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accepted 01/31/13

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    After our final W arrived finally today we filed this morning at 11.50am CT, TT email stated at 11.56am that the federal return was accepted.
    That was fast so I hope that the rest will be done fast too…though it was really the longest we ever had to wait for the W2s.

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    I was accepted on the 31st . I filed electronicly with tt. As of this morning I finally was accepted on the wmr page and given a dd of 2/7

    Waiting and Waiting

    Through the IRS website


    @Waiting and Waiting did you receive that message through the irs site wmr or through your tax preparer

    Waiting and Waiting

    Just checked and i finally got something different what does this mean?

    We cannot provide any information about your refund. Be sure to:

    verify your filing date;
    check with your tax preparer or tax software provider; or
    verify you received your electronically filed acknowledgement e-mail.

    If you filed a complete and accurate tax return, your refund should be issued within 21 days of the received date. Processing may take longer under certain circumstances.


    Yep just checked also, still processing 21 days message. But does look like some of the 1/30’s are getting 2/7 so hopefully that’s an indicator we will be tomorrow.


    I just checked and I am still processing….. Ugh


    My return was accepted on the 31 at midnight, just checked today and i’m still processing. Hope there is an update soon. Last year I received my return within 15 days now it says before 21 days, seems this just keeps getting longer and longer.


    I efiled h&r block at home on 1/31/13, accepted an hour later on 1/31/13. WMR was available immediately. Still have a status bar and processing. Filed long form deductions with 2 children but no EIC. Last year we filed the same and had our return in 6 days! Fingers crossed we get lucky again!


    turbo tax filed on january 31st at 1:12 and was accepted same day at 2:09 . still shows the 21 day period and i used my prepaid debit card( that i use every year) to add the money on to just waitig on good news ;) or a dd date :)


    The website and app will lock you out if you check it too many times a day. That’s why it will show info and then stop showing it.


    Hey guys,

    If you are still seeing that try calling. On the main page there is info straight from IRS employee saying there have been some glitches on WMR. Some people never even saw an update and got their deposits.


    I think we will see something by Monday as well. Mine went from processing to no info on WMR and IRS2Go. The 800# still says processing.


    accepted on 1/31 at 6pm.. WMR still says processing.. i think we will see something definitelyby monday


    This is what the IRS WMR site says:

    Use this tool to check on the status of your refund. It provides the most up-to-date information the IRS has. There’s no need to call us unless Where’s My Refund? tells you to do so. Where’s My Refund? is updated every 24 hours – usually overnight — so you only need to check once a day.

    That being said I still have been checking it like 5 times a day lol.


    I am wondering how often the do updates…like once or twice a day?
    Hate to have to rely on a fast refund because of a medical emergency in January that have cost us two whole paychecks….:(

    Waiting and Waiting

    I’m not checking WMR until tommorw AND i’m not ordering Transcripts seems like some people are getting reviewed and they all requested transcripts.


    Serena… Same here. Well I got mine in July. So I’m a little worried about that as well.

    My bf filed on the 27th so that was last Sunday and then got his DD yesterday so yes, it appears that it takes more than a few days to see a DD pop up.


    Filed and accepted 1/31 in the early am. WMR and 800# says I must have entered info incorrectly. I wish I at least had a processing bar. Last year I d idn’t get my refund until June so I worry that something went wrong.


    @LABs Mama: Exactly I don’t mind waiting a couple of weeks, its just not knowing that bothers me the most.

    It looks like 2/8 might be our date looking at the way the earlier ones are being dd, but who knows.

    Waiting and Wating

    @amanda That is hope so maybe we have to wait 72 hours after the 30th then? Well hopefully we’ll see something tomrrow?


    I know it’s hard waiting. I take comfort in knowing that my boyfriend who didn’t get accepted until the 28th just got his DD date of 2/5 yesterday. Before that he was a ghost too. There’s hope for us!


    @lisa its not finding us either in the transcripts

    I hope so too! i hate this no knowing a date thing. I don’t mind the old system of a 8-14 day turn around when we atleast knew a date!


    I filed late 1/29 accepted around 4 am on 1/31. Still showing processing 21 day message on wmr, and processing on irs2go. Hopefully we will see some dates either tonight or tomorrow night.


    Ugh, still processing. I was hoping to wake up to a DD date or an acceptance. Heck, even a rejection that I could easily fix would have been okay at this point.

    Waiting and Wating

    Yeah i’m getting nothing as well from the 800# or WMR.. @lisa, it means that they haven’t finished processing you yet.. Well now i now i’m not the only not being found.


    I tried getting my transcripts and it says I can not be found. anyone else having this happen to them? do you know what it means?


    Pretty frustrating. At this point Id be happy with any kind of status bar at all. Even if it’s giving me the 21 day message! I waited 6 months for my refund last year… So waiting a couple of weeks this year won’t kill me. Would just be nice to know I exist!


    still no DD on either mine or my fiance’s return both were accepted on the 31st

    Waiting and Wating

    @amandaamand – I was accepted on 01/30 or 1/31 – WMR cannot find me either.


    Did anyone wake up this morning with a change? WMR still has no idea who I am.


    Filed 1/27 with TaxHawk. Notified 1/29 about education credit delay. Removed 8863 and filed again 1/29. Accepted 1/31 @ 3:25 a.m. Still processing.


    Accepted means your PIN number and social security number were corrected. So they accepted it and now they’ll process it.


    What exactly does accepted mean? I received the orange status bar saying IRS has received my refund on 1/31 at about 6pm. Still waiting on a dd, but the wmr system has been giving me the 21 day message all day today and no status bar no more. Whats up with that? Oh I filed through preparer on 1/29.


    I used h&r block, submitted on maybe the 20th-ish. About mid-day on Jan 30th, I got an email saying I had been rejected. It said something about the AGI, and when I looked it over, I thought it was right, so I resubmitted without making any changes. About 5 minutes later, I realized my mistake. But it was too late, had to wait for it to reject again then fix it. It rejected again within maybe about 2 hours, I fixed it correctly this time, and resubmitted. Even after all that, it did get accepted by the IRS on the 30th, but late in the evening, maybe 11pm or so, so I’m calling that the 31st.

    Anyway once it got accepted, I’m gonna guess that it’s being processed as if the rejections never happened. Unless anyone on here has heard of anyone being delayed by rejections like that?


    Same here, Nicole, lol! Vegas Baby!


    anyone call the irs ..just curious


    I filed yesterday (1/31) around 9:30am with TaxAct. It was rejected because I couldn’t remember my pin from last year. 10 min later I refiled and it was accepted before 10am. Still says processing now. I hate waiting. I read on another forum that people that filed on the 30th already got their deposits. Which it would come that fast for me. I need to book my Vegas vacation! lol


    Efiled with TaxAct 1/31 at 3:00pm…no acceptance at all yet? Can’t get in touch with taxact and it seems weird that I don’t even have a simple acknowledgement. Any suggestions?


    Mine also say the same thing…I hate the waiting game…lol


    Filed on 28th
    Rejected on 29 because of that education credit
    Refiled on 30th w/o education credit
    Accepted on 31st
    Wmr says: processing


    filed 1/29 accepted 1/31 at 6 30pm still processing i


    I filed yesterday. I also filed one a few days before that with the 8863, but that one was still pending and TaxACT said they hadn’t even sent it yet. I deleted the 8863 and refiled and was accepted fairly quickly. Still waiting on approval though.


    @ Missy when did you file


    Filed on 01/31/13, Accepted on 01/31/13

    I used TaxACT. When I go to WMR it says “processing”. No DD yet. I’m self-employed and claimed 2 of my 3 children.


    @ carlottalc please post to my form for taxact user..


    filed 1/31 and accept on 1/31 using TAXACT Did any one else use taxact?


    filed with TT on 1/31 and accept on 1/31


    Filed 1/28, accepted about 1 am 1/31…still processing.


    I got my W-2 on 1/08 filed on 1/13 got accepted 1/31 at 2am and got a deposit date of 2/5 this Morning! I used H & R Block Home Edition and chose direct deposit.


    IRS accepted within 5 miniutes of filing. Hadn’t even logged out of taxact yet!!


    Filed at 8:30am with TT and accepted at 8:40ish. Very quick.


    Just finished my fiances at 8 pm received/processing now!

    Both of us have 1 W2 he has 2 EIC I have 1


    Filed and accepted at 439 est through TT pending on WMR and already have a SBBT account set up! Hope that is good news especially after the nightmare I dealt with HRB!

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