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Accepted 2/22 DDD’s

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    Filed 2/22
    Accepted 2/22
    Pather both credits
    Turbo tax fees taken out

    Has anyone accepted 2/22 received a DDD yet? Post here and let us know.

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    Accepted 2/22….. still no updates for me either😭😫😩

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    No update for me… still being processed no letters or errors. Still waiting

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    Nothing changed for me at all this week. Still being processed no letters no updates …nothing Hopefully tomorrow brings something but I don’t have my hopes up filed and accepted 2/22

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    Called them this morning for kicks 😏 “still processing, allow up to 10 weeks”. It’s been 7 weeks for me. Mine has been the exact same this whole time. Kept same bars, TT, amount, and message. Nothing has changed. Transcript shows no return filed but she said they do have it, it’s in the “we’ll deal with you later” department…. errors. Although of course no error that she can see. 🙄
    Wonder what happens in 3 weeks when their time is up. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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    Seeing everyone’s updates got me excited and hopeful but still nothing new for me on WMR
    Filed and Accepted 2/22
    Unemployment and EIC

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    tt e-file

    Just got an WMR update. Deposit schedule for 4/12

    Emerald Card

    Bars are back!!

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    I update for me either

    #4483480 Reply

    No update for me this morning. Maybe next week. I’m keeping the faith. Maybe I will have my refund before Mother’s Day.😋

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    Update! WMR updated with a 4/14 DDD this morning. Finally!
    Filed accepted. 2/22
    Lost bars mid Feb
    Unemployment, look back, eitc credits
    Used TT

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    Just an update.
    After receiving my transcripts 2 days ago with a 4/14 ddd, i received my refund today!

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    As of now my as of date has changed back to 2/22 after changing to 4/26 this am. No other changes and still being processed

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    Well..accepted 2/11 and only change for me was “as of” changed for the 5th time…..was April 12 now April 26th started at Mar 1st. I pretty much give up hope at this point. Cycle is 20211205 and had to id verify a month ago..passed successfully..code 570 came up on transcripts 2 weeks ago…no change since..its crazy./… done filng exempt from now on..its bs.

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    Filed 2/20
    Accepted 2/22
    TT152 showed
    Still processing 3/16
    TT152 Disappeared
    Refund amount gone and replaced with 12/30/2020 on 4/6
    TT152 is back on 4/6
    Still shows Return is still being processed
    Transcripts updated today 4/9
    Code 846 with a “Refund Issued” date of 4/14
    No adjustments made on my expected amount

    Hopes this helps those 2/20 and on filers

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    Only change to mine is the as of date from 2/22 to 4/26

    #4483037 Reply

    Mine didn’t update… still the same ole same ole

    #4482981 Reply

    My transcript didn’t update to 4/26 today. It’s still 2/22. I hope Chrissy and Nat get their processed tonight.

    #4482894 Reply

    Same. Mine updated to as of date April, 26th. Hoping this means something.

    #4482890 Reply

    Accepted 2/22…. as of date has been 1/18 since the beginning… today the as of date changed to April 26th… top two transcripts still say n/a….. so should I consider this movement or continue to stay disappointed that nothing is being done😫

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    No news, no movement of updates. Like like 2/12-2/16 accepted filers are getting ddd tho. Maybe we will see updates in the next two weeks.

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    You are not alone. I filed 2/17 and was accepted 2/18. My return left errors 3/30 and should get a DD between now and April 27th. My tt 152 appeared for 5 days and refund amount disappeared. Saturday WMR showed no tt and expected refund back in place or tax year. Called IRS twice yesterday and was told by 4/27 and also 8 weeks from the day it left errors. Highly doubt it will take that long.

    #4482165 Reply

    Filed 2/20
    Accepted 2/22
    TT152 showed
    Still processing 3/16
    TT152 Disappeared
    Refund amount gone and replaced with 12/30/2020 on 4/6

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    No major changes to tax transcripts as of today. I did notice however last night that the irs updated my 3rd stimulus amount info for 2020 and it it showing up now. Maybe I will see movement this weekend. 😋

    #4482122 Reply

    No update 😒😞

    #4482107 Reply

    I’m so tired of still processing. Stick a fork in me. I’m done 😫😭 no movement at all

    #4482044 Reply

    Nope, not a thing. Still processing

    #4482035 Reply

    Any changes for anybody in this group?

    #4481084 Reply

    Still nothing. Same old, you’re refund is being processed.

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    Did any of us that got accepted on the 22nd update?? Nothing for me but crossing my fingers that at least some of us did lol

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    Can’t view my transcript, but 🙏in heavily for good WMR update Saturday!!! I truly believe the 3-4 transaction deposits to my bank pertaining to Stimulus 1,2,3 within 11 months has confused the system! Instead of DD, bet ya I’ll b getting a check… shall see, Goodluck and congratulations to ALL!🙏🙏🙏……. come on Saturday!!

    #4480212 Reply

    As of now no update or change for me

    #4480200 Reply

    Accepted 2/22….. still no updates… no movement at all. As of date is 1/18… still processing…. and then to top it off no third stimulus. Guess it’s due to taxes not being processed yet. Just says not available…… congrats to anyone who did update!!!!

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    Trying to wait patiently but i see way more march filers receiving ddd than those that filed in January and February..not going to lie igmr family it is rubbing me wrong like a bad pair of undies on a hot summer day in tx. Maybe if they didnt brag or boast I wouldnt feel so salty. Anyway good luck to us all. Prayed for us all on here.

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    I dont understand why im getting moderated and i never say anything like that meanwhile you got people pn here being called everything but a child of God in a whole conversation on this forum that was allowed so ill just find another forum on fb or something good luck yall

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    Jamie Harris

    Praying we all update

    #4480010 Reply

    Well I tried to call Tax Advocate line today first thing this morning I got right thru was told Taxes in Error department but didn’t see an error and was given the 10 week speech. Will see what tomorrow brings

    #4478325 Reply

    @bg you’re correct, he doesn’t. But that’s what I’m saying, these idiots at the IRS need to process these returns as first in first out. I mean that’s the fair way to do it 🤷🏻‍♀️ Regardless of complexity, they need to do them in order received. I’m so tired of this. 5 weeks into the “10 weeks” is really killing us.

    #4478208 Reply

    Let’s keep each other updated if and when we see a change. I am a weekly so I don’t expect anything until Friday so I won’t be checking daily but for now I am still being processed with no Tax Topic… and refund amount on the side

    #4478183 Reply

    I’m noticing a lot of early filers 2/12 2/13 are getting DDD’s for next week. I hope our turn is next. I haven’t had any movement in awhile.

    #4477572 Reply

    Same, 2/23 filer, finally able to peek at Transcripts and they are no movement. I see the HRB dude filed us as $1,200 line 30″ NEVER using those idiots again. That’s the hold up

    #4477352 Reply

    Me either. Still being processed transcript N/A

    #4477351 Reply

    I didnt update unfortunately 😔

    #4477282 Reply

    Did anybody update?

    #4477086 Reply

    @clueless your son must don’t have no dependents

    #4476903 Reply

    Filed and accepted 2/21. Transcript shows no return, IRS tells me bullshit “errors dept” 🙄😠 No movement whatsoever on WMR. But I filed my son’s on 3/19 and he received his refund TODAY 3/24!!!!! Fking BS! It’s infuriating. 10 weeks is entirely unacceptable.

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    Hi Everyone,
    Filed 2/22/21
    Accepted 2/22/21
    W2,retirement income, 2 dependents, eic,ctc, actc. I called the irs on Thursday, March 18th and I was able to talk to an agent. She told me that my return was in error dept. I donot have unemployment and yet I am in error dept😚
    They told me 10 weeks but I think it will update before then.

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    Accepted 02/22, same as everyone else, still processing. I heard the delay is for people with unemployment. The the new “no tax” bill, effected the amount of a refund either + or -. I’m a path + unemployment. If you have any knowledge of this please share. Quite a few, accepted the week before me, got updates today on wmr so I’m hoping next week!

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    No update for me. I am weekly if that means anything this crazy tax season so i will update again for friday-sat update if i receive one

    #4476853 Reply

    Still no update and no movement still being processed no TT and transcripts N/A

    #4476638 Reply
    Your Soulmate

    Still no update on WMR. Transcripts are still N/A.
    Accepted 2/22.

    #4476620 Reply
    Johnny Taxes

    1) Filed on 02/18
    2) Accepted on 02/22
    3) WMR was on “Accepted” with TT152 until a couple of days before 21st day (around 03/13).
    4) Been showing “Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available” and no TT152 on WMR ever since.
    5) Don’t have access to transcript yet.

    #4476063 Reply

    Still no updates for me either. Transcripts still say n/a… wmr still says you are still processing… gmp says payment info not available…. so who knows😩 this crap is getting old fast. Don’t understand how they can process all these new returns within a week while they still have us hanging on in the back ground.🤬🤬🤬

    #4475349 Reply

    No updates here still waiting from 2/12

    #4475348 Reply
    Your Soulmate

    No update for me.
    Filed 2/22
    Accepted 2/22
    Was processing for forever w/ 1 bar
    Bars disappeared a week ago and now I have the “still processing” message with my info on the left side.
    N/A for transcripts for 2020.
    No movement.
    This is an incredibly frustrating tax season.

    #4475328 Reply

    No update for me I have no bars and no TT…I am a weekly so it wont be this week for me

    #4475326 Reply

    Hey guys and gals! I just wanted to check in and hopefully see some good news or changes for our group. I didn’t updatw and im a weekly so i doubt ill see anything til potentially end of the month if then. Anybody else??? Good luck and God bless

    #4474578 Reply

    I have no update at all… uugh

    #4474391 Reply

    I have no unemployment claims. I filed w2,claimed eic,actc,ctc. I have two dependents. I don’t know what the error is. I have used Freetax software for years.🤨

    #4474374 Reply

    I was accepted on 2/13 and got my Netspend deposit already.

    #4474373 Reply

    @nettie did you have unemployment?

    #4474307 Reply

    Hi Everyone,
    Around 5:45 pm today, I tried to call IRS to check on the status of my tax return. I had to wait about 20 minutes . She said that my return was in the Error department and give it 10 weeks to update. She said that no letter has been sent out and said that they might have to fix the error or it could be fixed on it own🤨

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    Hi all 2/22/21 accepted filers,
    I received my 3 stimulus payment today. I have 2 dependents. My stimulus amount of 4200 was correct. My transcript has not updated. Still showing As-to-date 2/22/21. My tt 152 came back.
    Hoping for an update this Saturday, 3/20/21. I have not received any letter from IRS.😗

    #4473753 Reply

    No update yet for me

    #4473383 Reply
    #4472356 Reply

    Filed 2/23 eic lookback option got stimulus to same checking account i used to update for 2nd stimulus. stll processing on wmr n/a on transcripts and as of date 3/15. Those are my updates at this time…nothing.

    #4471987 Reply

    Hello Everyone!

    I filled on 02/22 accepted the same day. EITC, Head of household. Had bars and code 152 until yesterday. This morning all gone!!!
    Check the stimulus deposit date and is schedule for 03/17th. Do you guys think it has something to do one thing with the other??

    Let me know!

    #4471660 Reply

    02/23 filer, Was at one bar till today, now it’s no bars and a “refund date will be provided” Stim is set for 17thbut it’s again to one of those idiot dummy HR Block banks. (since my wife insists on having them do our taxes and taking the fees out of returns) So I’ll see it mayhaps on Friday. Refund? Of freaking knows.

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    At least today I got some good news. After filing my 2020 taxes on 2/22/21. I have yet to get a dd date. Today, I checked Get My Payment and I have a dd date for 3rd stimulus for 3/17/21. 😋My 2020 WMR says that message of still being processed and a refund date…😚

    #4471182 Reply

    2/20 here…and still bars

    #4471131 Reply

    Same here, checked WMR and bars are gone and days still processing.

    #4470749 Reply

    I’m the same Nettie and Lovely, I suspect this is just the system acknowledging that they won’t get it out to us within 21 days. It should affect 3rd stimulus payments and we will probably see some movement next week.

    #4470681 Reply

    My bars left and I am still being processed no Tax Topic info on the side

    #4470473 Reply

    I check WMR about fifteen minutes ago and my information just changed to Your refund is still being processed …,,,
    Filed 2/22/21
    Accepted 2/22/21
    eic, atc,w2
    I had one bar on WMR for 19 days🤨
    My as to date is 2/22/21 still
    Transcripts still na🤨
    I am not sure what going to happen with stimulus #3.

    #4470295 Reply

    Now my as of date is back to 2/22 it only changed for stimmy

    #4470293 Reply

    Now my as of fate is back to 2/22 it only changed for stimmy

    #4469549 Reply

    Only change is my as of date

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