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Accepted 2/2, or Cycle 20150504

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    I filed on 2/2, accepted about an hour later. I was finally able to view my transcripts this morning! Cycle date of 20150504. Hoping to see an update or actual DDD tonight or tomorrow morning. I know it should be 2/10! Anyone else with this file/acceptance date or cycle date, post any updates!

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    File 2/3 accepted 2/3 still have 1 bar on wmr, offset line said offset paid with Ddd 2/11


    * forgot to add…locked out of transcripts already today lol


    ok…been lurking long enough! Filed 2/2 accepted hr later….code 20150504…… got all transcripts today…WMR says DD of 2/10 with 2 bars..and I should have a small offset but it’s not showing yet on my transcripts but is showing on WMR …sure it will come off though… BUT…it has NEVER delayed my DDD….


    I woke up with DDD of 2/10!!!


    *filed 2/2


    I filed/2 and have cycle date 20150504 as well. (:

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