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    I filed and was accepted on 02/04/2016. Just setting this up to hopefully keep everyone else updated who may have filed during this time. As of today, 2/6/2016, I have one bar and a tax topic 152. Thanks.

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    Filed h and r block 2/16
    Received 2/17
    Accepted 2/27
    Ddd for 3/2!!!!



    Filed on h&r block online 2/16
    Accepted 2/17
    Still at one bar…waiting on approval and dd date



    Filed on 17 anybody else file on 17 get a DDD?


    Jocko williams

    Filed 2/4, accepted 2/5. DDD said 2/18. I received my deposit yesterday as planned. Used Turbotax.



    Ok I’m hearing different stories all around. I’m just going to put it out there and have hope! I was finally able to order my return transcripts. Hope this means something.



    Transcripts do not mean u will get a ddd or your refund faster! It just means they have processed your return I order on 2/12 No update on wmr still on. One bar and I filed 2/3/16 accepted on 2/4/16 but a lot if people accepted 2/4 is saying when they call irs that they tell them since system failure they weren’t accepted until 2/8 TT says accepted 2/4 so who knows I’m on 14days today and I’m doing direct deposit. Have ordered return and account transcripts. But no movement on wmr.

    Amanda dawn


    Gene Taxpayer

    DDD 2/18/16 i hope i dont get whipped for this return


    2/4 mom

    Just for the info, I filed 2/3 accepted 2/4
    Ordered return transcript 2/12 and was positive I would update Saturday morning. Instead, wmr showed no bars and no tax topic 152. Just a message that my return was processing.

    I helped my sister file 2/5. She was accepted same day. Her DDD appeared 2/8 for a deposit 2/12. And as it said, it appeared in her acct on the 12th.

    Very happy for her. But can’t help but wallow in self pity for the time being. Lol



    Submitted on 2/4/16
    Accepted on 2/4/16
    DDD given on 2/13/16
    DDD 2/18/2016



    No change in mine overnight. Still one bar. Accepted 2/4/2016



    Finally updated with a DDD of 2/18/16. Great news!! Now you would think the wait would be over, but I still find myself nervous because lots of tax payers who were scheduled to receive their DD on 2/10/16 still have not received their money!!! Lets hope we don’t end up back here crying on the 18th that our deposit never came through. I’m going to stay positive though. The end is so close. Have a good weekend all. Will update again when I actually receive my money.



    WMR updated last night to two bars.



    Just checked finally 2 bars! Showd DDD on 2/18, phew :-) Have a great weekend everyone! :-)



    Ok update- checked wmr this morning and finally at DDD of 2/18! This is the longest it’s ever taken! 2/4’s we should see some action soon! Good Luck!



    My update. Like all of you I have been waiting as well. I filed on 2/3/2016, accepted on 2/4/2016. I received a letter today from the irs saying I owed back taxes from 2013. I for the first time ever in 45 years had to call them. I called an talked with a very nice man. He said that my back taxes were paid and the balance would be deposited on 2/18/2016. If I go to WMR it still shows 1 bar and tax topic 152. I know we all need the funds NOW not to party but to pay bills. I hope you all receive a payment tonight, but for 2/4/2016 accepted it will probably be 2/18/2016.



    I filed using TurboTax (like I always have for eight years) on Wednesday 2/3/2016 and it was received and accepted 23 hours later on Thursday 2/4/2016. No updates from TurboTax or the IRS since the 4th when it was received, WMR showed just one bar (received) and tax topic 152, and I wasn’t able to get the 2015 transcripts (which actually DOES work to let you know if your refund it coming yet or not!).

    But, as of 9am this morning I was able to request both my account AND refund transcripts for 2015. WMR still shows just the first bar received with tax topic 152. Since my refund is going in my credit union checking account, I checked online banking right after the transcripts to see if there’s a pending deposit, since my credit union shows me whenever there is, but there wasn’t. Then, around 2:30pm I checked again, and there’s my pending deposit! But, for some reason, it shows a clearing date of 2/18/2016, which is next Thursday – almost a week from today. I called the bank to ask why that would be so long, because all my paychecks and other deposits are only pending for a day or two at most, and they said that the IRS probably just “notified” them that the money was coming, but it isn’t actually there yet til that date. I dunno, that didn’t make sense, but hopefully that deposit STAYS there the whole time and clears next Thursday and I don’t get pulled back for review or anything.


    madjack sil

    i can only order account ones as well. seems like a lot of people in this situation.



    @danny f.
    Accepted 2/4
    Can only get account transcripts return not available so it says. Only one bar wmr



    Filed 2/4
    Accepted 2/4
    Ordered transcripts 2/12



    I just checked and was able to order transcript for returns. Accepted 2/4 with TT. Does this mean DDD will be soon? Still one bar in irs wmr


    danny f.

    any1 else can order just account transcript and not return transcript yet?

    i was accepted on 2/4



    Filed 2/3 accepted 2/4 still at one bar.. Return transcript available today however! Always get refund several days before the “unreliable calendar cycle” says I should and I should have had it by today most def going by the calendar but I think the crash had a lot to do with everyone’s hold up! We’ll have our refunds soon hopefully!



    @Emily B – You can go on the website and under the tool categories click on the link that states, “Get A Transcript”. You can also call 1-800-908-9946. Transcripts can update at anytime during the day.



    If you are able to order account transcript but not return- means they are working on your return. Most likely within 24 hours you can can order the return transcript after the account



    I was able to order account transcripts

    No return transcript as of yet though


    Emily B

    I see people saying that they were able to order their transcript… What do I need to do to see if I can order mine?



    Ok I just talk to the id theft department. Since I was able to order my return transcript, I decided to transfer my information to my FAFSA application. After I put my information in I received a message to call the ID Theft department and it gave me a phone number but no code. I called and talk to a very nice representative and he explained nothing was wrong. He did tell me that in 2014 someone tried to get my information with my social security number but did not have enough information to get it. But he said nothing was wrong and don’t have to Identify myself at all. He also stated that I have a DDD of 2/17. I didn’t even ask him for that information! So whoever go their return transcript will probably have the exact same DDD. I will keep you guys updated!!!



    @TMO After reading your message I went to the IRS site and tried to order my return transcript. OH MY GOODNESS, I was able to order the return transcript! I wasn’t able to order them earlier this morning. I still have my fingers cross for the Saturday update!



    OMG!!! I was able to order my return transcript only a few minutes ago. WMR is still at one bar though. Being able to order the return transcript usually means some magic is about to happen. Please please please let me get some updated info tomorrow. I’ll let you all know. Fingers crossed for all of us!!!



    I am still on one bar… However, I was able to order on the account transcript this morning at 7:12am est over the phone.



    same 1 bar, filed on 2/4



    Eminem, if o had a million bucks. I know how you all feel. Don’t check every hour or two. Listen to music and let it ride.



    Listen to Eminem if I had a millimeter bucks



    @John I have notice people have been updating on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays this year.


    paul pompa gulfstream park

    cant order any returns yet- and was accepted on 4th as well



    Anybody have any idea when the next ddd update is coming?? Seems like they release a slow stream of updates followed by a big update dump. Heard everything from ppl getting their money in 3,6,10 all the way to waiting 19 days. Some ppl who filed early are still waiting for their refund. This year the IRS is a disaster, throw the refund cycle chart out the window cuz it’s not even close.



    File with TT on 2/4 at 3:10 pm est.

    IRS received returned on 2/4 at 8:30pm est

    IRS accepted tax on 2/4 at 10:24 pm est

    One Bar

    No transcript available for new address.

    IRS do recognize the old address but can not order 2015 transcript.

    Last year filed on the exact same day Feb. 4 (Wednesday) and received an DDD on Feb 7 (Saturday) and receive my DD on Feb. 11 (Wednesday).

    Fingers cross for all of us!!!



    Filed 2/3
    Accepted 2/4
    As of today I still have 1 bar
    Tax topic 152
    Can’t access transcripts



    Filed 2/3
    Accepted 2/4
    As of today I still have 1 bar
    Tax topic 152
    Can’t access transcripts
    I’ve been stalking this form since 2/8 lol



    Any 2/4 people get Approved yet?



    Fuck the I r s

    They get their money so quickly

    But then have all of us waiting like dogs

    I hate this

    So slow

    Can’t even order transcript online

    I’m moving to Mexico



    filed and accepted 2/4 efiled on TT one bar on WMR and can’t order any transcripts. I did get my Mass state refund on 2/10



    Accepted 2/4/2016. TT / Florida. One bar tax topic # 152.



    i got accepted on 2/4

    nothing yet on tax transcripts

    only 1 bar as well



    I filed on 2/4/16 accepted the same day I’m at one bar and can’t order Transcripts either. Please keep me updated on being able to order transcripts or DDD?



    I filed on 2/4

    Accepted on 2/4

    Still can’t order transcripts

    Wmr still 1 bar

    Seems like everyone in same boat who was accepted 2/4

    Let’s hope tonight we get a ddd on wmr



    Well. Since I started this thread on the 6th, I still cannot order transcripts and I am still stuck on 1 bar!!!! Hopefully Saturday will be a big day for all of us in the same boat. I need to wake up to a deposit of February 17 or just any day next week!!! 2/4 filers please lets update and let each other know what is happening.


    Gene Taxpayer

    Filed 2/3 accepted the night of 2/4. Still only one bar and i am unable to order transcripts hopefully we will receive an update soon guys.



    Did anybody who was accepted on the 4th get approved yet?


    Trivia peterson

    Filed 02/02/16
    Accepted 02/04/16

    Still on one bar and can’t order transcripts . Irs is playing games

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