Accepted 1/20 still no trans. & no DDD!

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      Is anyone in this situation?!

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          Here’s the original thread for us:
          Accepted 1/20 and still no DDD, this post is for us

          Lots of conversation there too. Brotherstripes, thanks for the prayers. I’m jumping out of my skin right now. Don’t think I’ve had a good nights sleep for days now-lol

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            ……hi everyone……:(….that’s how I feel right now….I feel slightly better that all of you are feeling exactly the same way…I just tried checking my transcript again, still no available return..just the bottom two wage, etc..with 000’s.
            I feel like the IRS enjoys being annoyingly makes me upset when so many people post their ddd, that were only accepted a few days ago..not like this fine group of early filers:) we deserve to be treated better!! Lol
            My facts: filed with Tax Slayer, just like every year, sent in Efile on Jan 16th, fed accepted on Jan 20..and not any change since…
            Filing HOH, even though I’m legally married..but I’m not worried about that.
            I am going to say a very heartfelt prayer for us we can relax and stop freaking out:)

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            1/20 Filer

              There’s already a thread full of people like us. It’s called “Accepted 1/20 and still no DDD, this post is for us”

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                I just don’t get this I was accepted on 01/20 but nothing has changed!!!!!!
                I don’t even have bars!
                Just a message say that it is being processed!
                Tax topic 152!

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                  we filed on 01/17 and got accepted on the 20th.we had a offset it held it for 2 extra of 01/ 30 we have been approved and the dd is for the in ms and filed through tt hope this helps!:)

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                    Barack obama, when did you file and get accepted?

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                      I’ve learned not to file as soon as tax season begins. I waited until 1/27 and I have a DDD for 2/4 now.

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                        Filed 1-20 accepted same day wmr 1bar wage and account transcript blank except for feb16 date. Could this have anything to do with obamacare?

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                          @cincin43 I’m surprised you just got your blank transcripts yesterday. I was also accepted on the 20th and I’ve been sitting on blanks for this entire week.. It has been very frustrating checking every morning only to see no progress, meanwhile everybody else was getting their money. sigh.

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                            Same here filed 17th accepted 20th via TT. Still one bar on wmr and can only see blank account transcripts as of yesterday. So I guess because It says return script unavailable means I’m a long way from being done? This is awful just awful.

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                              Same here-accepted 1/20 Bars Disappeared a few days later. Wage transcript blank. Just able to see Account Trans yesterday morning-but has all 0s and says as of 2/16/15. Major stress factor here!

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                                My bar disappeared this morning too. I received a DDD on Sunday last year so maybe tomorrow

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                                  I filed with TurboTax on the 19th was accepted on the 20th at 11 am at irs… still nothing no trans. Or ddd. In Texas so no state..

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                                      I am in the same situation I feel like I’m stalking wmr and Still nothing No progress or transcripts only wage and acct which are both blank ugh this is horrible

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                                        I filed and was accepted 1/16 my transcripts are blank and still 1 bar on wmr This is frustrating!! People filing way later got DDD this morning and I can’t get my freaking account transcript??

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                                          I filed the 01/16 accepted 1/20. Everything seemed to be going ok UNTIL this morning WWR is showing NO bars now 11 days later. It only says it’s still being processed and and a ddd will be given when my return is done. I did move and have a new W2. Every year seems to be the same old crap. I can’t get my transcript either. I had mine from last year mailed last year looked and cycle date is 05. But this year that seems to have not mattered. I need to be rich so I don’t count on this money and stress everyday at this time of year.

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                                            Similiar situation here. We filed with Turbo Tax on the 22ndd. Was kicked back to us late that night due to the TT issue with their software. Was fixed and we then refilled morning of the 23rd around 7:30 am. Nothing was accepted until finally 1/26 in the am. We have the federal and 2 states. Still waiting on federal and one state. PA finally approved and now just waiting to get it. When I go into federal, no return transcripts, only one bar on WMR. I know it hasn’t been long, but this year could really use the return more than ever. We have a kid away at college and we have had extra expenses come up and it would really help.

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