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Accepted 2/1

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      I did not see a topic for those accepted on 2/1 yet so here it is! I filed at 5:00 pm on 2/1 and was accepted at 6:15 pm, just an hour and 15 min later! As of now (not even 24 hrs yet), I’m not able to order transcripts and WMR says processing and shows one bar, all as expected. I will update as I see changes.

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        My refund was accepted on 02/01 and I checked WMR on 02/07 and have a DDD of Feb 12. I hope you guys get your money soon. Oh I filed via TurboTax Online and e-filed on January 31st.


          I transmitted 1/31. My return was accepted 02/01.
          I went to WMR this morning and have a DDD of 02/10.
          ~Just thought I’d share.

          NF in NJ


            Filed 2/1 accepted 2/1
            3 children
            less than 22000 income
            refund above 5000
            Still only processing


              Just got my ddd of 2/14 (which is my birthday) finally at almost 1 am CST. Best present ever.


                We are sorry Where’s My Refund is currently unavailable. Please try again later or call the Refund Hotline at 1-800-829-1954. Thats what I am getting on both wmr and hotline


                  Still only received the one bar. No DDD as of 2/09/2013. Filed on 2/1/2013. Accepted at 6:15am. Can’t wait to get the Date.


                    Filed 2/1, and was in processing land up until last night! 12:45am got a DD for 2/13. :)


                      Me too! Finally got a dd date of 2/13 after accepted on 2/1 (or 2/2 not 100% sure). I would really like to get my $$ early! This has been such a stressful exercise – checking wmr every few hours for the past week with nothing! I am so happy to finally have a dd! Please post if you get your $$ before your date!


                        Filed 2/1 using turbo tax, accepted less than an hour later. Had orange status bar stuck on processing and same for hotline. Orange bars disappeared thursday night and now have a message of a refund date will be provided when available both on wmr and hotline. I filed my husbands 1/30 with h&r block, rejected 1/30 for Pin. resubmitted 2/1 accepted same day and he had his dd 2/8. I hope I am not under review or something. I have no know holds, and was tryiing to avoid calling if possible.


                          Filed and accepted on 2/1. This morning had a ddd of 2/13. Hooray!


                            I also got a DDD of 2/13 this morning!


                              Filed late night 2/1 thru HRB online & accepted same hour, got a DDD on 2/7 for 2/11. Woke up @ 5am (CA time) & my $ is here!


                                Yes!!! My bar finally moved too!!! Same ddd of 2/13!


                                  great news for me…woke up to the progress bar moved to approved and a ddd :-) as of 6:30 am, I have a date of 2/13. good luck to everyone this morning. I’m interested in seeing who else woke up with this nice surprise.


                                    Hey guys. New here, just made an account. But first off I must say this is so awesome. I have been stressing and freaking out all week about this money since I am still 120 dollars short on rent that I paid on the first :(

                                    But here is my status.

                                    Filed: 2/1 8:56 AM

                                    Accepted: 2/1 123:05 PM

                                    WMR: Was on the first bar with the 21 day buffer up until about 5 PM today (2/8). Now I am getting the error “You may not have entered your information correctly. Please verify your personal tax data and try again.” I have logged on to WMR about 302935 times today, and just recently saw that it updates every 24 hours, and that if you try to log in to often it will just log you out so I am hoping that is the case.

                                    DDD: N/A

                                    DD: N/A

                                    So still waiting, hopefully some more info will come out. I am guessing that because it is government they will not direct deposit on Saturdays? I was military and if pay day was on a weekend we always got paid on Friday, so that is my reasoning behind that guess. Anyways thanks for the forum!


                                      Filed 2/1 HRB
                                      Accepted 2/1
                                      Shows 21 day message and Tax topic 152- same since 30 mins after the acceptance


                                        I was accepted 2/1 and able to order my transcript today (finally). Is it possible that I WONT get a DD date tomorrow?


                                          I filed and got accepted on Feb.1 this morning I was finally able to order my transcript(need it for school), but no update on when I will get my money…..and the site seems to be down as well.


                                            Filed and accepted 2/1 through TT was finally able to order transcript this morning but still no progress on WMR and the irs2go app seems to be down


                                              Accepted 2/1. Only getting one bar, 21 day message on WMR and I was finally able to order both transcripts last night.


                                                No updates for me this morning :( Anyone get anything yet?


                                                  I’m glad to see some of you are get DDD. I’m still getting the one bar, 21 day message on WMR and am still unable to order any transcripts. :/


                                                    so i was going to call this number: 800-829-0582 ext.362 to maybe talk to a live person and see what’s what but the estimated wait time was over 15 mins soooo…
                                                    maybe on my lunch break or something.


                                                      I was putting in single instead of head of household on wmr lol! I have been received and processing not sure how long its been processing I filed 2/1 and approved the same day make sure you guys enter the correct info


                                                        Still nothing as of 8am for me :( No change on WMR and no change on the 800 number. Anyone get a DDD overnight?


                                                          Does anyone know if the transcripts (adding them) update the same time as WMR or is it a totally different system?


                                                            I think I tried twice. oh well. staying optimistic :) let’s hope we all wake up with at least a DDD.


                                                              Oh boy I tried ordering it 5 or 6 times throughout today. Today is the first day I ever tried to order it. I was optimistic until my status didn’t change last night.


                                                                @AGS heres a link explaining Form 4056-T I wouldnt order the transcript anymore due to people ordering it more than once and being Audited


                                                                  Pretty much in the same boat as you @Megabradybunch
                                                                  And when i go to order transcript, I get this:
                                                                  A transcript is not available for the year you have requested. Please complete Form 4506-T or contact us at 800-829-1040.
                                                                  still no updates on WMR or 800 #
                                                                  let’s hope for something updated in the morning.


                                                                    Filed through TT also 2/1 accepted the same day 2 children,EIC,Child Tax Credit no update on WMR phone or Website and was getting the 21 day message with code 152 generic message but, now getting (We cannot provide any information about your refund. You must wait at least 24 hours after you get the acknowledgement e-mail that your tax return was received by the IRS) I am confused at his point.


                                                                      Filed with Turbo Tax. Filed 2/1 @ 10:14am PST. Accepted exactly 1 hour later 11:14am PST. 1 W-2, 3 children, EIC, Child Tax Credit. No update on WMR phone or online, I am still getting the 21 day message. I also can not order transcripts.


                                                                        WMR finally refreshed and let me in with no updates. Still processing and cannot order transcript.


                                                                            nm. i found where to do it but i got an error message saying there was a technical prob. i might try over the phone or just try a little more patience.


                                                                              filed HOH. but thanks! and how do you order a transcript??


                                                                                AGS – if you filed a joint return try using the other persons SS#. I was not able to pull up my information using my husbands’s social, but was able to get the information when I entered my social. I don’t know if matters any, but I was also able to order my transcript yesterday afternoon.


                                                                                  I still have no DD. Accepted on 2/1. Locked out of WMR and 800 number is the generic 21 days message.
                                                                                  hopefully I’ll fall in line with everyone else and have $$ this weekend :)


                                                                                    HOORAY! I woke up this morning and have a DD of 2/8! :) Now to play the waiting game for just 48 more hours. Woosah! haha!


                                                                                      accepted 2/1 and just got a WMR update that shows DD 2/8/13!


                                                                                        I filed on 2/1 and was accepted 2 hours later on 2/1. I was able to order return transcript yesterday. Today (2/6) my WMR updated to approved and shows a DD of 2/8.


                                                                                          I filed on 2/1 using TurboTax – got an e-mail about 30 min. later saying my Federal was accepted – WMR has shown the progress as “Processing” and gave me the customary ’21 day wait’ speel (still does as of an hour ago), 1-800 IRS number says the same thing.. I was able to order my 2012 transcripts though. Having my money DD onto a Walmart card… hoping for a DD tomorrow? :) – Oh – filed a 1040Ez, EIC – no other credits – I do attend school but plan on doing an amended return when the correct forms come out. ;)


                                                                                            Filed with Taxact on 1/20, Accepted 2/1, no DD date yet. I opted to have fees taken via Republic Bank, then Deposited into my Rushcard Checking account. Rushcard is the best, thru my employer our payday is on Tuesdays and my check ALWAYS gets deposited 4 days early on Friday night, 6pm on the dot, so I’m hoping to have my refund deposited early as well..fingers crossed! I’ll update any changes..


                                                                                              Filled 02/01 accepted 30 mins later WMR says prossing


                                                                                                I notice if you keep checking WMR and IRS to go it will lock you out until the system refreshes again for the next day.

                                                                                                Sarah Mitchell

                                                                                                  I filed my taxes on 2/1 and it accepted like 30 minutes afterwards, I had one bar on yesterday now WMR and IRS2Go says they cannot find me. TT says to wait 21 days….so hopefully next we will our deposit


                                                                                                    @Expat its possible but I did my daughters return on the 30th and it was accepted on the 31st and today we were able to order transcripts for 2012 so we will see if she has a DD on Mon or Tues.


                                                                                                      I’m not sure transcripts have anything to do with refunds. I was NEVER able to order my transcript last year & got my refund right away. Even after I got my refund I could not order a transcript so its hit or miss just like everything else w the IRS


                                                                                                        I meant IRS to go is more reliable:)


                                                                                                          I also was accepted on 2/1:) not able to order transcripts yet..but I was reading comments in the other forum and my tgthoughts are after the IRS accepts your info it can take up to 72 hrs before you can order your transcripts that is as long as you dont have any issues. Once you are able to request your transcripts I think your in the final stages and DD would be next. I dont trust WMR or IRS 2 go would be more reliable.

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