Feb 6. It’s better then nothing. 4 days and we have it. As for the IRS yeah it sucked being delayed but if your military like us try having to deal with the fact we might not get paid by our own government in April when the budget is due. So this tax return is going start to savings.

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                              my DD will be on the 6th. i still think it is crap that it is taking so long. just because the gov couldnt remove head from arse.

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                                I filed on 1/22. I was accepted on 1/26. As of 6:30 a.m. CST, WMR shows a DD for 2/6.

                                My filing status was Married (Joint) with 2 children with EIC. I did not have any other forms.

                                Hope this helps!

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                                  filed 1/26
                                  accepted 1/27
                                  WMR states allow 21 days…blah blah blah after this update :(
                                  I want to cry

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                                    This is my mom’s info

                                    2012 Federal Personal
                                    TurboTax Electronic Postmark: January 23, 2013 07:30 PM PST
                                    Status: Accepted!
                                    Accepted on:
                                    January 26, 2013 08:25 AM PST

                                    Yesterday the bar was gone and she had the we are still processing message, after update this morning She now has a DD of 2/6

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                                    Twin Mommy

                                      I’m a 1/26er who had a DD of 2/4. Checked my Chase acct just now and my taxes are in!!! I also had to go through SBBT and I had an offset and EIC. Oh!! And I’m in California.

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                                        I ordered both account and return transcripts. Wmr is asking what date I filed and irs2go is saying I put the wrong info in.

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                                          WMR site sucks. as much money as they milk out of us every year you would think they would be better than this. im hoping i get mine monday. it really shouldnt take this longt o give me the money i loaned them through the year.

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                                            Filed 1/23, accepted 1/26. Still processing. Can order account transcripts, but not return transcripts. WMR states still processing…21 days…

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                                              Filed through TT on 1/23 and accepted by the IRS on 1/26.
                                              Ended my enlistment in the Navy, hence the ridiculous return amount. (only our base pay is taxable) Currently receiving unemployment and full time student.
                                              Married filing jointly.
                                              2 children.
                                              Return: $8898
                                              WMR/IRS2G Processing Status
                                              1/30 Processing
                                              1/31 Processing – no info can be provided – back to processing.
                                              2/1 Processing – no info can be provided –

                                              2/1 1215 PST – Called IRS, verified info, was given DD of 2/6
                                              (WMR/IRS2GO still saying: We cannot provide any information about your refund. You must wait at least 24 hours after you get the acknowledgement e-mail that your tax return was received by the IRS)

                                              CALL THE IRS DIRECTLY

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                                                WMR says the same for me.. cannot be found

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                                                  thank you.

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                                                    the wmr is having problems and messing up for everyone…

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                                                      we were accepted the 26th. The last few days it’s been the generic msg of 21 days blah blah. checked a little bit ago and said it can’t be found? Anyone have the same problem and what does it mean? Did i lock myself out of WMR?

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                                                      Twin Mommy

                                                        My DD is pending. SBBT sent it to my bank this morning!!! My DD was set for 2/4!

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                                                          I was accepted 1/26 and still processing, grrr

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                                                            OP for the 26er thread, here. My DD was set for 4 February. It’s pending with my bank as of this morning. USAA almost NEVER shows a pending deposit for me, even with DD paychecks. If they’re showing it, it should post tonight, and it’s available today. Anyone else get the magical 1 Feb DD?

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                                                              Got accepted 1/26… got my DD and its 2/4. I was really hoping for 2/1 but 3 more days will be fine :(

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                                                                So My mom was accepted January 26, 2013 08:25 AM PST, Her status has went from the 21 day blah blah blah… to Your tax return is still being processed.
                                                                A refund date will be provided when available

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                                                                  I got accepted on 1/26 but WMR is still processing but on my state WMR it says 2/1! and it was accepted 1/29. Hopefully the Federal updates tomorrow. This would be the first year my state arrived before my federal. :/

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                                                                    I got accepted 1/26 and im still in processing but my state was accepted 1/29 and my state WMR says 2/1!

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                                                                      I was accepted 1/26. Woke up this morning a wmr says a dd of 2/4.

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                                                                      Twin Mommy

                                                                        I was accepted on the 26th and my DD is scheduled for Monday, Feb 4th!

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                                                                          *I I was

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                                                                            I’m was also accepted on 1/26 and still no dd!!

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                                                                              Mine was also accepted on the 26th, but when I check the status (by phone or online) it gives me the 21 day processing message. Has anyone else that was accepted on the 26th gotten a DD date?

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                                                                                2012 Federal Personal
                                                                                TurboTax Electronic Postmark: January 23, 2013 07:30 PM PST
                                                                                Status: Accepted!
                                                                                Accepted on:
                                                                                January 26, 2013 08:25 AM PST
                                                                                What this means:
                                                                                Congratulations! The IRS has accepted this return, and you’re finished with your taxes.

                                                                                Has been received at the IRS but Still in the 21 day processing thing…grrr annoying (this is my mom’s info)

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                                                                                  I filed on 1/23 accepted 1/26 wmr gives me the generic 21 day message… i did file 8863 but irs claims they dont even have my return but two.days ago they told me that it was just sitting tbere so idk what to think

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                                                                                  Anxiously waiting

                                                                                    I am a 26’er I am still in the processing stage. I had really hope to have DD this morning. Bummer

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                                                                                      I filed on Jan 23rd was accepted 1/26 and my WMR says processing. As of now my husband and I have No offsets.

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