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    Just seeing if any 2/5 people exist. I was accepted at 11:55 on the 5th. NO DDD yet didnt expect that. lol

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    My daughter’s return was Accepted 2/5…updated today (2/8/17) with approval & DDD of 2/10/17. Mine was accepted on 1/23…PATH msg on 1/28….transcripts give processing date of 02132017 with cycle date of 20170405…



    Correction: I meant to say others are saying that my cycle date means I have a DDD of 2/17.



    I filed on 2/4 and I recieved the “accepted” email on 2/5 at 1:20 pm. Tonight (2/11), I was able to download my transcript and the cycle date says “20140703”. Not sure what that means, but I’ve been reading other posts that says it means a DDD of 2/21. With that said, I do not have a verified DDD..only hearsay from others as to what my cycle date means.



    same here filed accepted 2/5 got topic 152 message friday no DD yet 1 bar on wmr and cant order transcripts tried agian tonight and cant get in so hoping its updating and see some movement



    Filed 2/5
    Accepted 2/5
    Turbo tax

    Same 21 days message and 1 bar with 152 topic
    Could be an update tonight I’m hoping we’re at least ddd 2/14 that’s my theory anyways …



    turbo tax
    filed both 2/5
    fed accepted 2/5
    sc state accepted 2/9
    wmr/hotline/live person still gives me 21 day msg as of 2/9

    can’t order transcripts due to address being wrong or something & now i can’t talk to a live person until monday.

    no ddd

    will keep updating you.



    I filed on 2/4 and have a ddd of 2/11 hope that helps

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The topic ‘Accepted 2/5’ is closed to new replies.