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Accepted 2/13

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    Any 2/13’rs seeing any movement at all?

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    Fiancee was accepted 2/13 only claimed for stimulus. Still no movement

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    Jackie Rose

    @infinityba2 im still NA also

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    BANG! 846 CODE TODAY! SEE YALL in a year! 2/12 filed TT accepted 2/13 $12,520

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    Another mom

    WMR still at 1 bar, today transcript changed from N/A to 2020 and a DDD is listed as 3/3

    Filed in Jan through TT, made a clerical error so was rejected 2/10, fixed and accepted 2/13.

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    Filed 2/8
    Accepted 2/13
    Transcript N/A
    WMR one bar

    Starting to freak out. Seems like everyone is getting a DDD and I’ve gotten nothing.

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    Stacy C

    No updates for us. Filed and Accepted 2/13 on TT.

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    Michael Smith

    So far, my as of date changed to 3/15. No other transcript updates though. Still waiting. Transcripts are suppose to continue to update throughout today for weeklies, which I assume I am.

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    Good morning. Accepted on 2/13. Check WMR have DD. 3/2. Path Eic. Chat next year. Shopping time😂😂

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    Anyone with a ddd date use the lookback option?

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    FYI WMR doesn’t update till Saturday a day after transcripts do.

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    Same boat as the rest, accepted on the 13th and NA for top transcripts. The wait and anticipation continues.

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    It’s me

    Filed 2/12, accepted the 13th, still nothing. :(
    Really thought today would be the day.

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    Filed 2/12
    Accepted 2/13
    No movement on transcripts until this morning updated with
    846 3/3/21

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    Can’t see transcripts and wmr did not update anyone with movement on transcript but still nothing on wmr?

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    Accepted 2/13
    Transcripts available today
    846 DDD 3/3/21
    Still one bar on WMR

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    Just spoke to my bank will not be available till the DDD. Bank with SECU.

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    Fully updated now!! Yay! Finally!!
    DD 3/3
    Filed 2/12
    Accepted 2/13

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    My transcript finally updated
    I’m able to see all of my transcripts for 2020
    Account transcript hasn’t updated yet.
    Cycle code 20210805

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    My transcripts just updated. I am able to see all of the transcripts for 2020, however the account transcript still shows no return filed and no DD even though the return transcript has everything there.

    Filed 2/12
    Accepted 2/13

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    That was my entire point, nothing has been normal at all this year. It sucks for all of us. I still cant believe I saw ppl getting deposits on a Thursday, even though I just saw it. Im sorry it just irked me that I put up my own thread and you immediately jumped on it and basically called me an idiot. None of this year has made any sense.

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    RIP Kobe, I do not think you can, but I do not know for certain. I have never heard of anyone doing it before. It typically requires verification of identity online to access them that way (as I am sure you know). I would be interested to see if you could actually.

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    rip kobe


    Can I call the irs and ask them to give me access to my online transcript?

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    Stacy C.


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    Rockie, why try to start trouble? Under normal circumstances, it is not possible to receive a refund without an 846 on your transcript. I’ve never seen it happen before. Maybe it did, but I’ve not read anyone anywhere that this has happened to. It was they received refunds with no update to WMR. It is 100% possible for WMR to be blank or not updated and still receive a refund, because of an error in the info from transcripts migrating to WMR.. we’ve all seen this happening.

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    Nope nada zilch. I do find it odd my little sister just got hers a couple hours ago out of no where at 1:24pm central. Her scripts STILL show nothing and wmr still on 1st bar. I argued with taman yesterday about this very thing, but he knows more than me and anyone of the tons of ppl that went through the same experience yesterday. Weird bc its a Thursday….

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    Accepted 2/13. Spoke with irs yesterday for nearly 2 hours. The representative kept asking me if I had filed 2020. She couldn’t find it’ll see if had been accepted. She finally found it using my husbands information and income. No movement anywhere. My transcripts have me as single. I haven’t been single in 25 years and have never filed a single return. Getting very worried, but some comfort in it seems all 2/13 or the majority are in the same situation

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    I was accepted 2/13 and still no movement.

    However, I had to claim the recovery rebate since I switched banks and today I received a letter stating my stimulus was going to be direct deposited. I am choosing to see this as the movement I would be seeing if WMR wasn’t being ridiculous.

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    Still nothing. Claimed both credits. Hoping for an update overnight.

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    Edit for typographic error, the IRS did not get a return…. They verified that the WMR is not functioning correctly.

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    If all goes well, many of the “weekly” 2-13 filers will have transcript updates Thursday night into Friday. WMR may or may not work, the IRS and multiple people (even those I file for) have gotten their returns back without it updating at all. Check your transcripts sometime Friday 2-26 for updates. For those who update, the deposit dates will be for next week.

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    Filed 2/12 accepted 2/13, havnt gotten anything yet. Transcripts n/a, sbtpg no movement, wmr 1 bar. Slightly discouraging. I go thru capital one 360 and they say they don’t hold deposits…. but they do.

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    I was accepted 2/13
    Received deposit 2/18 in the afternoon
    DDD 2/23 (846 showed it on transcript)
    WMR still on 1 bar
    Eitc – Ctc – Pather
    Filed 2/12

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    I was accepted on 2/13 and the only thing I have gotten was my state

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