Accepted 1/20 and still no DDD, this post is for us

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    So I filed 1/20 with TT and was accepted the same day. I have no transcripts, no bar, nothing. Anyone else that is with me lets post here and keep each other updated. I have no hope seeing all those with 23/24 acceptance getting money this week even. If anyone finds out any info post that here too. Thanks!!

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    Wendy Williams

    Filed w/ TT on 2/12 & accepted by IRS on the same day. On 2/27 I received a letter w/the code 53. I filed & mailed my missing return on the same day I received the letter. Here it is 4/3 & still nothing. Almost 2 months later. Not sure what to do now. I have a grandchild that will be here soon & I have 2 months of bills piling up. What can I do now? Can someone please help me?



    I am going through the same thing. I was told last Friday 3/13 that my refund was released. My transcripts still haven’t updated. Irs cp63 dept told me that they should update with a 571 846 this Friday 3/20. My question is how long after you got your 571 846 codes did you get your refund. They told me 3/13 to allow 2 to 4 week for the irs system to release the refund and dd. How long did you wait before you actually got your refund. Your the only person on these forums that seems to be experiencing the same thing I am going through.



    I agree, being prompt seems to be a bad thing where the IRS is concerned. I did call yesterday for a TA, I faxed a 911 form three weeks ago and never heard a word, called the TA office for NC last week and left a message, never heard a word. Called the toll free number yesterday and they said I do qualify and an Advocate will contact me by Thursday, if they don’t I should call back. Guess we’ll see.



    I have the exact same thing happening. I filed the 17th, accepted the 20th. Lost my WMR info a couple weeks later. Then got a CP05 letter on the 16th of February stating they needed until April 9th to clear things up. I got a tax advocate though. She says there is a way to verify your income and that the letter actually states that we will receive further instructions or a refund date by April 9th–they don’t actually have to have it done by then. I faxed my income stuff to her last Thursday and we are shooting for a refund date of April 10. I would call the advocacy service and see if they can help you because I don’t think the IRS is actually doing anything to help those with income verification actually get pushed through.



    I feel you. I have as to yet find out what’s taking mine so long. I will have to ask my boss if he filed the business taxes. Maybe that’s it. Though I don’t see why. Nothing for me has changed. I’ve held the same job for a decade. It’s do frustrating to see all these people who filed after january already have and spent their returns while us early filers are being punished for being prompt.



    I found out my hold was for income verification, they are waiting for my employers to send my w2’s in. I asked if I could just fax them and they said no, that people have made their own through fraud and they would have to come from the employer. I see where two of the three are listed in the transcripts now, guess it’s just waiting on one more. I filed the 20th of Jan and they have until April 9th to complete it. This tax season is the absolute worst.




    Hi Mia, I don’t know if you’re still reading posts here since you’ve received your refund. I hope you are because I now find myself in exactly the same position you had been when you finally got your transcripts updated and the WMR was updated.

    Like you, my transcripts are showing an adjustment of refund and an 846 refund code. My WMR is showing the “Take Action! 151 Topic”. I have a cycle code of 20151005 (DDD: March 19, 2015). Everything exactly as you.

    My question: Do I need to call the IRS or will they simply direct deposit my refund as scheduled according to the cycle code without me having to call in?

    Since “Take Action! Topic 151” means, as you explained in your previous post, that the IRS has made adjustments to my filing (they reduced it by $508), and it doesn’t appear as if I *have* to call and allow me to make that choice but I want to be certain I don’t have to.

    If you’re reading this, please let me know?

    Thanks so much, Mia1/20/15. I think I’m finally seeing the light at the end of this loooooooooong tunnel. :-)



    I filed on 1/18 accepted on 1/20……had 1 bar for about a week. Then it disappeared… codes no anything…….just says my refund is still being processed. After the 20 days I contacted a TA who has been absolutely NO help!!! She told me to fax her my return and she would look into it. The 14 page return costed me $20.00 to fax only to find out she wasn’t able to do anything for me unless I had proof of financial hardship!!! I spoke with her on Thursday and she told me she would re-submit, she didn’t see any reason it hasn’t been processed yet and she would be in touch with me on 3/24. Is there anything else I can do? I need my money.



    I filed on 1/20 accepted the same day. Went unpostable due to name change, that was fixed on 2/18 on 2/8 my WMR changed to return is still being processed and a refund date will be provided when available. 2/20 transcripts updated but had all zeros with the as of date of 3/09, on 2/27 transcripts update with all information with a 570 code as of 3/16/2015 and the cycle date is 20150805. 2/22 WMR updated, to still the same message your refund is being processed and a refund date will be provided when available, but the tax topic was gone amount was still there. on 3/1 WMR updated again with same processing message, tax topic came back, however this time amount was missing. 3/6 transcripts updated to an as of 3/23/15 date now and added an 971 code with an as of date of 3/23. Checked today and there is the same message, however, amount is back and tax topic is gone now. Does any of this make any sense? Why is the amount going missing on WMR and coming back, but taking the tax topic away?




    Still nothing on my end and my TA seems to be AWOL. I guess she doesn’t work on Thursdays and Fridays! I’m so upset right now. It’s been almost three weeks since the Tax Advocate opened a case file for me and still nada.

    I had also filed my 1095-A with the IRS on 1/23 and it was accepted on 1/23. Unlike your case, we had received subsidies for the entire year and the only discrepancy was about $0.35 cents to $0.75 cents (at most) in the columns, so I don’t understand what the hold up is.

    I’ll be calling my TA Monday (again) and see if she’s done anything in the meantime. I was led to believe that a TA would help expedite the refund process, but that’s not my experience at all, especially for something so miniscule and easily fixed.

    Anyway, I’ll continue to update until I finally receive our refund. I’m hoping that it’s NOT end of April or something because then I’m screwed BIG TIME.



    Hi ICH! My return already had the 1095-A (had done it through Turbo Tax); I did check the Healthcare website, but my form was not one of those affected.

    What had happen to me was that I only had health insurance for 4 out of the 12 months, and either me or Turbo Tax did an an error of requesting a credit for the remaining 8 months I did not have insurance. If I did not have insurance those 12 months, I can’t be a smarty pants and ask for the credits for those 8 months, so my return was reduced by those 8 months.

    I was almost sure that was the problem, but submitted my return like that anyway.

    Thank you for the kind words, ICH! Check other posts on the site; I have read a few things on their issues with the 1095-A forms they had to submit.

    For everyone else, I’ll read posts here in case I missed anyone so I can respond!

    (Time to pay some bills!)

    Best regards!




    Excellent news, Mia! I’m so happy for you. I know how long of a slog it’s been for you so you can imagine how happy I am that you’ve finally reached the end of this loooong and arduous journey!

    Now my update…My Tax Advocate called me on Monday. The reason for her not having responded to the messages I left on her voicemail last week was because she was ill. However, she called to let me know that yes, indeed, the reason for the delay on my refund is due to my 1095-A Covered California form and the erroneous 1095-A’s they had sent out for approximately 100,000 Californians. Apparently, I was one of them.

    There *was* a descrepency of about $0.75 cents per columnb, so no biggie. I had also received a letter from the IRS on Monday, saying that same thing; that they needed our 1095-A. My TA asked me to fax our 1095-A to her office, and I did so Monday afternoon – twice, actually (home fax). They called to let me know they’ve received it and will present it to the IRS directly and if they needed anything else they’d let me know. Hopefully, this will speed up the refund process since it’s not going to be difficult to enter the correct numbers.

    Did you have to send in your 1095-A to the IRS? And if so, how long afterward did you finally get your refund?

    Once again, Mia, I’m so happy for you that you’ve finished your long journey. I hope to be able to say that soon…



    Still nothing on this end.



    ICH, thank you for the warm words! Tracy, everyone!

    Great news! I received my refund this morning (US Bank)!

    WMR does say “Take Action!”, Topic 151 (Rights for Appeals) and to contact IRS with reference code 1242 (made an adjustment or took action on my account).

    But my transcripts had the 846 refund code (with 3/16/2015 date and a reduced amount) that came up the day I made my last post here. A rep at the IRS (800-829-1040, option 1-2-2-4-1) also had confirmed to me yesterday that the IRS would make a deposit of $xxxx.xx into my account and also send a letter with the explanation of the reduced amount (hence the topic 151 and reference code 1242).

    If you notice on my previous post, they had reduced it by an amount because of an error on the Healthcare form that they were able to correct internally themselves (just took forever in doing so!). But I received what I usually receive in previous years, so I’m fine!

    So for you early filers or 1/20 filers, hang in there! Check your transcripts if they are available. Thank you for your well wishes, and good luck! If anyone has questions about my particular situation, I’ll try to answer as best I can!

    Best of luck!



    I finally got through to someone on Friday. I was told I’d be getting a letter this it next week and that basically I need to wait until 3/23 if I don’t have my refund by then, to call back.



    hey so i filed on this day got a letter dated 01-28-2015 and the letter explained that my taxes this year where selected for reviewing and i needed to wait 60 days ..anyone else in this boat the 60 days will be at the end of this month being march i’ve called the IRS and TAS and it the same story all the way around.. i keep hoping but dam it man this is very frustrating.. i at one point was able to see my transcripts and now im not allowed to see them and have been locked out.



    Great news Mia! Still nothing on my end. I faxed a 911 form to TA but never heard anything from them, that was last Thursday I believe. Keep checking the transcript through out the day. Looks like they are going to wait until the completed date they gave me of APRIL 9TH So discouraged.



    Transcripts were not available all weekend and now they are, no change. Hopefully we will be seeing something soon. The TA is supposed to be contacting us on Wednesday, this year is crazy. It’s usually 9-14 days for us, and that would have been the first weekend of February. So now we are month late, and bills are backing up, trying to keep things going as much as possible, but it’s hard to stay positive.




    Congratulations! I’m so happy for you, although it’s still a long way away from 3/16/2015, and we shouldn’t have had to wait this long for our refund!

    Still BUPKIS on this end, though. I was assigned a TA who had called me last Wednesday (in the evening!) but I missed her call because I was upstairs sleeping off my depression. Things are dire on our end.

    Anyway, I called the following morning and left no less than TWO messages, and I’ve waited both Thursday and Friday for a call back. Nothing.

    It appears I have to chase her down this Monday now. *sigh*

    That said, NO change in anything. NO transcripts. NO orange status bar at WMR. NO letter from the IRS. NO refund. I’m beyond exasperated now.

    But I’m happy that you’re seeing the light at the end of this loooooooong tunnel, Mia1/20/15. Please let us know when your refund’s been deposited so we can make a comparison between the official DD date and when you actually receive the refund. It would so incredibly appreciated.

    Thanks again for your posts. You have given me – and I’m certain, countless others – hope as we try to find some hope in resolving our own refund tragedies.

    Please keep us posted. Thanks so much, Mia1/20/15!



    The TA got all of our information. He said that it looks like we will be getting our full refund very soon and someone will be calling us on Wednesday. So that is some good news. I think that if he saw the whole refund being released it was already getting close. I’ll keep everyone up to date as this progresses.




    Looks like me and u are in the same boat. I also filed Jan. 20. I have no update or anything. I don’t kno what’s going on with it this yr. I hope u And ur wife hear something soon.



    No update for me, but my wife is now on the phone with a TA. We are hitting hardship status on this wait. I’ve sent emails to our congressmen, not sure if they can help or not.



    Ladies and Gents… finally, an update!

    You can see a little bit of my history in my original post.

    WMR has not updated but I can FINALLY see my 2014 transcript.

    846 Refund Code with refund amount and date of 03/16/2016, woohoo!

    The amount has been reduced (Affordable Care Act error either by Turbo Tax or myself that the IRS corrected internally), but pretty much what I have gotten in previous years anyway so I am okay with it.

    So for all you 01/20 with no transcripts and “Still Processing” filers! There is hope. Check your Transcripts today. Good luck (and will keep you posted when it actually deposits).



    If you have already called the IRS and spoke to a live person using Mia1/20/2015’s prompts (1-800-829-1010 prompts: 1-2-2-4-1), and you’ve been told that you’ll be getting that letter from the IRS DON’T WAIT FOR THE LETTER.

    Remember, they mail in bulk so that letter won’t go out until YOU’VE CALLED and within 7-15 days afterward. Then it still needs to arrive at your home which can take an additional 5 days! THEN you have to send whatever paperwork they need from you and, if I am to believe some posters here and other sites, your 21-day cycle starts all over again!

    If you haven’t called, I’d advise you to do so. I believe they won’t do anything until you’ve called them because calling them will make you a priority, otherwise you’ll remain at the back of the line. Claim financial hardship (past due car payments with the risk of repo, eviction, etc. if that’s the case. Don’t be shy).

    I’ve read in a Virginian article ( ) that everyone who has gotten subsidies through or CoveredCA has been flagged for further review – the review, being, that CoveredCA has transmitted to the IRS that there have been errors in about 100,000 1095-A forms.

    Mine is not one of them, though. But now they have an excuse to pull ALL Federal returns from CA and delay them to compensate for the loss of 1,800 full-time IRS workers due to huge budget cuts by the House of Representatives last year.

    I have been transferred to a local Tax Advocate with the IRS who should be calling me Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. I will tell him/her that I need to get this expedited due to financial hardship – because it’s TRUE.

    I’m hoping to be able to fax whatever papers they may need (most likely a copy of the 1095-A as I have received it that shows no errors) and I WILL fax it since I’ve read elsewhere that sending it per snail-mail, even one-day delivery, will only have it get lost in the mail room. Ask to FAX your paperwork and ask for their specific FAX number.

    So, if you haven’t called the IRS, please do, and use the prompts above. Good luck!

    I will continue to update here until I’ve received my refund.



    i filled on 1/8/15 accepted on 1/12/15 on Jan 31 lost bars refund amount and everything , on feb 10 /15 was my 21 day i called and they said to me i have to wait for 8-6 weeks then i called again past tuesday and they said i have to call id theft i called wednesday answer all questions and stuff , i was loosing all my hope , today i check wheres my refund and my return was approved with dd for next week , this is a relieve but i will not rise victory until see the amount on my bank account ,this been a complete nightmare next year i will wait untill season beging and no early filling , i wish you the best for all of you guys this been horrible..



    Hey ICH.

    It’s a mix bag. Some days you can’t get through at all, and the 800-829-1040 number just won’t work, and you get that pesky recording (due to high call volume etc etc or something to that effect).

    But that’s the one to call. The 1-2-2-4-1 prompts should work to get through (on those days they don’t have that darn recording).

    The 3107 would only be to to check if you have any offsets (but not tax owing offsets, but more like child support or unemployment).

    The 800-820-1040 seems to be working today; use the 1-2-2-4-1 to get through.

    Update: No deposit, no changes on WMR (no bars, same refund amount, same 152 topic), no transcript. :-/

    I’ll check tomorrow and Monday and will give an update.

    Good luck!




    And I forgot to add…we owe no taxes so there’s nothing to offset.




    Thanks so much. I really appreciate that you empathize. I’m really frustrated now. Today makes it exactly four weeks that I’ve been waiting. Hopefully, the waiting will be over SOON (and my credit card companies would be deeply grateful, too!).

    Still no change this morning. Still the same NO nothing. I’m hoping that my refund won’t be too long after you receive your refund since you’re one day ahead of me.

    The number (800) 829-1040 is not correct? But I got through to a receptionist twice using the prompts you’ve advised. Had the lines not been clogged, I would have gotten through to an IRS assistant, so I believe the number is correct. Is the (800) 305-3107 a better number to use then?



    I filed 1/16 accepted 2/20. I just called and they discounted me because too many people were calling that department.



    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you ICH.

    Also, sorry for the type on the 800-305-3107.

    Also check if you have any non-tax-owing offsets, such as with child support or unemployment.



    DAY 27…

    F/A 1/23. To date, NO refund, NO transcript, NO orange status bar (since they removed it on Monday, 2/9), NO codes, NO letters, NO ability to reach an IRS assistant to ask what is going on.

    I already received my CA State refund on Wednesday, 2/11.

    I tried calling the IRS this morning using the phone number and prompts Mia1/20/2015 has suggested, and I got through TWICE, to receptionist, Mr. Koffman and then Mrs. Harris. I was transferred only to be promptly disconnected since the lines are clogged up and they “can’t help me at this time” and to call back later.

    I hope I’ll be in the same cycle as Mia1/20/2015 who believes she might get her tax refund this weekend since she was accepted on 1/22, one day ahead of me, but I have lost all confidence in the IRS’ ability to work efficiently at this time.

    I will continue to try and get through to speak with someone, calling 1(800) 829-1040 and use prompts 1-2-2-4-1 in order to speak with an IRS receptionist.

    I am SO frustrated! I need the refund to pay off the credit card bills for our businesses and we’re late, thanks to the IRS’s punting of our returns and punishing us for having filed early.

    Both son and daughter have already received their State and Fed refund and they filed *after* we had. UGH!!



    I filed on 1/16 accepted on 1/21 and have been able to see my transcripts since the 30th. the bars on wmr dissapeared around the 1st and nothing has changed. I have a 570 and 971 on my transcripts with the date 2/16/15, on 02/14 i received a notice that a previous year wasnt filed and they were holding my taxes. i had mailed my previous year off on 2/4 when i saw that it hadnt been filed from my transcripts. I called on 2/17 and spoke to someone in the department that handles that and she told me that she sees my previous year taxes had been received and that she was releasing my current years taxes and that it could take an additional 2 to 4 weeks…. I have been checking both wmr and my transcripts each day since to see if theres been any update and there hasnt been. this is frustrating



    I’ve been watching this forum like a hawk, lol (thank you to all contributors who ask and answer questions, and to Bart, he’s a beast! Thanks for help he gives).

    Good morning!

    Here are my numbers and some info; hopefully it sheds some tiny light to the 1/20 filers, like me, left in the dark.

    Filed 1/20
    Accepted 1/22
    One bar on WMR. Refund amount showing. Topic 152 (direct deposit topic).
    No transcripts (N/A).

    Last year was on Cycle 20140605 (as in previous years),
    That would been refund should have been sent have sent on 2/06 (and would see in my account 2/07 of that Monday).

    2/07 Bars disappears with new message:
    ‘Still processing, date will be provided when available etc etc).
    Same refund amount showing and same Topic 152.
    No transcripts still (just previous years).

    21 days passed. No letters, no change in amount (good thing amount shows, correct)?, bars still gone, same generic message. Still N/A on transcripts.

    As of this morning.
    Same ‘still processing’ message. Same 152. Same refund amount. N/A on transcript.
    (In other words, no change).

    Called IRS yesterday.
    -They say there was a correction that had to be made that can be corrected internally.
    -No information is needed from me at this time.
    -I should receive money within one or two weeks (I believe I’m on the weekly cycle so if they send $$ on Fridays, I’ll get my refund on Saturday or that Monday like the last five years).
    -If I do not receive anything two weeks to call back.

    HOH, with EIC, small W2s, tiny small business, Education credit, also Healthcare credit.

    I think with the new forms required, and the additional work with Healthcare with millions and millions of filers, they are bogged down with work.
    They may also be double checking my W2s, my education interest paid, reviewing the Healthcare credits I requested etc etc.

    Correctable errors? Let’s take a look.

    I filed with Turbo Tax. As I’ve done the last three years.

    Same dependents (same kids, lol), relatively the same financial situation the last three years, also same address last three years.

    As for Turbo Tax: Now that I look at the actual return, it did have small errors… such as whether or not the children had insurance all twelve months. TT would check off all the boxes, for each of the twelve months, one by one, but not check off the box it had to, which was “insured all 12 months”.

    So things like that may have confused the IRS software, among other small things I found. Not exactly wrong numbers, but things that would potentially confuse software programs.

    So looks like it’s “correctable internally”, and wait one or two weeks.

    Hope this helps and gives some insight to people who are lost in the cloud with no info.

    Helpful info:
    -To get a Live Person at the IRS (800-829-1040), chose prompts 1-2-2-4-1.
    -Also check any you’ll have any non-tax owing offsets such as with child support or unemployment (I have none): 800-304-3107

    I shall keep you posted (keeping my fingers crossed for this weekend deposit, or the next).






    CYCLE 20150602 03/02/2015




    Here is the response I received from the irs commissioner when I emailed him last week. Of course a bunch of BS

    Dear Ms. Sprading,

    Thank you for your message and my apologies for the difficulties you’re having. Our “Where’s My Refund” app works very well if there are no problems and it has helped us move millions of calls to the web site. But, as you note, if there’s an issue, you have no choice but to call. And calling this year is a problem for everyone, thanks to the fact that we simply don’t have enough people to answer the phones in the manner we would like and that taxpayers deserve.

    If your return has been flagged, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have been a victim of identity theft. But it does mean that something in our filters has raised a flag designed to protect you in case of that problem. We know that refunds are important to everyone — hence our goal of getting them to people in no more than 21 days — but we also try our best to protect your account from being used by criminals who seem to be operating from around the world.

    So, all I can say in particular, since your information is protected from disclosure even inside the IRS, is that we try to resolve issues like yours as quickly as we can. This may require, as you suggest, more discussion with you to make sure you are actually you and not someone in Asia or Eastern Europe. And, it may mean that we’ll suggest you use an Identity Protection PIN henceforth to make sure that your account is protected. But, again, we do our best to get to closure in these matters as quickly as possible.

    One of these days — as I will tell the Congress when we discuss our appropriations — we hope to secure enough funding to provide you with your own, on-line account, much like what you can have with your bank for financial institution, which would allow you easily to see the status of your return and to communicate with us electronically in a secure manner about any issue that has arisen.

    I wish there was more we could do for you today.

    All the best.

    John Koskinen



    Agreed this is absolutely crazy and ridiculous! I have emailed the irs commissioner and of course he responded with a bunch of bs. I have tried to call the irs this week and the phone are so clogged that I can’t even wait on hold. We deserve answers to why this is happening



    It’s Wednesday, 2/18 and still NOTHING. I had hoped to find my refund DD on Saturday or Tuesday, but BUPKIS. NO letter. NO transcripts. NO orange status bar. NO updates whatsoever! This is so incredibly frustrating. At this rate, it appears we’ve been sent to the back of the line because of system errors ON THEIR PART.

    I am FURIOUS.



    @ perriwinkle

    Thanks so much for updating us! But in all honesty, you hadn’t waited 21 days, though it was close. It was 18 days. IRS didn’t begin accepting filings until 1/20.

    For me, having filed 1/23 and accepted 1/23, I’m still waiting for the 2014 transcripts to even post and a change on the WMR. Still stuck at no orange bar (had disappeared on Monday, 1/9, never to return but it never moved before that), no change in the processing stage, and still stuck with the vague “will let you know when a refund date is available”.




    Just had to post with regard to insane conversations:

    I was accepted 1/20 and have been sitting at 570/971 for a while and no bars. Anyway I called yesterday for a TA. The gentleman (pfft) I explained my situation to him and his response was:

    “Why do you need your refund?”

    I wanted to ask him if that was a real question, but instead I decided to play along and respond with the fact we needed it to pay our bills (I was more specific, but don’t want to say here).

    His response?

    “Why can’t you pay those bills without your refund?”


    Again I wanted to reach through the phone and smack him, but I calmly replied that we were counting on our refund. He proceeded to transfer me to the IRS main line.

    I called back later and got another person who assigned a TA. Unfortunately they won’t call me til the end of next week.




    Im one of those that just disappeared.

    Filed 1/14
    Accepted 1/20
    Still no bars or transcripts by 2/3,called IRS, was informed refund would be released 2/6
    Got 2 bars on 2/5
    Got 3 bars on 2/6 and refund was deposited that very morning after 8am.

    Had EIC and Education credits.

    I have a feeling that the IRS is using a new algorithm to categorize tax refund files. Going forth, Im making sure that I do the highest exemptions possible so we don’t have to worry about a tax refund anymore.



    1/20er here. I finally woke up to 2 bars and a ddd today. 2/19/15



    Look at the taxpayers bill of rights. It states we have the right to question the processes and obtain our account information. We also have the right to speak to a supervisor.




    The IRS is VERY good at making up BS excuses. They always have been. It’s as if we have no right questioning them when it comes to our refunds. They don’t owe us an explanation regarding our money. That’s why questions never get answered or resolved.



    JL1975…today the 13th of February was my 21 days. Filed 1/23 and accepted 1/23. Already received my State refund but since Monday, WMR bar disappeared and now it only reads it’s still processing and I’ll be given a date when available.

    I now read that as an early filer (e-file), I’m in the group that the IRS has set aside as they worked on other people’s refunds. This is unfair and unacceptable. It’s like going to a nightclub early, standing in line, everything is fine, then the bouncer takes me out of the line and sets me aside as he allows those who came after me into the club.

    The system error is most likely another b.s. excuse since they’re getting creative with b.s. excusing, according to what I read here.

    I’m so frustrated! I have never had to wait this long for our refund! I can only hope it will be there tomorrow (Sat 2/14/20215) or Tuesday (2/17/2015 since Monday is President’s Day). Two holidays this weekend, Valentine’s and President’s Day and the IRS decides not play around. Ugh!

    It would also be nice if people also posted when they received their refund and not just disappear into the ether. That would be helpful to those who are still waiting.



    No, my caseworker is located in PA, but the conversation I had was through the Advocate’s main number.

    Insanity is the best word to describe it. Dealing with government agencies is like being the only sane person in a mental ward.



    I’m going jl…while I am so sorry you had to suffer through that insane conversatio, it was very hilarious. these agents can do a comedy show. I pray I do not have that insane conversatin next when my caseWorker calls. Is your caseworker located in Utah by chance?




    The Taxpayer Advocate told me I’d be receiving a call today from a case worker, Friday 2/13. When I didn’t receive a call by 3:30 PM, I called the Advocate to find out why I hadn’t received a call. I was told, “Case workers are only available Monday through Thursday.” Then why tell me I’d receive a call on Friday from one?

    They told me they found out it is, indeed, an IRS system error… Then told me I need to mail my 1040 form (which the rep even said she was looking at on the computer screen), and that it should take, “2-4 weeks to straighten out,” after they receive the copies I mail them. That’s the SAME amount of time the IRS said they needed, WITHOUT me sending any further copies of my 1040 to them.

    I asked why I needed to print and send the exact same thing they already had, and was just told, “We need that.” Common sense = They’re looking at it, why do they need a second copy? I said I’d send it right away, if they could just tell me where to send it. “Oh, no, sir. We’ll be sending out a letter telling you where to send it to. You have to wait until you receive that letter.” WHAT?

    OK… “All I want to do is get this taken care of as quickly as possible.”

    “Please hold, I’ll transfer you.”


    Completely different story. “It’s a system error, and we’re doing everything we can to get it taken care of as quickly as possible… No, why would you think you had to send us a copy of your 1040?… Let me transfer you.”

    Transferred. AGAIN.

    “I’m sorry, sir, but case workers are only available Monday though Thursday… Call this number…”

    “Whose number is that?”

    “The case worker assigned to you.”

    “But, I thought you said case workers weren’t in on Fridays?”

    “That’s correct, sir.”

    “Then what good is that going to do me?”

    “Is there anything else I can assist you with today?”

    “You haven’t assisted me with anything today.”



    Kim, John, Buck, Ebony, JL1975, all – please DO update.
    I have no bars, still being processed, N/A on top 2 transcripts. Will finally call today but fear I will hear the 8-16 weeks line too.
    Once I learn anything I’ll update here, but after that probably wont be on until another actual development. I get angry every day and since I cant really help anyone else, I need to step away from this until something happens to update.
    Thanks for all your input everyone!



    Just got off the phone with the IRS. I called on the 10th and was told that I had to wait one more day (21 days from acceptance). I waited until today and the lady says there are notes on my account and asked me what my conversation was with the previous person I spoke with. I told her he just told me to call back. She stated that there are notes that say he informed me that my return is under review and I will have to wait 8-16 Weeks!!! They do not need any information at this point and will let me know if they do by mail. She also asked me if I had filed my 2013 return! WTF is going on????


    John t

    I finally this morning I have a transcript now with cycle code 20150605 and code 846. But WMR still shows no bar.not sure if the WMR will update. Anyone else with the same issue.

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