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    After our final W arrived finally today we filed this morning at 11.50am CT, TT email stated at 11.56am that the federal return was accepted.
    That was fast so I hope that the rest will be done fast too…though it was really the longest we ever had to wait for the W2s.

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    Hey GuyZ-

    So far no luck for me-

    Filed 1/30
    Accepted 1/31
    No Transcripts Available 2/4
    1 “Accepted” bar.



    Why would you having a $8000 refund have anything to do with you not getting a DDD yet? My Fed is for $7800, only because we claimed 6 all year to get more in our checks,,,, But why would that have anything to do with getting or not getting a DDD? I’m confused



    Does going from one bar to zero bars with the still processing message automatically mean review will be coming? My sister was accepted 1/31 and a few days ago changed to the zero bars message, but my parents were accepted 2/2 and got a DDD of 2/13 this morning.



    Filed and accepted with TT on 1/31. Ordered transcripts 2/7 and woke up this morning with a DD of 2/13.



    Ordering transcripts does not make a DD appear. It does however mean that it is finished processing. The majority will go on to get DD’s while some will go to review.



    I dont see how ordering transcripts have anything to do with us getting a DDD. I had to talk to a CSR to find out i was fully processed and had a DDD, then today it was on the WMR. Ordering transcripts does not make a DDD appear. Most of the people who filed 1/31 have a date of 2/13 or 2/14 cause of the batch of processing, not ordering paperwork. I would like if everyone who has a DDD of 2/13 or 2/14 etc., to come back on and post if their deposits made it into the accounts, or even if it came early. The strangest thing is this year i had a NY state DD date 5 days prior to Federal. In over 20 years, we have NEVER gotten NY state back prior to Fed. Very Very strange.



    I am still waiting as well. I can’t believe I have seen people who filed after us and already have their money. I agree with someone who posted earlier, our return is pretty large, maybe that is the holdup. We are hurting for cash so bad that it’s really hard to be patient.



    @txgirl… I’m still waiting as well. No updates for me. No transcripts, no ddd. I’m just hoping to get mine by the 21st day. That’s only about a week and a half away. Good luck



    congrats to y’all who have been waiting and finally got a date. I was accepted 1/30 and still nothing.



    I woke up to get something to drink, it’s my day off and I planned on sleeping the day away so I would’t think about it. I just HAD to check though, OMG! The WMR actually works! DD 2/13!! That transcript thing has to be for real. :)



    Fellow 31 Jan filers

    Woke up this morn with WRM giving a DD of 14 Feb

    It will happen



    So frustrated! A couple people I know got DD dates of 2/13 this morning and I am still in processing. I am starting to think it is being held up because of the amount of my refund, it’s over $8000. I was not gonna call cause I was trying to be patient but I am gonna call Monday if nothing updates by then. I just wanna be sure that there is nothing wrong. I feel like it’s never gonna come now.



    Been processing since IRS accepted on 31st, woke up today to a refund approved bar with the balance that will be deposited showing a DDD of 02/13, I was on a payment plan for 2011 federal taxes. I entered in my original deposit amount and it still pulled it up just fine. Never pulled transcripts and only checked WMR a couple of times a day. Looks like they are moving along :-)



    Don’t lose hope 1/31’ers!! I was accepted & processing since 1/31…finally was able to order my transcripts yesterday & woke up this morning to a DDD of 2/13!! It’s finally looking like we’re getting pushed through! Good luck everyone who is still waiting! :)



    HI everyone,
    I too filed 1/30, accepted 1/31.I filed through HRB online. Was at first bar for a few days then went to ghosting on Wednesday off and on.Now I just get the “still processing, will provide refund date when available” my status bar is also gone too. I haven’t been able to order transcripts either. I had 1 W-2, claimed MFJ,EIC , additional child tax credit and also had to file Schedule D because I sold some Walmart stock( less than $300). I just hope that stupid schedule D isn’t holding it up. I had to wait until 1/30 to submit my taxes because that is the day the form became available. It seems from reading every ones post that things can update at anytime. I even saw where someone got the Direct Deposit on 2/2 which was a Saturday. I hope that was true. Maybe I will wake up to a big surprise tomorrow…..



    I have been following this thread for a week now. Filed 1/30 with, received an acceptance email on 1/31 from freetaxusa. Have shown processing on all tracking options since. I was able to order transcripts last night but everything still the same, no DD date.



    getn aggravated filed 1/26 accepted 1/28 been in processing every since finally was able to order transcripts still shows in processing and no info from any irs rep…. not sure what I’m looking at everyone else is getn a date of 2/13



    Ive been reading the forum here for a few days, I too efiled 1/30 accepted 1/31,,with our tax guy. Normally by now I would have had a DDD or had my money, but this year 8 days later, the WMR,IRS2go, or status line, have no idea who i am or what i’m talking about apparently, so today i called the SPEAK TO A HUMAN number, held for 22 minutes, and spoke to a really nice guy who I explained to, I think I havent been updated, because my routing number on my bank account changed but not my account number,,we were sold to FN from HSBC few months back. My tax guy should have put this on my return. So the nice CSR informed me that my return is fully processed, theres a DDD of 2/13, and that my bank info matches up with what they have, and that no problems have arrised, check my account next wed. I have no idea why the IRS has these apps, websites, phn. numbers etc. if they arent going to update people, at least acknowledge my exsistance. So, hopefully you all get the same information soon on the website, app or auto line. I’ll be waiting and checking my account. This fed government is so screwed up now, i doubt it will ever go back to the way it was, and i’m expecting it to get worse years to come. Its too far gone, we will be lucky to get returns in the future. I guess 47% of every dollar I make isnt good enough for them, theyre frothing at the mouth for more. Good luck to us all.



    When ordering transcripts do I request the account transcript or return transcript? I am able to get the account but not the return. I am assuming the return transcript is the one everyone is talking about.



    I was finally able to order my transcripts! Is this a good sign? Been processing on both WMR & hotline..and still am… please tell me I’m moving in the right direction!



    I’m in the same boat as the rest of you. I filed on 1/31 and was accepted on 1/31. I also received a text from HRB on 2/1 saying the IRS accpeted my return. I’ve checked daily, went from processing to ghosted, back to processing then as of two days ago it was has “Still processing, a date will be provided when available”. Tried calling to make sure there were no red flags, both IRS and HRB said everything was fine. Not quite understanding what the hold up is. Last year I filed and was accepted on 1/26 and received my federal exactly a week later on 2/2. We (my husband and I) owe no prior debts, the only thing I can think of is we claimed moving expenses but I’ve looked and Form 3903 is not one of the forms that arent being processed until mid Feb.-March. We filed MFJ, EIC, CTC and claimed moving expenses. Never had this problem before…so annoyed with the IRS and their ridiculous method of processing returns!



    I called and spoke to a lady who told me that it is showing as still processing. I explained to her that I was given the 2/8 date and she didn’t know what to tell me. All she could see was the current status. Uggh! I am so frustrated. I have never heard of anyone getting a dd then going back to processing.



    I was given dd date of 2/8 but nothing is showing anywhere yet. Worried!



    I was finally able to order our return transcript last night for the first time. No dd yet today and when I called they won’t look up the info but I did have a debt that I owed last year from 2008 that I paid and wanted to make sure that it showed my payment so she did look that up. We have a new address this year and when I called a few days ago it was still showing our old address but today it showed the new address and phone number that I put on my return so I am hoping to see a dd soon. I am thinking that just about everyone that called in today is getting a date of 2/13 so I am thinking that might be my date. If I am not mistaken last year my dd was on a Wednesday too.



    Filed: 1/30
    Accepted: 1/31
    Able to order refund transcripts: As of 2/6 (pm)
    FINALLY as of 2/8 (am) got a DD date: 2/12



    Yes, ordering transcripts is positive. Finally updated today with a DD if 2/12. Was accepted 1/31 thru HRB free-file.




    I to was able to order a transcript last night Is this a good sign ?



    My orange bar is still gone, but I was able to order transcripts last night. Moving in the right direction!



    So today is D-day. Now here’s a cool little twist. WMF shows refund approved status, but when i checked my account the DD was already there.
    As Peanut stated, it will get there!



    Refund arrived on time on DD date 02/08/13. Were accepted shortly before noon CT on 01/31/13.
    Fr those without a DD date yet or waiting on their DD…heads up….it will get there.



    I woke up this morning to my Orange Status bar back and a DD of 2/12/13. Woo! We were a late acceptance on 1/30 (9pm CST), and my status bar completely went away 2 days ago, and I couldn’t order transcrips, check on the IRS2G0 app or the hotline, I was quite worried.

    Hopefully others will have the same luck!




    ok I guess I will keep quiet

    I was only pointing out the 21 day disclaimer which most folks seem to forget



    I agree with UGHHHHH… Call them if you feel like there is a problem with your return and are stuck processing for a week! They are NOT the ones working on the returns. That IS their job to answer the phones and it is OUR returns and INFORMATION we are calling about. I would not call if it were only a day or two… but, after a week and still processing… Yep, call and see what is wrong if you CAN get lucky enough to find someone willing enough to take the time and look.



    Eh, those reps don’t touch our returns, their job is to talk to us. They are CSR’s, not IRS agents. Mostly temp workers, hired on to take our OCD calls. :)




    That is the purpose correct

    That is why I was throwing the 21 day waiting period out there, people seem to forget that as they see others get there DD

    For everyone who is tracking thru WRM and it is incorrect there are millions more that it does work for that is a fact The IRS will process 150 million returns most of them with in the 21 days

    Not 5 or 7 days 21 days

    I understand we all I would like are refunds ASAP



    If their tracking tools worked and gave accurate updated information it would be a whole lot easier to have the confidence to just wait.

    This forum is for people to track their refunds and share information that will help others get their questions answered, right?



    I know you’re right, Yanking. The funny thing is, I wouldn’t even be obsessing over it like this if I wasn’t on this website seeing people who filed after me get their DDD’s and/or hard deposits. THAT is what is driving me crazy.



    Folks I am waiting on my refund as well


    The IRS does say 21 days for a refund, sure some folks are getting there refund much faster and that is great

    I filed on the 31st like most of you in this thread. I check WRM daily. However I will not be calling the IRS until the 22nd day. Why ? Because the IRS says to contact them if you do not get the refund in 21 days.

    Come on folks, lets let the IRS do there job.



    I told the reps that I couldn’t get through on the WMR. It was true, but it was prob because I checked too many times that day. (I didn’t tell them I knew that ;). The first rep wouldn’t access my acct, just gave me 21 day spiel. The second rep was kind and just pulled up my info. I guess it comes down to luck/if you get a nice rep.



    I just got off the phone with another rep, and i’m always very polite and thank then for taking time out to help me out.

    This lady wasn’t ‘rude’ but certainly wasn’t friendly either :)

    She took my information, and said it hasn’t been 21 days and that it is still showing in process and there is NO deposit date given yet. So maybe that is where i’m at with mine and I just need to grow some patience…haha! :)

    I’ll wait to see what I can find out online tomorrow or just wait till next week :) Our state refund should be deposited into our bank tomorrow so that is a plus :)



    You can ask them to verify banking information, you can ask about offsets, that last one I got I told that the IRS2go app was telling me to call them. That was true, but I knew that most people with the vanishing bar were getting that too. I also mentioned that I got 3 different answers from 3 different people yesterday and I was worried. I haven’t gotten a rude one yet (knock wood), but I am ALWAYS very nice to them even though I’m annoyed as all get out. Get more flies with honey :)



    Well I found out why my return isn’t being processed and is stuck at the 21 day message. I called and got a very friendly irs rep who looked up my information. She said well i’m seeing 2 returns for you in my system. I had filed 1/24 with form 8863 the education credit, and was rejected 1/29 with freetaxusa for that reason. So I thought I was being smart and refiled that same night without the form. Well apparently the first return needs to be rejected out of their system and that can take 3 weeks. So after that one is fully rejected mine will process normally. So I’m on hold for now but at least I know what is wrong.



    @hoppeewi I had a 9001 error this week and I called back today to make sure everything was ok because the guy I talked to earlier in the week was so rude. She just gave the info. I think it all depends on who you get…..try again and see what happens. :-)



    What is everyone saying to the live reps to get them to look up your info?

    The guy today “Mr. Woods” said that he can’t pull up any additional information than what I’m seeing. He said my orange ticker bar likely went away because i’m checking it too much. Seriously?

    He said he can’t and won’t pull up any information. I think I want to call back and try something else but i’m wondering what you are all saying to have these people look it up for you :)




    Getting the same, no bar
    Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.

    On the phone with “Miss Mcburnie” now, she looked up my account and told me that they did have to correct something in my return (which is funny, yesterday a guy told me with 100% certainty that I was NOT in the error queue). She said it was corrected today and that it was processing, she didn’t see any further problems and I should have my refund “within 10 days”… whatever.. I’m so tired of the run around and different stories, I’m done checking. I will keep an eye on my bank account. The IRS is way too much stress.



    I was accepted on 01/31/13. Today I called and talked to a live person and she gave me a DDD of 02/12. WMR and 800# still says processing.



    Still no DD for me. I still have the 21 day message. Can’t order transcripts.



    Mine doesn’t have the bar anymore either. When you called did they get all of your info and look up your account? I called Tues. and lady said still processing and that she wasn’t allowed to pull up my acount…21 days, yada yada. When I called yesterday the person took my info and gave me my date. Hope that helps some.



    What is everyones WMR saying to them? Up until yesterday morning I had that status bar that was orange showing my progress, as of yesterday morning that is now gone and it simply states the following:

    Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.

    It is no longer showing even my refund amount on the left hand side below the tax period information. Which I thought was odd.

    Has me nervous for some reason!

    I can’t get any information from the IRS2GO app or thru hotline automated system, and the gentleman on the phone said it is still in process.

    Hopefully i’m not alone in this.



    I filed 1/30. WMR has never updated. I called yesterday and was told dd 2/8. Hoping to see funds hit SBBT sometime today and my bank tomorrow. I don’t know why they have the WMR tool if they don’t bother to update it so people can track the progress of their refund.

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