Accepted 1/27. N/A for transcripts

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    Seeing a lot of 1/27 filers getting a DDD. Anyone accepted 1/27 with no transcripts available?

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    Finally 846 on my transcripts this morning, DDD 2/26, was cycle code 0705.


    Anne Fulton

    Great News !! Filed and accepted 1/27…….no path , no credits, just simple return…Approved today……refund is to be sent 2/24.

    .I, too was beginning to wonder what was going on….. getting paranoid.I usually get my refund back earlier than this…

    Hang in there Everyone…Word going around is a Massive drop of returns to be approved next week, and should show up next Sat. morning…. .

    I took a Big sigh of relief . but will check back on the 24th before I can rest a little easier…amd I’ll make peace with it ,when I have my refund..

    Wishing All of You Great News soon….it’s coming…..


    Travis Macasaet

    I’m in the same boat. I filed 24th and it’s been accepted since the 27th of january, mines simple, been using turbo tax the last 4 year and have had no trouble. Usually I get my refund a week to 2 weeks at the most. This is almost going on 3 weeks and nothing’s changed…I have a simple tax, claim zero. No defendants…I get the max taxes taking out, so I’m really looking forward to my return. I have no idea what’s going on. Is there anything extra I could do. Look somewhere else besides IRS.GOV/REFUND?




    I filed 1/27
    Accepted 1/27

    My transcript appeared today with DDD 2/20. But wmr still shows processing



    My return was accepted 1/27, as of today (2/14) it still says processing and status bar is gone, and Topic 152 is displayed, can’t remember if that was displayed when I first checked my status the very first few times. Has anyone that filed 1/27/2020 received their return? My son filed early and already received his return back, but his is a simple one, mine includes my side business as well, which is nothing new, but now I am wondering if there is an issue.



    How did you find out you had a letter coming? I’m stuck at 1 bar myself and am starting to wander if I need to call them or something


    Taylor Howell

    Accepted 1/27
    Only have first bar.

    I didn’t know about transcripts until today when I was looking at the forum. So I am not sure how long mine have been there but they were present.

    Transcript says processing March 2, 2020.



    I’m in the same boat, but now with a twist this morning. I filed on 1/24, accepted on 1/27, been at 1 bar this whole time on WMR and N/A on the transcripts. Well, I just got notice that I have a letter coming from the IRS today, yet their website says I have not submitted my 2019 return yet.

    Will see what the letter says when it gets here…



    Mine are still saying no return filed and have n/a on the top 2 transcripts. No PATH msg yet. My return was accepted 1/27 and I usually get the PATH msg really soon after I’m accepted. What is going on this year!?



    My transcripts finally filled out this morning….was accepted 1/27,now just waiting for PATH to lift.




    I am not good with the IRS lingo in regards to transcripts but my top 2 are NA and then bottom left has my HOH status, address and then a date of 2/24 with 0’00’s. No cycle code or any codes what so ever. From what I understand is they have not processed it yet? Who knows…This year is so ODD….I have been filing taxes for many years and always have filed early and have received my DDD the 2nd Wednesday of the month (being today).



    Filed and accepted 1/27 with TurboTax efile. Both PaTH credits. On WMR 1/29 I believe my 1 bar appeared with “being processed” & the tax topic 152. I have no PaTH message. I never could make an online account for transcripts so I tried to order by mail and they aren’t recognizing my new address yet…still my address from last year. Guessing I’ve been resequenced. I’m a weekly also…always update real early Saturdays on WMR with a DDD for the following Wednesday. Seems if I’d have a problem I would have already gotten a letter but I know I’m not out the woods yet. I believe I’m good tho ,’ >




    My wage transcripts so 0 and NA on the rest but I am confused by what you meant by date of 2/24? Is that date reflected on wage transcript?



    This seems like a common theme….all who filed early are not getting processed. I was reading on a few websites that stated “possibly” we did not make the cut for the 2/7-2/8 processing date so we will update on the following cycle? It seems like we all were re-sequenced for some reason. Other speculations have been that the IRS did not actually receive our returns on the date stated. I saw one post of someone who filed on 1/27 through TT and the IRS did not actually get it until 2/4. They stated that they called the IRS….So many probable causes out there…who knows what to believe. All I know is as of today I have received no letters from the IRS and transcripts say no refund filed with 0.00 and a date of 2/24.

    I filed my BF on 1/30 through TT. Accepted 1/30
    No path credits
    HOH 1 dependent
    showing 1 bar and tt 152 with his refund amount as well.

    So it not just us 1/27 folks….it is apparently happening to alot of us who filed that week.



    Filed 1/22, accepted 1/27 and have been on accepted since with no updates. Used TT, single, not a pather and no dependents. Filed income, new house, and school.

    Only have wage transcripts, but those say “No return on file.” Always file early and always get my refund by Feb. 8th or earlier – what gives?


    Ross Inante

    Filed 1/24, accepted 1/27. Sitting at accepted until sometime between last Friday and today. No bars, “still being processed” message and TT 152. E-filed through TT, single, no child credits, just income and mortgage interest



    Is tonight an update night?



    Accepted 1/29/20. Transcripts NA except for wages but that says no return file found. my message has changed from one bar to the still being processed TT152 message. Anyone out there with the same dates and issues? Anyone received any letters yet?

    I don’t recall ever waiting this long on transcripts. I have the child tax credit so I know that is a wait but still I have always seen my transcripts. I am starting to worry.



    Filed 1/27
    Ddd 2/12
    Just hit bank, if you filed on Jan. 27th only been 2 weeks 2 days, some years takes 3-4 weeks, some years around 2 weeks. Good luck everybody. Thank God that’s over.



    Is there anyone in here that did receive a ddd that filed 1/27


    Muhammad B Islam

    Same here and I couldnt even get a phone code to get my transcripts online for a minute … then they all came in at once(the calls for code) wmr 1 bar being processed code 152 at the bottom n/a on .y transcripts also saying no tax info for this year…my tax person said that all earned tax credits are slow….never been this slowwwww especially on the transcripts. THIS IS REALLY A POOPY SITUATION!!!



    Has anyone who filed on 1/27 received any type of letter from the IRS or codes on the transcript? I would think by now, if we were going to get a letter it would at least show up on our transcripts, correct?

    Any ideas, thoughts of why we would have been resequenced?



    Same thing here.
    Filed TT on 1/24 was accepted 1/27. Blank transcripts, Message changed this morning to “Still being processed”
    No credits other than the regular child tax credit so no PATH hold for me.
    I just never waited this long before for an update.



    Same boat, filed and accepted on the 27th through TT. One bar, transcript can’t be found d as of 2/3, however I already recieved my state (IN)



    Oh and I wanted to add that my wages did match , idk why they said that, it was like they held my refund for no reason at all! My tax advocate said the employer didn’t send the w2 out until a few weeks after I filed so the computer flagged it.



    I just wanted to give my story if it helps anyone . This happened to me last year , at first my transcript were n/a and wmr one bar , after 2 weeks my transcripts updated with codes 570 and 971 and wmr went to still being processed and refund date will be provided when available. I called to see what was going on and was told my wages didn’t match and they flagged my return for a manual review, long story short I finally received a letter about this stating to give them 90 days , I had to get a tax advocate to help me and I ended up with my refund in late April. I can’t say everyone will have my exact same problem but for me this is what happened .



    Filed on 1/24 HRB, accepted on 1/27. Still at one bar and transcripts blanks. I’m assuming I’ve been resequenced and hopefully will see some movement on Friday with transcripts and WMR update on Saturday. Otherwise idk wth is going on.



    Anyone out there no what’s going on with us?
    Submitted and accepted 1/27 no movement on the bars and no transcripts. Something doesn’t make sense…



    Filed 1/25
    Accepted 1/27
    Filed with TT
    WMR now just says the below message and no bar.
    Transcript still N/A

    Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available.

    Please read the following information related to your tax situation:
    Tax Topic 152, Refund Information



    I was in the 20190505 batch last year which is weekly, hoping for update tonight or tomorrow and maybe dd on Friday… 🤞🏻



    Another day and still nada…



    Has anyone called to see what happened?



    Same here, too. Going back the past 3 years, I have always filed early, updated on a Friday evening with a deposit scheduled for the following Wednesday. I was expecting the same this year….Not real sure what is going on. Topic 152, 1 bar. Transcripts are blank with the exception of showing 0’s with a date of 2/24. No credits. My fiance’ completed his taxes and submitted 1/29 and he is in the same boat.



    Same boat here too…

    Filed 1/23
    Accepted 1/27
    Wmr processing – 1 bar, generic 152 message
    Transcript N/A


    Dee Dee

    Same here filed 1/27/2020 accepted within minutes 9;10 PM EST. Stuck on bar. Can’t order transcripts online ordered for mailing. Always get return within 8-10 days. Waiting on my transcripts via mail.



    E filed with turbo tax 1/27, accepted 1/27
    Still 1 bar with topic 152
    No transcript
    Starting to get worried…


    Chi chi

    Feels good to know I’m not alone 😩.
    Filed 1/23
    Accepted 1/27
    Wmr processing
    Transcript N/A



    1/27 filer. Still @1bar w/tax topic 152. No movement and apparently no knowledge of my taxes being filed so says my 2019 wages bc there’s no 2019 tax return to click on. Waiting game I guess.



    Same here…. hopefully update.



    Im the same been the same message with no record of taxes filed and no bars refind date when available. What’s going on



    Same boat here guys. From what I’ve seen in my searches for an answer, we are just still processing. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything bad, we are just in a separate batch for some reason. Makes no sense but that’s all I’ve come up with.

    Hang in there, hopefully we will all update this coming Friday!



    Filed 1/25 with TT and Accepted 1/27… no transcript still as of today and the WMR is still showing one bar.


    Aaron B

    Filed and accepted on HR Block on 1/27/20
    Have CTC and EIC and I know I have the PATH to deal with
    I’m still on one bar with 152 message and no transcript.
    Last year I filed on and was accepted on first day. I know that by this time last year I had the PATH message on where’s my refund and I could see a transcript.

    Looking at all of these comments I see I’m not alone but it does concern me.
    In past years I had an update overnight on Friday and woke up to movement on Saturday. I hope I have the same this year.



    Do transcripts only update overnight?



    Filed on 1/24 (Turbo)
    Accepted 1/27
    Nothing on WMR but 1 bar Topic 152 since 1/27
    Check transcript 2/7 shows refund issue date of 2/12

    I think the WMR May have crashed or is very slow for whatever reason.



    accepted 1/27

    wage transcript says no return filed

    account transcript has no info on it and other two are NA



    Same 1/30 filed and accepted
    WMR 1 bar
    Transcripts blank



    Same 1/27 file and accepted
    WMR 1 bar
    Transcripts blank
    No credits



    Has anyone called in regards to the empty transcripts?



    @GeorgiaGirl! are you a daily or weekly? I’m daily.



    My account transcript changed this morning from all 0’s with as of 2/17 to now being all 0’s as of 2/24. No other changes. Very frustrating!



    Filed 1/21 got accepted 1/22. Still no transcripts and one bar.



    I was reading online that you can expect to wait 2-3 weeks before you can view your taxes after you file electronically. Last year I honestly didn’t start checking for my transcripts for about 2 weeks so that could be right.



    Okay so I got accepted on 01/14 it’s moved to the path message like a week ago. My transcripts are available it says processing date is 02/10/2020 when I look back on my transcripts I usually get my dd 4 days after the processing date on my transcripts but someone told me yesterday that they heard processing date of 02/10/2020 some of them may get it tomorrow !! Help ! Is this true ????






    I think there is a big update every wednesday. Same and the one transcript that is there says “no record of return found”



    Is tomorrow a usual update? Fingers crossed something happens because this no transcript thing is stressful.



    Accepted 1/30, 1 bar, no transcripts, no path message wtf is going on?! Hopefully some sort of update tomorrow



    Accepted 1/27
    No updates. Mass update tomorrow 2/5. Hopefully approval . CTC but not ACTC which is PATH.
    Turbo tax say by 2/17 within 3 week IRS time frame. Tomorrow should be the day for most all.
    Best wishes.



    I was accepted January 27th with a estimated DDD of 2/17


    So confused

    Filed 1/26 accepted 1/27. Lost bars on Friday I believe and my transcripts say N/A.



    same here 1/27 accepted
    WMR 1 bar
    Empty transcript

    I’m not even sure if I’m weeklie anymore.

    Last year my cycle code was 5 and they payed me on a Wednesday


    Bridgette are not alone. No update, no path message, and NA on transcripts. If it would just update to path i would feel better. It is like, they are not looking at mine.😖😟😭



    No change here, still N/A on transcripts, WMR still one bar. My past cycle end with 0602, 0905 and 0604. I hope to see an update this week.



    I can’t remember if it updated on Wednesday or Thursday.



    Accepted 27th still 1 bar with generic tax topic 152 no transcripts available.
    Transcripts are updated the day before you WMR is updated.

    The next mass update for daily updaters is this Wednesday the 5th so Transcripts should be available Tuesday after 8am.

    It’s been like that for last 4 years or ever since the path act started.



    Well hopefully the week goes by fast. The PATH act is such a game changer.




    overnight for dailies.
    in my case I’m a weeklie cycle code 5 based on last year transcript.

    I think I will not have an update before Friday when the transcripts are updated



    They usually update over night right?



    @LolaR The mail could be if you refreshed your password. I think I’ve received a letter from them for that in the past (although I could be wrong). I doubt it’s anything more important than that if you only filed on Friday.

    Anyways, I’m one of the 1/27 Accepted and N/A for transcripts….I was really hoping it would be like last year when I filed on a Monday and DD was Friday…yes, it was THAT fast!

    Crossing my fingers that money will hit my bank this Thursday or Friday. Except for last year, that’s been pretty much the standard for me…about 8-9 business days.



    shows blank transcript with the message “no tax refund filled” for me

    WMR at 1 bar

    accepted at 1/27



    Hopefully someone updates! Even if it’s not me I’ll be happy for someone to get a POSITIVE change.



    No transcripts either, filed and accepted 1/30



    I am in the same boat as you!
    Let me know if you get an update and I will do same.



    I’m honestly trying not to stress it because it’s only been the first week. I’ll be more concerned if the “21” days are up. My transcripts are still blank.

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