Accepted 1/20 and still no DDD, this post is for us

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    So I filed 1/20 with TT and was accepted the same day. I have no transcripts, no bar, nothing. Anyone else that is with me lets post here and keep each other updated. I have no hope seeing all those with 23/24 acceptance getting money this week even. If anyone finds out any info post that here too. Thanks!!

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    No update for me, been waiting impatiently for any kind of movement. I guess that I will be getting some kind of “letter.” That 570 date 2-16-2015 and 971 date 2-23-2015 are really bothering me. Called yesterday, given the line of under review, will send out letter on the 23 and then it’s 45-60 days from then.



    FINALLY I have my updated transcripts, with an 846 code for cycle 20150605. WMR still has no bars. Anyone else seeing any progress?



    Hey guys and gals filed 1/20 received a
    4464c letter they informed me I’m under review I just don’t understand why only thing different I did was have another child could this be why ? affordable care act also has me held up with a 155 $$ penalty say ing my son who was born in Sept didn’t have health insurance and he did what else could it be my income is the same as last year



    When I spoke to a rep at the IRS on Thurs. 2/12, I was told that my refund was the subject of an “IRS system error”, along with “many others”.

    I was then told that the IRS transferred it to another department that handles system errors, so as to keep others from getting backed up, and that they’ll start to look at it 15 DAYS AFTER THEY GET IT, but they don’t send it until you hit your 21st day. WTF? Anyway, the rep said, “Just wait another 3-4 weeks, then call us back. We SHOULD have a refund date for you by then.” I told them that was entirely unacceptable. Due to their error, I have to wait.

    I already have a call into the Tax Advocate, but I called again and informed them as to what I’d been told by the IRS. They said I’d receive a call back on Fri, 2/13, and they had to look into it.

    I filed 1/15, accepted 1/21, nothing has changed as far as my name, address, etc. Even my refund amount is fairly consistent with previous years. There is NOTHING, except the IRS’s “system error” holding up my refund. Hopefully, the Tax Advocate can get things moving along a bit. I desperately need my refund.



    It would be helpful to hopeful people if you could add a little more to your post. What do you know about filing “before 1-23” that we don’t – in your knowledge does that include 1-23 and if not what is the significance of that date please? (I realize cycles started on January 8 is how you came up with that cycle date for 2-13, and the 23rd was on a Friday) but it doesn’t explain much about what’s really going on – where are the transcripts, why are more than 21 days passing when in the past it has always been 10 or less. Do you have inside intel?

    We appreciate anything you can tell us. And I’d suggest others take whatever is said on a forum with a grain of salt if it isn’t backed up by verifiable facts. More than 95% of what I’ve read on here (except from Bart D) has been dead wrong this time around. No offense Douglas, just looking for facts. Thanks!




    please see my post that i made today and tell me if what you said might apply to me ?



    hey i need help guys.. Ok so i filed on the 20th and have nothing .. i can view all transcripts and im really confused.

    so on my tax return transcript it has a cycle code of 20150602
    i have no refund. puzzled yes and under the remittance it says 0.00 but it has all my information correctly it also has a recieved date of april,15.

    on my account transcript it says (any minus- shows a significant credit amount)
    Account balance : -9,707
    it also says code 150 and cycle 20150206 date 03-02-2015 amount 0.00

    anyone else know what this means



    I am in the same boat as all of you (filed 01/20, acceptd 01/20). I now have a 570 & 971?!?! Nothing about my taxes has changed in 4 years except obamacare! My cycle is listed as : 20150404 but evidently that is incorrect…. I am calling the IRS today and I will NEVER file on opening day again!!!!
    This is the first year that we REALLY NEED our return and of course this happens!!!



    @kevin… I got the same spiel from the agent. My return was rejected on 2/5 (I filed and was accepted on 1/16). According to the agent, it will be 6-8 weeks. Ridiculous. No explanation as why it was rejected in the first place.



    I filed 1/20 accepted 1/22 after being rejected for a wrong birthday? called SS they had correct birthday for my husband so did H&R block IRS seemed to be the only people with incorrect birthday! so the IRS rep told me to file it again with the birthdate they had so I did and accepted 1/22 here we are day 21 WMR has no bars and says its still processing called IRS she said it was just showing it still processing try back in a week! Super frustrated and annoyed by others getting their return and filed WEEKS after me!



    @Douglas. What makes you think we will get updates today or tomorrow? Just curious if you know something we dont. It sure would be a life saver!



    So I filed on 1/20 with HRB and was told irs accepted on 1/20. I have no bars on WMR and it just says “Your refund is being processed…” Last night I created an account and tried to access transcripts. Site told me to call the Identity Theft line. Just spoke to them. They didn’t tell me much. They just said it’s been flagged and under review, but it’s not because of multiple returns. I’m guessing it is because I moved back in November. In between moving I got a PO Box and somehow the IRS has that PO Box address on file. My return is very simple, so I’m not sure why it should be such a hold up. My W2 is from the same company as last year and refund is being deposited into same bank account as last year. Of course I’m making the assumption it’s being reviewed for possible Identity Theft and not other reasons. One weird thing is IRS did tell me they didn’t accpet my refund until 1/22 even though I got an email from HRB saying they accepted it on 1/20. Who knows… I’ve never had issues with getting a refund before. I hope this doesn’t drag out too long.


    kevin k

    filed on January 19th. call the IRS today because I hadn’t heard anything regarding my refund so far. the Where’s My Refund website told me they didn’t have any information and I should wait until after my returns have been submitted. after 48 minutes of being on hold I finally spoke to a human. The woman informed me that the IRS had just received my return yesterday February 10th, and that what most likely had happened was that my refund was submitted and rejected and the tax preparer had just resubmitted it to the IRS. so now the wait continues all over again for me



    Transcripts became available on Feb 6th. So if you checked before that, you need to check again.

    WMR is not accurate (People should know that by now). If you see approved or no bars, and filed before Jan 23. Expect your refund this week or next week.

    First batch filers have been delayed and Refunds are just now being released. (Anyone accepted before Jan 23).

    If you have Cycle code 20150602 on your transcript, your direct deposit date is 2/13/15.



    i filed the 21 was accepted the 22 and i have no bars and it says we have received your return and its being processed. i am able to see my transcripts have been able to for a week now but no 846 code at bottom or nothing. hopefully be able to get thru to irs tomorrow and find something out



    So I filed on the 15th through TT…got accepted on the 16th according to TT. I was on 1 bar on WMR until 2/5 when I lost the bars as well as topic 152

    In the meanwhile, I tried order my transcripts on line (got the contact IPSU). I did 2X…2 weeks ago as well as last week. They this would not affect my return ( I had to verify my filing status etc etc)

    Call the Tax advocate this week, she stated that I was actually accepted on the 23rd by the IRS. and to give it till Friday.

    I called the IRS today…finally spoke to a nice woman who looked through my account. Asked me question about my 2012 (weird since I got that on time with no issues)..I verified the information for that.
    She continued to look…the outcome…………….I am under manual review due to concerns about identity theft. (I never filed this….or complained about it). Then I remembered in 2013 about the Target credit card and customer account breach. I asked her if action on the part of Target reporting to credit bureaus about that breach( I I have a target credit card) would affect it. She said most likely.
    The best..I have to wait up to 8 weeks (April 10th ) to see if I receive a letter, notice or refund. If nothing, call them again. While I am happy that I got an answer, I am so sad that I am in this position.



    Whats the number to verify identity



    Any of you guys see deposits yet?…..just being hopeful for everyone.



    @Spikevironata they gave me a case number and said they’d call Thursday



    @annoyed You are getting different answers because they are not supposed to tell us about re sequencing or the overload of early filers, the IRS manual tells them to tell you that you are in review and it could be 6-8 weeks. Pretty much all of the codes they run into for re sequencing will make them give this answer, you are just getting two different flavors. If the TA didn’t give you a case number or assign to you, then you are most likely not being reviewed.



    Spoke to tax advocate and they said I’m being reviewed because of identity theft but IRS identity theft line said I was being reviewed because of my income so I’m confused until the advocate calls me back on Thursday



    I called and spoke to a Tax Advocate today. I was told the IRS had my return coded for “correction”, and the advocate told me she didn’t understand why. She said most “corrections” are people who did not have a form associated with their returns for one of the deductions, but my return had that form. She transferred me to another advocate who said they’d be investigating the “correction” and I will hear back from them on Friday, 2/13.

    This is ridiculous. I have never gotten so much of a run around from the IRS, even when I got divorced and my ex tried filing taxes in my name.



    So I filed and was accepted on 01/16, Ive come to terms that I probably wasn’t really accepted that date. Ive been able to view my transcripts, and I mean all of them for almost two weeks. No 0’s, no bad codes, everything just ends in my credits. and also no offsets. Yet a week ago I lost my bars, and it just states im processing, no topic code or anything, but can still see my amount off to the side. My cycle date was for a ddd of 02/06/2015 if that’s all true, but never had and still dont have an 846 refund issued code. Is anyone still in the same boat and have any insight, my cycle processing end date is 02/16/05, and again I show no codes that are negative on WMR on transcripts and have not received any letters. I know alot of people are talking about how they see all 0’s on there transcripts, yet I can see everything……..Help! LOL Tell me Im not alone and any info on a similar situation would be great…. Thanks in advance

    Also I would call the IRS but I work literally 6 days a week, and dont have hours to sit on hold. Im trying to ride it out and be as impatiently patient as I can….haha



    HAPPY DAY 21 my fellow 1/20ers!! Has anyone called up the IRS yet?



    So my husband filed with Liberty Tax in Ny he filed on January 15th we were accepted the 21st and now we have no bars and that same statement everyone else is seeing :( Your return is being processed we will give u a refund date when one is available :( we are coming up on our 21 days and I am freaking but I see a lot of other early filers have been having the same issues as me so I’m just hoping for an update this week :) keeping my fingers crossed there’s not a problem



    Filed: 1/20
    Accepted: 1/20
    Cycle: 20150405
    WMR: “We have received your tax return and it is being processed”
    Transcript codes: 806/766

    Update: I called 1 (877) 777-4778 (option 1) yester 2/9/15. A guy advised my that I would be getting a manual refund due to my bankruptcy. Also, that my file had just been updated to reflect a refund being processed that morning and to call back later in the week to confirm refund issue date.



    I filed using TT on 1/20 was accepted that day. Had 1 bar for about a week. Ever since I’ve had no bars no codes and transcripts not available. Today is 21 days. Guess I’ll be calling. Super frustrating!



    “Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available.”

    Started getting the EXACT same message over the weekend, no status, no code.

    Transcript page no longer allows me to sign in.



    Filed 01/16, accepted 01/20; but now no bars and the message: “Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available.”

    I know that it hasn’t been the full 21 days yet, but its frustrating knowing that there are folks who are getting their refund in a week or less. Just gotta be patient though I guess.



    i filed 1/17, accepted 1/20. Used TT. Bars went missing this weekend, transcripts say N/A.. Tax topic went from 152 to nothing… I’m beyond annoyed. I just want to see some progress :(




    Exact same situation with me. File 1/15, accepted 1/21. Nothing since. Over weekend, got the same message you got, also transcript page says “unauthorized”. By what I’ve read, that means that something (even something as minor as you typed St., but your return says Street), so they won’t allow you access. Only the IRS!

    I’m reading a lot where people are saying it’s because of a “Dead Cycle” that is SUPPOSEDLY being processed by this Wed (2/11).

    Early filers got screwed this year.



    F&W, same situation but filed/accepted 1/22, no bars, transcripts N/A.



    I got the EXACT same thing. No idea what’s going on.



    I filed on the 20th accepted the same day. I lost my bar on WMR over the weekend. Now it says return is still being processed, a refund date will be provided when it is available. However the tt152 is gone away, but I still have my amount on the bottom. There are no tax topics at all now. Anyone else have this happen?



    I am still waiting:( I filed 1/17 and was accepted 1/20. WMR shows no bars and still don’t have my 2014 transcripts. Not going to lie this is kinda stressful!



    Yup! Still no bars still processing, n/a on top 2 transcripts, and 0 on account transcript saying as of feb 16. This is so stressful!



    Any 1/20ers still waiting with me?!?



    Finally! After being stuck with no bars and no transcripts for the past week when my 1 bar disappeared, I finally decided to call the number on WMR that said mention code 9001 and choose extension 362. I waited forever and talked to a lady who told me my refund was being held up do to idverify and said call the number to verify my address. I did that and after a long wait a nice lady came back on the line and said my refund is released and everythings done. I was so excited I thanked her and didn’t think to ask how long the direct deposit would take, but at least I know its coming for sure. Does anyone know how long it takes after your refund is released?



    I’m still seeing no progress! Accepted 1/20





    DDD on WMR says sent 2/4 but transcript reads 2/16

    DDD on WMR says sent 2/4 but transcript reads 2/16. Still no refund and hoping to have had it by now. Will I have to wait til 16th now?


    DDD on WMR says sent 2/4 but transcript reads 2/16

    My DDD on WMR says sent 2/4 but my transcript says 2/16.. Anyone else? I still didn’t get my refund and was hoping to have it by now. Why would WMR says 2/4 and then I still don’t get it?



    Just FYI, my transcripts just updated a few minutes ago.

    I now have the 571/842! Cycle code still 20150402. Not sure when my money will be deposited but i’m hoping no later than Tuesday!

    Good luck everyone.

    Accepted 1/20



    I GOT MY TRANSCRIPTS!!!!!!!!!!


    I just wanna run around screaming OMG OMG!

    So relieved.

    Cycle 20150505. Will I get my money Tuesday?



    Oh my flippity FLIP FLIP FLIP! So I was accepted 1/20, no bars, no transcripts, yada yada yada… Well, after not being able to view ANY of my transcripts all morning due to “technical difficulties” (per the IRS website), I was just now able to get in and ALL my transcripts for 2014 are now available and complete. No zeros. I haven’t checked WMR yet, but woooooo! Finally!



    Tax Advocate # is 1-877-777-4778. You will have to press 1 that you haven’t resolved your issue with the IRS or that you are having a financial hardship otherwise you won’t get to talk to anyone. I told them the IRS wouldn’t give me a straight answer and that I had a disconnect notice from my electric company for 2/13/15 (which sadly is true).



    Anyone get a 971 with their 570 code that updated to 846? I havent gotten a letter and obviously IRS wont talk to me!!



    How do I get ahold of a tax advocate? I was accepted 1/20 and still no DDD and cant order transcripts…



    Anyone else still have NA for their 2015 transcripts? I filed on 1/20.



    IT’S OFFICIAL! After talking to tax advocate and getting the DDD I checked my transcript and sure enough i had code 571 (additional account action completed) and the GLORIOUS 846 (Refund Issued)!!! So unbelievably relieved right now!!!

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