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Accepted 2-19

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    Lil Chief

    I filed on 2-19-21 using Turbo Tax. Not even 10 minutes later I was accepted…

    Let’s keep everybody informed that got accepted on 2-19 by posting here.

    Lil Chief

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    Lil Chief

    Kool deal…. let’s hope chase releases it to us tomorrow

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    I also have a 3/3 deposit for Chase. I looked back on prior years and deposit has come in the day before. Here is to hoping we both wake up to a deposit tomorrow.

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    Lil Chief

    I just checked my account… doesn’t look like Chase will be releasing my refund as sooner than 3-3

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    Lil Chief

    HRB is not a good source for accepting dates… the IRS didn’t even start accepting in till the 11th at the earliest… next have you checked your transcripts that is a very good source of information keep in mind there has been some delays on updating the transcripts just like where is my refund keep an eye on your accounts and you should get your deposit very soon as I said another thread there has been many delays where’s my refund

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    I check my chime account about every hour. I see a lot of people saying they didn’t get a notification anything posted to their account. My mother in law got hers yesterday. Just 600$ stimulus. My best friend got hers last week with EIC and ACTC. My cousin got hers beginning of week with no credits. We all filed around the same time.

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    I’m trying not to worry. Lol but I have like 4-5 different dates saying it was accepted. I’m so confused. I just want to get it and not worry about it anymore.

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    Lil Chief

    Many people are in the same boat as you are…. even that said… so many of them are STILL getting deposits even with no movement at at. I touch on this very thing in this thread.. there’s other talking about it to on this site… I really wouldn’t worry too much

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    I have a question. I’m super confused. I filed H&R Block free online tool. Says accepted Jan 17th. Then text say IRS officially accepted Feb 12. THEN I check with H&R Block with their check my refund and it says accepted the 24th then also says the 25th. 1 bar WMR. Claimed credits. Received stimulus checks sent. No DD. Deposit into my chime account. No movement at all. Can’t access transcripts online. Can someone help me figure this out or is anyone else experiencing the same thing?

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    Lil Chief

    Getting it after one week is awwwsome

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    WMR still has me at 1 bar, but my DDD must have been 2/26. I got my refund one week after filing!

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    I filed and was accepted 2/19 as well. I can see my transcripts and it still says n/a. I claimed eitc, ctc, and the stimulus bc I never got the second one.

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    Accepted 2/19 and do not have transcript. I was so hopeful to see something this morning. Oh, well. I will update when I see something.

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    Still only one bar for me on wmr

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    Lil Chief

    Wore up WMR at 2 bars with a DDD of 3/3… about time WMR is finally working

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    Lil Chief

    We will know more in a few hours

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    Filed & accepted 2/19.
    Money in the bank (PNC Bank) 2/26.

    WMR still at 1 bar, w/ TT152.

    I haven’t checked my TS yet, but I’m guessing it will say my DDD is either 3/1 or 2/26. The money is there & available in my account as a pending transaction. I had EITC.

    Glory to God!

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    Lil Chief

    I got no movement from me today shit shit update on where is my refund tomorrow we can only hope

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    WMR still at one bar, but my transcripts were there this morning. I got a code 826, as some of my refund is being transferred to pay a balance from last year. My 846 is dated 3/3.

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    Lil Chief

    No movement for me so far

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    Accepted 12:02am 2/20 dd in my bank 12:36 am 2/26
    Went from a weekly to a daily this year

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    WMR still one bar. Federal only btw. Accepted 2/19/21. In bank 2/26/21

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    I did my taxes and got excepted 2-19–2021 I got my deposit in my bank at 12:45 AM 2-26- 2021

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    Lil Chief

    WMR is definitely NOT a tool you can count on to gauge the status on your return….. it’s not even showing approved and people are getting deposits.
    I agree this year Wmr is total garbage

    #4460341 Reply
    rip kobe

    Wmr is trash. I’m not even gonna check it this year.

    #4460335 Reply
    Lil Chief

    I read some other posts…. some are saying they are getting deposits…. even with WMR at one and transcripts showing no updates…. I say just keep an eye on your accounts for the deposits

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    Lil Chief

    I could not agree with you more

    #4460087 Reply
    rip kobe

    Fuck I wish I could see my transcript. Dumbass IRS website is fuckin TRASH.

    #4460073 Reply
    Lil Chief

    It looks like no movement for most on here

    #4459828 Reply
    Lil Chief


    Check on Friday morning… you should see some movement then

    #4459826 Reply

    Filed 2/19 TT,
    Accepted that evening, transcripts now saying 846 with 2/26 DD , but there’s no cycle code?

    #4459790 Reply
    Lil Chief

    Ok… we can all hope Friday things will start looking up

    #4459752 Reply
    rip kobe

    @lil chief

    See u back here Friday then lol hope we get some kind of update soon. All those early filers are scaring me. Lmao

    #4459708 Reply
    LiL Chief

    I’m Really not counting on any movement until at least Friday 26th or Saturday 27th

    #4459196 Reply
    Lil Chief

    Nothing yet

    #4459173 Reply

    Anyone get a DDD yet?

    #4458820 Reply
    Lil Chief

    A lot of people are get deposits even with wmr at one bar…. so always keep looking in your account to see if there is Uncle Sam dropping off bags full of cash

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    Filed 2/19 with freetaxUSA
    accepted 10 mins later
    still sitting at 1 bar
    checked transcript at 6am no change
    checked again at 715am and updated to DDD of 2/26

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    Yeah we filed on the 21st, accepted yesterday…we waited on purpose this year because last year was a big cluster cluck everyone who filed early was put under review, and people who filed later or on time got taxes quickly…so we decided to test a theory lol… we’ll see how it goes 😬

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    rip kobe


    Yep I filed 2/19 around midnight.
    Got accepted on 2/20 around midnight.

    Thinking March 1-7 will be our time. Based on last year my DD hit 13 days after it was accepted. Filed same way every year the last 4 years. Path. EITC and CTC and self employed no 1099.

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    Congrats, @proudmama385! That’s quick! Which day did you file? I filed via HRB on 2/19, with acceptance the same day. I’m thinking 3/1 as the earliest likely DDD.

    #4458243 Reply

    Accepted either 2/18 or 2/19
    Just checked Trans: DDD 2/26

    #4458238 Reply

    Same filed Hrb 2-19 accepted same day

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    Lil Chief

    IRS is really fast on Accepting…. but that’s it

    #4457885 Reply

    Filed 2/19 with Tax Act. Accepted in just a few minutes.

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    Lil Chief

    Is this going to be a long year of waiting like last year or what? We shall see

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