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      The IRS accepted my tax return on 1/24/2013 at 12:35 PM – Any idea or hope for a DD date?

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          Accepted: 01/24
          Approved: 01/27
          DDD: 02/01 – received 02/01

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            Finally have some answers today. I was able to get up and order transcripts of both return and account. I could only do it over the phone, not on the web. I also could only get them to go through with my husband’s information and not mine. I think because he’s the primary. Called the IRS and told them I couldn’t pull anything up with WMR. She gave me the whole 21 days yadda yadda. She then said she was curious to see what she could pull up so she asked all my information and put me on hold. She came back and restated the 21 days thing and then told me she had my account pulled up. She told me that I have an offset, which I already knew, so depending on that amount (she couldn’t see the amount), I might not even get a refund. I told her the amount of the offset is drastically less than my refund amount, so she said well, we have the amount at $xxxx and a direct deposit date of 2/6. I will get a deposit on that date of the balance.

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              Can someone tell me what the IRS2Go app is like?

              When I check WMR on the website this is what I get:

              We have received your tax return and it is being processed.

              You should get your refund within 21 days from the date we received your tax return.
              Please check here or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go, to check on your refund status.

              This is what I get on their APP

              Your refund is being processed:
              Sent/direct deposit
              amount: (it says the amount)
              reference number: (this is blank)

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                No change as of yet. I tried ordering transcripts online with my husband’s ssn and it says wrong info (he’s the primary), try with mine and it goes through but no 2012. Called the new transcript hotline and no 2012 for mine nor his.
                Side note: I’m JennC27 when I am on my computer. Using my phone right now, so I’m not logged in. I think next year, I am going to give my info to someone, tell them to file for me and I absolutely do not want any kind of update on the status. I will ban myself from my computer and phone until I get my refund in my account.

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                  mine were accepted 1/24 1:30pm est and mine still says processing, if you try to many times on the WMR it will lock u out and say you entered the wrong info. I would check once in the morning and once at night. Seems like everyones DD dates are random as some ppl from 1/26 have a DD but then others like me from 1/24 don’t. It’s basically a waiting game with thr irs who knows when they will be done!!

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                    another.. they all say the same thing pretty much. This was also a reason for the delay last year too


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                          UTAH Mine are MIA too. I was accepted about the same time as you. IRS didn’t give me any information when I call after it was saying it could not locate or I input wrong information (this was after it was already accepted), then later yesterday evening it was back up and working still at the processing level. This morning it was still processing and I checked mine after reading your statement and it is lost again. Let’s just hope that next time it work it has a DD.

                          I did read an article today on how they are delaying some to make sure there is no identity theft and it should only delay those that they take an extra close look at by a day or two. This would make sense on mine anyhow. This year I get to claim my daughter and grand kids (who she claimed and filed alone last year). Then one of my grandkids was just born this year (and he is disabled).. so I think I may have meet the “red flag” requirements to cause an extra eyeball on my return. Not sure what your situation is, but from what I hear and see the ones that are going through pretty quick don’t are single 1040EZ filers that have filed in the past and have not other dependents, no EIC, etc. So they are very simple returns.

                          Serena, the IRS was suppose to start processing ON the 17th, so people filed earlier than that. Then the IRS was delayed and gave 30th date. I think they pushed the date out to give them so screw up room. Anyhow, they started accepting some returns on the 23, a week earlier than what they said they would.

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                            I thought the IRS wasn’t accepting returns until 1/30/13. How is or that so many people filed before that date. I am confused. I just did mine today and they were accepted today.

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                              Has anyone had better luck today? I’m really starting to panic! I filed 1/10 Married/joint with four children and no education form, accepted 1/24 11:53pm. I was in process all day yesterday. Today WMR tells me I’m putting in wrong info, 800# says processing, and IRS representative said “we just started processing yesterday, check WMR for up to date information.” I can’t order transcripts either.

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                                It was in a comment on their fb page! I am hoping it isn’t the case!

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                                  Oh No Cupcake, that happened to me last year. I was a lucky one to go through the system test run and the unlucky one to still be in the system when it crashed. It took 2 months before I got my refund. Was that recent blog on TurboTax (hoping it was from last year).

                                  Mine still didn’t update either and my daughter who filed on 1/19 still hasn’t even been accepted yet.

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                                    Filed with Taxslayer on 1/15
                                    Accepted 1/24 (mid afternoon)
                                    Paid fees upfront
                                    WMR still giving me the 21 day message. I just read somewhere that the IRS system crashed yesterday and that may cause some refunds to be delayed until early April. I read that on Turbo Tax, one of the reps said it.

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                                      No status change?

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                                          Files on 1/11 tt accepted 1/24 at 10:38 pm pst married filing jointly one w2 eic child tax credit for our two kiddos. Only thing different from last year is our second child. I’ve checked the WMR site 800# irs2go and it all processing should receive in 21 days blah blah my return per irs has not been flagged or anything like that. I have no idea why people who filed and were accepted after me already have dd dates although I am happy for them jut would looove to see one for myself! Lol

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                                          Lisa O

                                            Filed 1/22, accepted 1/24, used TT, claimed education credit, WMR showing accepted and processing.

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                                              What time zone are you in Compwiz? I think that makes a difference too.

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                                                I was accepted 25th and saw someone else post they were accepted 27th and got a DD showing 2/1 already, but I still now only get either invalid info or that the site is down.

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                                                  I called the IRS just to make sure I wasn’t flagged since this year I got to add my adult daughter and 2 grandkids to my return (I got the pleasure of supporting them ALL year). The IRS guy would NOT check my status and told me to call back in 21 days from the date I got the acceptance acknowledgement. He then transferred me to the law help (thank goodness I was allowed to claim them), but he didn’t offer to check either. I went back to WMR and it is back to processing. :) Wheeeeeew. HOPEFULLY, something positive happens with either the status or my bank account tonight.

                                                  BTW, my return was me and 3 dependents. I don’t get EIC (which I heard can delay some tax since they have to verify more). I filed Head of Household, which I have for years. I still paid WAY more Federal taxes than what I am getting back, but still happy that I don’t have to pay more.

                                                  I’ve read some post where people were bragging they got their refunds today. I find it hard to believe that the first thing they did after getting a refund was to jump on the computer and search for a where’s my refund site, just so they can blog that they got one. For the life of me I can’t figure out why someone gets pleasure out of lying about it… when they do “really” get their refund they should consider spending it on therapy.

                                                  Well, good luck to all and may we all wake up blessed with some money in the bank or at least our refund status updated to show a DD date.

                                                  If you are once accepted, then it says it cannot find – deep breath – it will come back.. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW.

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                                                  Matt Arnold

                                                    Same thing happened to me. Before it was showing my return had been received and was being processed. A few minutes ago it showed my info was incorrect. I hope it’s passing to the refund approved phase like was mentioned also. I hope my date is 2/1 :D

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                                                      same, accepted on 24, self-employed, eic and child tax credit, no dd

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                                                        Accepted 1/24 processing no Dd

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                                                          My story:
                                                          I filed on 1-17 with Taxact.
                                                          I was accepted on 1-24 around 2PM.
                                                          I filed 1040A, married filing jointly with 5 dependents (our 5 kiddos), and 2 w2s.
                                                          Checked this morning with WMR tool and could not get an update.
                                                          Eventually tried the hotline and got the processing…21 days message.
                                                          I have tried multiple times to order a transcript with no luck.
                                                          I JUST WANT A DATE!!!

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                                                            I was accepted on the 24th. I checked WMR this morning at 7am MST. It worked fine and showed a DD of Feb 1. I have checked it 6 times throughout the day, including 5 minutes ago and it has worked fine and stayed the same every time. For comparison with you guys, I filed a 1040EZ, single, no dependents, and only a 1099-SA for my HSA. Sucks that it looks like it’s holding up for you. It wouldn’t be surprising to learn though that WMR still has a few issues and that they are working them out.

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                                                              I also was accepted 1/24 10:38 pm pst and am showing “processing” on the WMR and also the 800#. My hubby spoke to an irs agent today and was told our return has been processing since 1/24 it hasn’t been flagged for anything and to expect our refund in 21 days. I am so hoping I update to a DD in the morning!

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                                                                Very early this morning the “new” WMR site showed the return was accepted and said it would be deposited within 21 days. I just check when I was shutting down my web pages and thought what the heck, maybe it will be good news (but not expecting anything different).. Boy was I wrong… now it cannot located my return… Hoping it is processing to the next phase, but worried something else may be happening. I got to be a chosen one last year too and my return got stuck in their system for over 2 months.

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