Accepted 1/29/13

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      Filed with tt, accepted same day. Irs site says received and processing.

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        STILL Processing. . .I don’t get this. At ALL.


          Woke up this morning to dd date feb 6 yay :-)

          Filed with taxact (for free)
          File 1/28
          Accepted 1/29


            Well, we filed on the 28th TT accepted the 29th….still processing on WMR and 800# and cant order refund transcripts. Been married 9 years and have 2 kiddos from a previous marriage but we have always claimed the kids as they live with us full time. Anyone else still processing that was accepted on the 29th?


              Filed with TT on 1-28-13 accepted 1-29-13 was able to order transcripts 1-31-13, was not able to check WMR most of 2-1-13 checked at midnight last night said I was still processing, checked this morning and I have a DD date of 2-6-13. At least this year it is going smooth, last year I was one of the ones stuck in limbo.


                Got 2/6 dd this am too!!


                  got dd of 2/6 this morning also!


                    I filed 1/29 got accepted 1/29 and woke up to a dd of 2/6!


                      i filed with TT on 1/28 and got accepted on 1/29.
                      i also have checked the WMR site and got all the same problems everyone else seems to be getting with the status saying “processing” and “you may have entered your information incorrectly”
                      after searching the web on this problem i found this Forum, and got some hope when i found this topic because everyone else was having the same problems as me.
                      i checked the WMR site this morning around 2 a.m. and it said “processing” then i checked this morning about 6 a.m. thinking the site has not updated yet and of course it still said “you may have entered your information incorrectly” so i decided to call the 1800 number and checked the status on there.
                      It gave me a DD date of 2/6! finally got an answer :D so i’m happy i was worried i entered something wrong and thats why i got the Processing updates…


                        2/6 here as well. Filed and accepted 1/29 with tt.

                        Just Me Jess

                          i just checked the 800# and it says dd 2/6!
                          filed 1/29 with tt
                          accepted 1/29
                          dd 2/6


                            Yeye.. Filed 1/28 accepted 1/29 updated at 1:36am pacific time. Direct Deposit 2/6 :)Happy dance.


                              As of 2/2 at 4:42am I just got my refund approved DD is 2/6. I filed 1/29 got accepted 1/29 and I ad one offset. I filed through TS!! Yesssss finally


                                Just got a dd date of 2/6
                                Files: 1/28
                                Accepted: 1/29
                                Able to order transcript at 1:38 am on 2/1


                                  I have been in “processing” since the 30th. I think I (think) was able to order transcrpits, it said they were being mailed to me. Should I hve been able to view it at that point?? I’m a lil confused….too many ways for the irs to tell u absolutely nothing.ugh!

                                  Used taxact
                                  Filed 1/28


                                    I refuse to call because well I don’t want a mean person. I hope after the update we all update to something. After last year I am a nervous wreck.


                                      Still on the receiving bar on WMR :((( Ugh this blows chunks mannn. I wont check again until tomorrow


                                        I hope it is the 6th. That would be great!

                                        Just Me Jess

                                          i’ve been so frustrated checking the 800# and wmr and seeing still processing. it gives me hope seeing so many 29ers with a dd of 2/6 when they have called to check the status. hopefully we will all get our money then, if not sooner!


                                            @jbwoodson YAY!! I have some hope. Imma check at midnight to see if Im still locked out so hopefully I see my DD there!!


                                              Stupid phone messed up. Hope y’all can understand what I just posted. Lol


                                                Letting you guys know that I got a hold of someone at the IRS who was very nice and helpful. Said the online systems nd automated system are behind. He told me mine is scheduled for deposit on 2/6. I alswas accepted like y’all on the 29th so you may try that. Not all IRS people are helpful when you call but I’d say the money is on it’s way and our day looks like the 6th!


                                                  Yes, Processing Purgatory is exactly right.

                                                  Thanks zo1633 for telling me that there’s no way I’m getting a DD on 2/1 if I was accepted and filed on 1/29. Notice I said IT WOULD BE NICE, not that I actually thought it would happen.

                                                  Thanks, though.


                                                    I filed 1/28 was accepted 1/29. WMR has been working great for me up until around noon. It started saying they had no record of my refund. The hotline was working but still giving the up to 21 day message. So I called the IRS and the lady told me that it takes up to three weeks to process,but she would check for me just to make sure. She checked and said that I have a direct deposit date of 2/6!!!!


                                                      Filed on 1/28/12, accepted on 1/29/12 have been in “Processing” purgatory since late 1/30/12. *sighs*


                                                        I talked to a really nice IRS rep and he said the WMR is having a lot of issues and that they will be posting something on the IRS website about it.


                                                          Filed through TT 1/29, accepted 1/29 and still in processing, I was also able to order my transcripts (whatever that’s supposed to mean) called the IRS only for the lady to tell me to check wmr, I said “I did” and she said “what did it say” and I said ” processing” and she said “well theres your answer” …WHAT??!! lol, then I said, can I give you my social and have you check? and she gave a (loud) sigh and said…yup, processing…now check your wmr from now on…grrr… I’m not expecting my refund any time soon but i would LOVE an actual DD Date!

                                                          Kentucky Tax payer


                                                            What does “small offset” mean? also, when you request the transcript which item do you select from the drop down menu? Thanks


                                                              filed 1/27 and accepted 1/29, married filing joint, 4 kids, 1099 from a foreign employer instead of a w-2, irs2go, site and phone all still saying processing but i was able to order 2012 transcript


                                                                i was accepted on 1/29. called the irs a little bit ago because irs2go phone app wouldnt let me access it anymore and it gave me a number to call, talked to a lady and my wife had a small offset but got a direct deposit date of 2/6, oh and ordered a return transcript and phone/wmr still says processing when it does work.


                                                                  WMR is having problems and giving wrong info


                                                                    I was accepted the 29th also, I have heard (now it is just hearsay but…) we will get a DD date of 2/6?? So here is hoping :)


                                                                      Filed and accepted 1/29.
                                                                      “Still processing”.
                                                                      Ordered a transcript just now.

                                                                      FYI, my mom and friend filed and accepted 1/25 and both received their DD’s this morning (brats!). :)

                                                                      Will update if anything new happens.


                                                                        STILL processing. . .:(


                                                                          still processing here


                                                                            I was also able to order a 2012 transcript. WMR still says processing…


                                                                              I was able to order a transcript this am, but not last night. Still processing though.


                                                                                I have yet to see anyone accepted on 1/29 get a Dd date.. I think we just haven’t updated yet


                                                                                  I’m not sure it means anything. I was able to order one as well, but I’m still processing.


                                                                                    What does it mean if you can order a 2012 transcript?


                                                                                      I was just able to order my transcript, but I’m still processing according to WMR. Hopefully after the update we will all have a DD


                                                                                        I filed with TS on 1/29 and got accepted 11pm 1/29 and now my status looks like this

                                                                                        It has been received and is being processed. It could take up to 21 days blah blah blah. I want a DD date already.

                                                                                        S/N: I keep checking it so I think its now locking me out or its down. I cant see my status bar anymore it keeps saying I entered the wrong information


                                                                                          Still processing…


                                                                                            i got accepted on 1/29 and still processing too…i seen some accepted on 1/30 got their dd for 2/1!


                                                                                              I swore I wouldn’t buy into the transcript theory but finally bit and tried it. I got a message saying it would arrive in 5-10 days (or something like that). Hopefully this means something. I am one who doesn’t desperately need my refund which is about half of what I normally get but I have been on comp since August therefore my earned income sucks. I just need retail therapy and doubt my doctor can prescribe it.

                                                                                              WIll post if I get a date, I checked WMR earlier, I got what everyone else seems to be getting. A lovely message asking if I had entered everything right. It isn’t because I’ve checked to many times, that was the second time in three day. It would seem I’d be simple, I have the same job, same kid, same bank, same address. Hell..I have the same boyfriend, dog and car which is probably about as relevant as what we think is pertinent.


                                                                                                Filed with Taxact on 1/28 and accepted on 1/29. Still says processing :( anyone know when it updates?


                                                                                                  Mine was accepted 1/29/13 and still says processing. Sooooo hoping it gets DD on 2/4 or 2/5 that’d be SAWEEEET Good luck everyone


                                                                                                    Im thinking we will see a deposit on 2/5 maybe 2/4.. It seems to be sort of following a pattern. Most returns accepted on 23 24 and 25 are getting 2/1 deposits 26 27 28 is getting 2/4 so maybe some 29 will get 2/5 possible 2/4


                                                                                                      sorry meant the 29th


                                                                                                        there is no way if you filed on the 3+th you will get it on the first sorry


                                                                                                          I filed on 1/29 and was accepted today called wmr and it says processing and could take up to 21 days! BLAH :-(


                                                                                                            Filed on 1/29 didn’t get accepted until today (1/30), keeping an eye on this board hoping that you all put up good news and I’m a day behind hehe!! FINGERS CROSSED FOR US!


                                                                                                              I filed 1/29 and was accepted same day. Today WMR says received and processing also. It would be REALLY nice to get a DD on 2/1.


                                                                                                                That would be awesome.


                                                                                                                  Me too. It seems like refunds are taking 7 days so I’m thinking we may see ours on Tuesday.. Hopefully :D

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