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Accepted 1/20 and still no DDD, this post is for us

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    So I filed 1/20 with TT and was accepted the same day. I have no transcripts, no bar, nothing. Anyone else that is with me lets post here and keep each other updated. I have no hope seeing all those with 23/24 acceptance getting money this week even. If anyone finds out any info post that here too. Thanks!!

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    I filed 1/15 and was accepted by IRS 1/16; 1 bar on WMR and tax topic 152 but still cannot order transcripts … 2014 account and return say N/A and wage is blank. Last year I filed on the 1/25 accepted 1/28 and had my money in the bank 2/12 …. 14 days total … Friday will be 14 days from the day I was accepted … so maybe I’ll just go by the 20th and see something next week. I’d just like to see some type of progress so there’s less reason for concern. We have 2 dependents, I have the Lifetime Learning Credit, Farm expenses; we have insurance through employer for all in our family so no issue there; no identity theft issues either. I’m just wondering if I got re-sequenced as those who filed 1/20-1/23 are getting refunds 1/30. I filed early to get it out of the way but other than that I don’t see a benefit of early filing.


    I filed on the 9th and was accepted on the 12th. I was one of the test subjects. When I tried to obtain my transcripts I got the identity fraud message (We cannot process your transcript request. Please contact the Identity Protection Specialized Unit (IPSU) at 800-908-4490.). I am still at one bar with the code 152 and no deposit date. I thought I’d have one of the first deposit dates since I was in the test batch and accepted on the 12th.


    Sent in on 1/20 accepted 1/21 at 12:34 at night can see work wage on transcripts but no account , filed with HRB

    Corey B.

    Filed with TT 1/16, accepted 1/20. WMR has one bar, topic 152. 2014 return transcript does not show yet. I am praying I get mines on 2/2 at the latest. But alas, it’s not the IRS’ fault my bill budgeting is horrible lol! Stay positive all, as our money and credits will make their way homeeee


    Accepted on 1/12, got DDD 1/30, N/A on transcript……wierd


    My situation is almost exactly the same, Gail. I filed on 1/20 with Turbo Tax. Both of my returns were accepted on the 20th. However, I also cannot order transcripts and I only have one bar on WMR. I had an easy return, no penalties or offsets. This is so frustrating!


    anewme, PISS OFF. This thread isn’t for you. It is for people who DO NOT HAVE A DD OR DDD.


    Still no transcripts this morning. Filed 17th accepted 20th with TT. One bar and 2014 transcripts unavailable as of 15 min ago. Smh what is going on


    filed on the 7 thaccepted on the 13th. 2 bars this morning DDD on this Friday January 30


    Ok so I filed on the 15 and was accepted the 20th I have only . One bar thrpugh wmr and my transcripts say n/a basically saying that I didn’t file but when you call the 18008291040 they do report receiving them after being on hold forever. She says that taxes have been received and that she can’t say anything about my transcripts because it has not been twenty one days since they have recieved them.


    Don’t feel bad I was one of the “early” accepted. Received acceptance on 1/12, 1 bar on WMR, transcripts for 2014 show NA. This is getting extremely frustrating


    Filed on 1/5 accepted 1/12 still one bar with no transcript. Available but tax topic 152


    I was also accepted on the 20th. I have one bar, and my account transcript is blank (no return data available.) I am very pissed off.


    same here… filed 1/13 accepted 1/20 … I was in that TT glitch that said we would have to refile on the 22nd but then they came back and said no we will refile for you and was accepted on 1/20.. locked out of transcripts after it said N/A yesterday morning… still have one bar and topic 152…. havent tried to look for transcripts this morning… tooooo scared.


    Same, Washington. ..filed 1/16, accepted early morning 1/20, can’t view transcripts due to some wrong info apparently and only one bar. Oh and netspend card. Having our last baby in less than two weeks so it’s stressing me out seeing people with deposits and ddd, lol.


    My bf and I to filed and was accepted on 01/20. Filed with tax act . I’m unable to see trans due to being locked out. My bf trans account has 0.00 and return not found on it. Was really hoping for money this week because my birthday is Saturday.


    same here, filed TT, 1/17, accepted 1/20. Can’t order 2014 transcripts. Wondering if anyone else filed with school tax credits? If I recall, that was the issue last year. I did, that’s what I’m thinking is the issue with my return.


    I filed mine and my mothers taxes in Texas through turbo tax at 7:00 and 7: 10 on 1/19 accepted 1/20 by noon and sill nothing for me or her as well .. sorry guys maybe today or tomorrow


    Filed on 1/19 accepted on 1/20. Can’t get transcripts, and still on one bar also.


    I filled on 1/21 was accepted on 1/21 still sitting at one bar no movement at all.


    Colorado same submitted and accepted on the 20th but only one bar with a 152…have never been able to order transcripts…ever…can never get my addresses right


    I filed on 1/20 and got my approval bar this morning with DDD of 1/30. I would bet you’ll get yours today


    Filed and accepted on the 23rd. Trans are blank. Waiting on Netspend card. No DDD and 1 bar.


    How do I actually talk to a live person. I keep calling but keep getting automated.


    @KellyR624. I can’t see my transcripts (N/A for 2014). E filed 1/17 and accepted early 1/20 via HRB for ILLINOIS…nothing other than one bar on WMR…less on Emerald card (as in zero bucks) wonder if they do like they used to in high school…..last names A-L got their schedules first over the summer well that puts me in the 2nd tier with last name starting with M LOL (looking for any humor I can find)


    Most years my bars never updated and just one day I had money in my account. Has anyone else experience this in the past? Just hoping for the best for everyone, unfortunately it seems that is all we can do.


    KellyR the same exact thing happened to me. Filed & accepted on the 20th & still processing. Cant get transcipts online got the fraud message too. I called and the rep was able to send out my trans. This sum bs


    I filed on the 13th through TT and was accepted on the 20th. WMR has had 1 bar (never missing) with the Tax Topic 152. I tried to pull my transcripts on Friday and got a the message “We cannot process your transcript request. Please contact the Identity Protection Specialized Unit (IPSU) at 800-908-4490.” So I immediately freaked out and called. After an hour and 30 minutes of being on hold waiting for someone, I was told that there was nothing on my account and it should not affect my return. I just now tried to get my transcripts by mail and neither account nor return transcript is available for 2014. Anyone else have this issue?


    Ohio.. I filed 1/20 and was accept on 1/20. Still not able to see my transcripts. Wondering when the next update will be.


    PS: I am in Illinois, the crookedest state in the union…

    Mish mosh

    Maybe it has something to do with your ss#. I did not get my # in NC but now live in NC. Mine starts with a 5.


    yes. E filed with HRB on 1/17; accepted 1130 AM 1/20. One bar on WMR. N/A transcripts. Emerald card zero bal. IRS 800# “return rec’d and being processed”.


    Filed and accepted on 21st through Taxslayer.. 1 bar and no transcripts.


    Same here. One bar, haven’t even tried transcript as last year I got money before I was able to order. Accepted 1/20 within an hour of filing…


    How can so many of us 1/20’s be like this!!!


    I replied previously(I live in NC) but I didn’t state that I filed and was accepted on the 20th using Tax Slayer.


    same. No bars. No amount.


    I was accepted on the 20th as well I have not been able to view transcripts no bars nothing! Ugh I’m frustrated and worried!


    Same…. Sucks


    I lived in NC and I filed with Tax Slayer and mine is still at one bar. I tried to access my transcripts yesterday but locked myself out. I am really worried.


    accepted on the 20th, one bar still processing. Transcripts are blank!!

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