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    filed 1/21 via taxact
    accepted 1/29 @5:00pm
    still only 1 bar no dd.
    Saw somewhere on this site that they spoke with a IRS rep and was told that an email memo went out today that stated that all the early filers still with no dds will start getting processed next week. I truly hope that is not the case and that they are working on this problem as i type right now. Ughhh so frustrated. Please post any new news if you were an early filer that hasn’t gotten a DD yet and be sure to say when u got approved. Im praying for us all.

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    Will I actually get the deposit on my dd of 2/20?? Or will I have to wait a few days used taxact?? Ty



    Mine finally changed i have two bars and DDD 2/20/14



    I filed on 1/15 and was accepted 1/25.
    Now on wmr there are no bars. Just a sentence that says ” still proccessing”
    A date will be provided to you when it becomes available!
    What does that mean?



    Does anyone know the site for the irs’ bank to check about direct deposit?? Thank you!



    :) just got the update refund will be sent to the bank it says by February 20th does that mean it can be before then??



    Same here. Filed 1/20/14…accepted in the test batch 1/27/14….still nothing…yesterday my status bar disappeared and it reads: your refund is still processing we will notify you when a refund date will be avalible.
    I have a non filing letter when trying to get transcript and when calling they tell me to wait until 21 days….never had to wait ever in the last 9 years this long.



    Was anyone actually “approved” yet by the irs or there state I’m in nj?? Thank you



    Same here filed 1/31 excepted 2/1 still saying processed. WTF is going on. Call the dumb iRS bitches and they won’t look u up until it’s been 21 days really frustrating



    No change for me still nuthing still processing amd no update still one bar…here we go day 13



    Same here. I was accepted on 1/31, today (2/13) still 1 bar only (with topic 152) waiting for the approval. Hopefully we will see it soon ….. Please let me know if something changes for you guys. Thanks.



    I’m in the same boat… Accepted on the 29th and still on the 1st bar??? If anyone s status changes please let me know…the only thing that is on there is the 152 thing but I heard that’s ok and doesn’t mean there is a real problem?? Is this true?? Thank you!!



    I too was accepted on the 31st and hVe one bar and the still processing and tt152 and no updates ..have been one one bar for 12 days!!



    Accepted on 1/28 still stuck on one bar can’t order return transcript and account transcript says 2/24 and has the zeros. This is the first year I filed early and boy have I learned from this mistake. Very frustrated.



    Standard Procedure won’t let them look at tax returns till 21 days after acceptance..who did you speak too


    candace sapla

    I was accepted 2/2/2014. I check once daily and 7 days later I still get the message telling me that where’s my refund can’t provide any info bout my return. Phone number says the same exact thing… frustrating



    I checked just now and I do have a ddd of the 12 of feb. All in all good news I guess. However I do see that my deposit is around $1000 dollars less then it should have been. Now I have to wait to get a letter from a third party stating what the deduction was for. I have no clue seeing as the only thing I owe on is the truck I just bought in December. Anyway. Hope everyone else received good news today.



    Great news everyone, I have a dd of 2/12 plus they offset my refund for a debt but Im grateful to finally be done processing.



    I have this page saved. I will check in the am, and late pm of every day till I see some change which I will then post. If we could get a group of people to do the same that would be great for all of us. I’m not getting locked out or the error message from wmr as I have been the last few days. That of course means jack for our returns but at the very least I can see my one bar ( sarcasm). Good luck all and I truly mean that. I hope if anyone receives good news to please take the time to let us all know. Thanks in advance.



    I’m in the same boat. I thought it would be great to file early. I received from HRB that I was accepted early during the e-file certification testing conducted by the IRS. Needless to say, I’m still at one bar too! So I totally feel all of your pain. This just plain sucks! I’ll never file early again!



    Filed TT 1-20-14
    Accepted IRS WMR 1-27-14
    Been stuck on 1 bar since
    ***I have been ghosting different sites that are all talking about 2014 refunds, what I have noticed is that ppl accepted between 1-26/1-31 are all accepted, one bar. What someone said was that since we were all early filers we are the ones that got stuck on the servers, due to bugs & software issues, when they were able to retrieve our returns they just “stuck us in the back of the line” meanwhile later filers continued to go on through. So basically it’s as if we just filed around the 3-4th of February. That’s what some1 said they were told via IRS rep. I don’t know if its true or not, but from the looks of things it seems it just might. If I get any info ill post here since we are all same dates unlike the home page on here. I still haven’t been allowed to order transcripts, I heard ordering a Return transcript is the golden ticket to a 24 hr DDD the account transcript has had mixed outcomes for people. TY & Good Luck to all



    Filed on the 29th, accepted on the 30th. As of this morning, still only the first bar. I don’t believe it’s ever taken me this long to get a refund.

    My sister filed right after the first week of January, and a week ago recieved DDD of 2/6, however didnt recieve it until today, the 7th.



    does it matter the amount of return you are receiving back? We are getting a substantial amount – accepted on the 25th but only at one bar still!!!! I see others are getting their refunds – but nothing here!!!!



    yes, we are all in the same boat. Makes no sense to me. WE filed early and basically are getting placed on the back burner. Those that filed on the 31st or after is getting DDD and refunds. So it’s very frustrating. Trying to stay positive and think about other things, but it’s hard when you think you had everything figured out and then BOOM, that goes to he**. I’m kind of thinking a friend of mine will get his before me. He got accepted on the 4th, so I’m going to see if he gets his before me.



    Same here….Accepted 1/29 and still just one bar. Filed with TaxAct and paid at time of filing. It does make me feel a little better knowing I’m not the only one though.



    I’m in the same boat too and sinking fast! I spoke to the IRS and they said I was still in process. I asked what was taking so long and she didn’t know. As far as she can tell, I don’t have any flags or anything.

    I filed with Tax Act 1/28 and TA said it was accepted on 1/29, but according to the IRS lady, it wasn’t accepted until 1/30.

    So I’m just sitting here twiddling my thumbs and waiting for that bar to move or get a deposit in my account….



    Filed 01/15/14 and was supposedly accepted 01/29. Well still on the 1st orange bar. Haven’t went anywhere. Was told that IRS didn’t officially accept returns till the 31st. So those that I know that filed after me have already gotten DD and pending refunds to their accounts. So it really didn’t pay to file early. Seems as though, the ones that actually waited to file on the 31st got accepted and we are just in limbo. Spoke to 3 different people at the IRS yesterday and of course they are reading from a script about the 21 days crap. Spare me please. This is just so unsettling and unfair. I will not be filing early next year at all. If there are any 01/29ers please keep us updated. Too scared to check WMR because I don’t want to see that 1st bar anymore, nor get locked out. So everyone, lets look out for each other. If I see anything, I will definitely let everyone know.



    i too have yet to get more than 1 bar on WMR. but I did try ordering transcripts and since I moved last year before everytime i tried it kept saying my infor was not matching what they had. finally this morning it took my new address and although i wasn’t able to order a return transcript i was able to mail order an account transcript. so I am hoping that they have finally started working on us poor early filers. still dont think WMR will update with a dd until saturday night tho. seems like its only updating twice a week, sat and wed nights. Please post if your infor changed. thanks and good luck.



    Same here. It’s hepful to see the other sources of filling if you have the time. I wen’t with the same website I have for the last 4 years, Last year I received my refund on the 6th of Feb in my bank. I understand this year started 10 days later but I’m not quite sure when I filled last year. It’s beyond aggrivating that there is really no information to go on. Still as of 5:39 am on the 7 of Feb I am for the last 9 days stuck on one bar with nothing else to go on.



    So I hope someone can prove my theory wrong. So I went back and looked at my transcripts for previous years and all my refunds was issued right at a year of each other except last years and that’s because I got a cp05 letter. So I’m thinking that I willnot get my return until March 24th or 25th exactly a year from last years. so one return per year. So I guess I’ll just look for it to come in late March such a bummer but thats what I can gather by looking at transcripts and wife transcripts for previous years.



    I’m beginning to get pissed TFO. Filed on the 26th and accepted on the 29th still no date yet.



    same boat accepted 28th nothing except 1 pizza bar and a damn tt 152 for going on 10days now!


    Proud dad

    Same here file 2/1 accepted 2/2 as of 2/6 one bar still fxxking processing



    Im in the same boat. I filed 1/24 got accepted 1/28 and no update. So if you all hear anything else please post and let us know!:)


    Heck I was accepted on the 24th. I have bills to catch up on. email me if you get updates.
    [email protected]

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